Wednesday Update On This is Love Sept 26

Wednesday Update On This is Love Sept 26

The Episode starts with Suhail coming and stopping blackmailer. Ruhi says I told you not to call anyone, you created problem for yourself. Suhail says we got money, you just delete the video. The man asks do you think I m fool. He pushes Ruhi. Ruhi falls and asks Suhail to catch that man, he has the video. Suhail runs after the blackmailer and beats him. They both have a fight. Suhail and that man aim gun at each other. Suhail gets the gun and shoots at him. The man falls down. Suhail gets shocked and drops the gun.

Someone sees them. Suhail runs to Ruhi and asks her to wake up. He asks Ruhi are you fine. Ruhi asks where is that video, where is he. She sees the man and says he died, you killed him. Suhail says please don’t shout, nothing will happen, come. She says if police knows

then… Suhail says its not murder, he got shot accidentally, it was his gun. He picks gun and wipes prints. He throws gun and says no one will know anything. She cries.
Suhail gets the phone and says this phone has MMS, we will keep this. Ruhi says but he died. Suhail says now this chapter is closed, none will call you and trouble, we have to leave him, else it can be big problem, I don’t want you yo get in any problem, come. They leave.

Adi meets his friend at the party. He wishes the girl happy birthday. She thanks him and asks where is Aaliya. Adi says she is unwell, are you not happy seeing me. She says we are happy, but is Aaliya very unwell. Adi says viral is going on, cold cough…. They all laugh. Adi asks why are you laughing, i did not joke. She says you are cleanly lying. Adi says I m not lying. His friend asks are you insecure and want to hide her, as she is more beautiful. She says Adi is hiding as Aaliya is more happening. Aaliya walks in. Adi smiles. The girl asks Adi how did he like surprise.

Raman and Romi are on the way and reach the site to track the blackmailer. Raman asks him to be careful. Raman gets shocked seeing the dead body. He calls Romi and asks him to see. Raman checks his pulse and says he is dead, maybe he is that man. He tries seeing face. Police comes there and asks them to move back. Inspector asks how did this happen. Raman says we did not kill him, we came here to trace Ruhi’s blackmailer. Romi says this is my licensed gun, how can I shoot him. Inspector says I know you are saying true, I was following you. Romi says we traced number by software. Police says you think we don’t do anything, we also traced number and came here. They see the blackmailer’s face.

Inspector asks do you know him. Raman says no, in CCTV footage, we have seen tattoo on that man’s left hand. They look for tattoo and does not see any tattoo. They get a gun there. Raman says this is not blackmailer, someone has shot him. Inspector says maybe tattoo guy has done this along with this man. Romi says we will check his phone, it will have MMS. Raman says yes, find it well. Constable say there is no phone. Raman asks them to look for phone. Inspector says we did not find blackmailer till now, it means blackmailer is someone else, we can find some clue by post mortem report, we have to find out who killed this man.

Adi asks Aaliya why did you come here. She asks what do you mean, I didn’t come for you. He asks why did you give me surprise. She says Anantika got me here from supermarket. Adi says you knew I m here and made fun of me, are you angry because of our breakup. She asks him to check phone, I called many times. He says I did not answer. She asks why are you blaming me. He says I felt you wanted to say sorry. She asks why will I say sorry. He says you should say sorry, is this deal that we will not tell anyone about out breakup. She says I will not say sorry, it was your fault, many things cleared in my mind after this confusion. I felt I was wrong, but I wasn’t wrong, you don’t deserve me.

Suhail drops Ruhi. He asks her to stop thinking all this, its all because of me. She blames herself. He says it was an accident, I was just stopping him and shot that man during fight, now no one will call you. She says he got murdered, if police catches us, I don’t want to go jail. He says call down, none can touch you till I m here, I promise I will manage. He deletes the MMS and says no one has seen us there, go home now, forget everything. He consoles her. She goes. He gets worried seeing dickey open.

Suhail checking dickey and shutting it. He leaves. Adi’s friend asks Adi and Aaliya not to go so soon. Anantika says I missed your engagement, I have a brilliant idea, Aaliya you both will get engaged infront of me once again. Adi looks at Aaliya. Raman and Romi come home. Raman says I don’t know what’s happening, I wish that was blackmailer’s dead body, Ruhi is so worried. Romi says it happened good, we have to find tattooed guy, police has seen all this, criminal leaves clue for sure, take rest, we will manage this tomorrow. Raman thanks him. Romi says how can I leave you in this problem, we will check Ruhi once, if she is fine or not. They see Ruhi sleeping and leave.

Ruhi cries and gets up to see after hearing the door sound. She says thank God, Raman
does not know I went to meet blackmailer, I can’t show my fears else he will understand there is something wrong. Adi’s friend asks him to propose Aaliya. Adi recalls Aaliya’s words. He gets down on his knees and proposes her. He says I can’t say what you are for me, just walk to a mile with me, what I could not say, I will express it, I love you a lot and will love you always. He makes her wear the ring. Everyone clap. Aaliya thinks what’s his love which always hurts her. He thinks why is she not understanding his love. His friends say you both are perfect like us. Aaliya says I should leave now. Adi hugs his friends and leaves with Aaliya.

They go by walk. They see each other and do not talk. Bolna mahi bolna…..plays………. They recall each other’s words. She thinks why is Adi not making any efforts to get me back. He thinks I proposed her, why is she not coming back, was my love so weak. She feels cold. He removes his coat and makes her wear it. She does not take the coat, and stops a cab. Adi offers lift. She says no, I will go on my own, we don’t have anything to talk, instead the silent journey, I will leave. She leaves in the cab. Adi looks on.

Its morning, Raman wakes up. He gets Pihu’s friend’s mom’s call. She asks how did you like the surprise, Pihu… He asks what happened. She says I dropped her at your house yesterday. He says she was coming today. She says Pihu wanted to give you surprise and went yesterday, did you not meet her till now. He says I came home late at night, maybe she slept, I will check, thanks. Raman goes out and calls out Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says your Papa will get her from school. Raman says no, she came here yesterday. Adi says school guys did not inform us. Raman says Pihu wanted to surprise us, I will check. He goes and checks. He says Pihu is not at home. They all worry. Amma comes and says Pihu is at my home, she came to me and said she has to give surprise to everyone in morning, so I came to tell you all now. They all rush to Iyer house to see Pihu.

Raman smiles seeing her sleeping. He checks and says she has fever. Pihu talks in sleep and says no, I can’t see. Raman wakes her up and says its me, Papa, did you see bad dream. He asks Simmi to call doctor, Pihu has fever. Pihu says mumma… Simmi says I think she is missing Shagun. Raman asks Adi to call Shagun. Adi goes to Shagun’s home. Aaliya opens the door and asks did you come to insult me, I really don’t want to talk to you, don’t say you came to say sorry, I really doubt that. He says I did not come to say sorry, I came to meet Shagun.

She says Shagun went out for NGO work, she forgot her phone at home. He says whenever Shagun comes, tell her Pihu has fever, she had some bad dream and wants to meet Shagun. Aaliya worries and says I will come along and meet Pihu. He says no need to do favor. They argue. He asks her not to tell anyone about their breakup. She asks do you think I m so immature to announce our breakup. She slips and he holds her. Bolna mahi bolna….plays…. They have an eyelock. He gets call and drops her down. She calls him mad.

Ishita thanks someone/Vikram to give lift, she did not get any taxi. He says its okay, I have my own taxi hire company, I was nearby and thought to drop you, don’t worry, we will reach Delhi in two hours. She thanks him. The car breaks down. He asks her to sit inside car, he will check. She says I did not inform Raman, I have to reach Ruhi soon. He says engine broke down, I will look for garage around, you lock car door from inside. He goes.

Mani asks inspector why did you not tell this to me before, its dangerous. Shagun says I will talk to house keeper again and text heater mechanic number. Inspector thanks her. Mani sees Shagun and gets annoyed. Raman asks Shagun is everything fine between you two, are you thinking to leave him too. She asks did I ask you and Ishita ever. He says we are mature adults and love each other. She says I m your ex wife and you are my ex husband, I m doing this for Ruhi, just go. He says its my bad fate that you are Ruhi’s mum, thanks for coming to see Pihu, if Ishita was here, this would be not needed. He goes. She hopes that blackmailer is caught soon.

Ishita asks Vikram did he not get mechanic. He says no, I did not see any garage, I fixed the damage. She sees his hand wounded and does aid, saying I m a doctor and habitual to do aid. He drops her home. She says I will just call and get cash to pay you. She calls someone and asks her to come with watchman. She asks the girl and watchman to catch Vikram. She says you will get infection, I called my assistant with TT injection, you get the injection, you are not a kid, I m not agree, I m very stubborn. Vikram refuses to take injection. Ishita gives him injection. She sees the tattoo on his arm and thinks he is the blackmailer.