Wednesday Update on True Love 11 March 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 11 March 2020

Vishnu saying (to Meethi) mine and yours wedding…..what are you saying? She feels relieved knowing he wont agree for this alliance ever. He is stunned. You are good but love / marriage with you….I cannot even think of this! She says I too cannot think of a second marriage. The wounds from the first one are still fresh. I have ruined my life but I wont let your life be ruined. I too cannot marry again. I am already someone else’s.

He asks her not to misunderstand him. She denies. I am not taking you wrong. I only want you to agree for this alliance. You will agree but this wedding wont happen. He gets confused. She explains Akash will leave from this home when he will get to know I have agreed to get married to you. You only have to agree when Massi (Tappu) asks you about it. I will tell the truth to everyone as soon as Akash will leave. I will tell them it was just a drama. Neither you are ready nor am I.

Jogi is very much shocked to hear Tappu telling him about Vishnu and Meethi’s wedding. He asks Damini who has decided it. She tells him dint decide but Meethi has agreed for it. She wants to start afresh. Divya says it is good for everyone. What is the problem? Jogi turns to Tappu. What does Vishnu feel?

Vishnu says even if I forget for sometime what I want still this isn’t a game. You are talking about marriage….that too only to send Akash back. You only want him to go right? Then instead of doing this drama you throw him out of the house. Tell him to end this 23 days drama. You ask him to go. She tells him he will come back again which I don’t want. I want him to go for forever and not to come back in my life ever. If he gets to know that I am ready for second marriage then he will leave for sure. He says its about wedding your whole family will be happy. Ammo Nani will visualize many dreams. Preps will begin.

It might also happen that no one is happy with this….someone gets very very upset about it. She says it will only be for 2-4 days. Once he gets to know there is no place for him in my life then he will leave. He will have no other option then signing the divorce papers. Plus the pain which he is going through will end. She recalls the birthday incident where Rathore had shown Akash’s sore to everyone. Its just a matter of 2-4 days we will tell the truth to everyone then but for these days we cannot tell anyone. Vishnu points out Mukku is her very good friend. She agrees with him. But she has sympathy with AKash. If she gets to know about it then she will tell Rathore uncle or Akash.

Kajri helps Surabhi secretively run out of the house. She gives her some money too. Surabhi thanks her for her help. There is only one way to save this child. I will have to reach Kanha’s place asap. Kajri is worried as she dint get to even speak to him. surabhi tells her they are very good people. Even if no one agrees then Ammo Nani will agree for sure. You don’t worry. Kajri nods and they share a hug. Kajri tells her to go. Surabhi runs off happily.
Maiyya comes on the terrace. She notices Surabhi running off and shouts at her. surabhi turns to look at her but resumes running.

Ekadish loudly asks someone to catch this bird. Her screams are heard by Nirbhay and Kajri. She comes downstairs shouting for Nirbhay which scares Kajri. Everyone comes hearing her saying she ran off from the backdoor. Kajri is shivering out of fear. She finally tells him about Surabhi running away from home. He starts to go to the main door but she tells him to look at the backdoor. He angrily runs off hitting Kajri on the way accidentally. Agarth is miffed. Kajri stands shocked (the only one with shocked expressions).

Jogi says (to Tappu) Akash is still in this home with some motive. I don’t want to take any side but did you ask Vishnu what he wants. Did you try knowing it? I don’t want you to force your decision on someone else. She says I dint force anyone but just spoke with Meethi. She is an intelligent girl and has taken this decision on her own. And about Vishnu I went to meet him in his room but he wasn’t there. He had written some letters which I read by mistake. Flashback is shown.

Tappu says I spoke with Vishnu my way. He too said he will be happy to do something for Meethi. he says this time and again that he can do anything for Iccha’s family. jogi interrupts….as he is indebted to Iccha. Can we force this decision of wedding on them? Damini takes Tappu’s side. She isn’t forcing any decision. She has shown me letters which Vishnu has written for Meethi. Looking at them it looks he likes her. tappu joins the newspaper coincidence, letters written by Vishnu, his entry in their lives don’t you think destiny is signalling us something? Divya is about to say something to Jogi when Akash comes there with tea / coffee. Tappu turns away while Divya tells him to keep it. Jogi tells him to call Vishnu. Akash nods.

Nirbhay drags Surabhi back home and throws her in Agarth’s feet who looks angrily at his son. She was about to ruin our respect. I would have slapped her if she wasn’t preggy. Surabhi begs her father to save her. Save my child. Ekadish observes it keenly how Agarth is touched. He helps Surabhi getting up. Ekadish begins her act saying why you don’t understand. How will you give this child its father’s name? He wont take any responsibility. A lone girl with a kid inside her you don’t know what that life is I know. Agarth asks Nirbhay to understand his sister’s feelings whereas Nirbhay tells him not to fall weak in any such emotions. Agarth says don’t you have a heart in your hand? Nirbhay shouts declining shocking Agarth and scaring Surabhi all the more. ekadish turns away. nirbhay declines having any feelings or a heart. He tells Pavitra to take Surabhi away from his eyes. If she runs this time I will bury her outside only after killing her. Everyone is taken aback / shocked / angry except Maiyya.

Surabhi leaves with Pavitra crying hard. Agarth is thinking. Ekadish supports Nirbhay. He is doing it right for everyone. Agarth looks at her and then at his son.

Meethi asks Vishnu to just agree for it when someone asks….for me. Vishnu is in a dilemma. It is very tough for me. She adds it is for her as well. I know I don’t love Akash now. But the Meethi inside me still melts down after looking at him. Hope it doesn’t happen that that Meethi wins and I break down for forever. She wipes her tears. I am taking Akash out of my life after a lot of struggles you please help me. She holds his hands. I beg you agree once. Everything will be fine once he leaves. Please help me. akash is about to knock but he stops looking at their hands. The new chant begins playing in the background. She says you will do this much for me please? Akash wonders what they are talking about.

He finally knocks at the door making Meethi jump. She instantly pulls her hands back. He tells Vishnu Jogi Thakur is calling him downstairs. He wants to talk to you of something. Meethi says the decision is in your hand now….you only have to decide. I will agree to whatever you decide. Akash is all the more confused now. she walks up to the door where Akash is standing. All 3 exchange glances. Akash looks quizzically and knocks again. He leaves after telling Vishnu to come downstairs. Meethi’s words echo in his mind about Meethi falling weak in Akash’s love. decision is in your hand will abide to whatever you decide.

Meethi comes downstairs. I cannot bear this anymore. Akash comes there and tells them that Vishnu is coming. Vishnu joins them. Divya asks Jogi to ask him whatever he wants to. Akash is confused. Jogi says I have called you (Vishnu) here as I want to talk to you. I want you to answer me without fealing any pressure. Would you like to marry Meethi? Akash is shocked! Marry Meethi?

Vishnu and Meethi look at each other while Meethi looks away before Akash can look at her. tappu tries talking to Vishnu about when he told her he would do anything for Iccha’s family but Jogi tells her not to speak in between. I don’t want Vishnu to be under any pressure while answering. He looks at Iccha’s photo….especially under any favours of Iccha. What is your answer Vishnu? damini adds no one here would want you to answer thinking about what Iccha has done for you. This wont be liked by either me or Iccha. Meethi wipes her tears. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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