Wednesday Update on True Love 11th November 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 11th November 2020

Ashfaque cannot get in touch with his brother. He prays to God to show him a way to unite Meethi with Akash. They are lucky to have each other. Meethi comes there asking him if he got to know about Akash or had a word with Asgar. She is really worried for Akash. I want to meet him. he can understand her pain and see her love for him in her eyes. I cannot understand what to do. I am failing every time. Forgive me that I couldn’t fulfil my promise. Saba walks in angrily. You worry so much for a stranger. You saved her life first and then brought her in this house. You are apologising to her as if you are her culprit. Have you fallen in love with her?

Meethi reminds her that she is married and loves her husband a lot. She walks out of the room. Saba reminds the same thing to her brother. Do you love her? he doesn’t know what love is. I only want her to be happy all the time. I wish that she never cries. She should smile always. I am guilty for this crime if that is what people call it. Saba tells him that Meethi is married and loves her husband. She is dying to meet her husband. You love her? Ashfaque is ready for any punishment for doing this. My love is nothing in comparison to the man who crossed the border to get her. he leaves from there. Saba prays for her brother.

Divya and Damini are told to wait as Mukta is in the OT. Mukta is in pain inside. Meanwhile Vishnu is not breathing (even though the machine is working) which worries Jogi. Doc tries to revive Vishnu. damini tells Divya that she was right. God is playing a weird game. I don’t know if I should be happy for the baby or sad as the baby might not see its dad’s face ever. Doc checks Vishnu’s pulse as he breathes his last. Mukta delivers a baby boy at the same time. Damini and Divya can see them when they will be shifted in a ward.

Ashfaque suggests to use his brother’s laptop to check the chip. Asgar isn’t back home yet. Ashfaque puts the chip in his laptop. It is password protected. They notice that it is a four letter word. Meethi tells him to try FIda as the girl who gave her this chip introduced herself as Fida to her. it isn’t the right password. He has a friend who is a hacker. He can help us. Meethi asks him if he has a friend who can make her meet Akash or get him bailed.

Madno plays as the screen shifts to a restless Meethi. She is unable to sleep as she is worried for Akash. Locked in the cell, Akash too thinks about Meethi. they both keep thinking about their recent meeting in Pakistan after which Akash was taken away by Rehmat Ula Khan. Both have tears in their eyes. Ashfaque too is wide awake / sad recalling how happy the couple was to have found each other yet again.

Ashfaque looks at the chip. If some Fida has given it to Meethi ji before the train blast then it will definitely have some important info. He decides to check with his friend Suleman. His friend was sleeping. Ashfaque seeks his help. Suleman is in Lahore. He will come back next week. He suggests taking help from Khalid as he is a genius in this field. Ashfaque wishes that Saba is not in the room or she wont let her husband help him. don’t know why she gets upset upon hearing Meethi’s name.

Ashfaque meets Saba. He asks for Khalid but she points out at Nilofer who is shown to be packing her bags. He is in a rush so he hurries off. Saba goes inside to talk to Nilofer. Nilofer wants to go home as there is no point in staying here. She very well knows that Ashfaque loves Meethi. he wont even so much as look at me till she is here. Saba points out that Meethi is married. She will leave soon. But why are you leaving because of her? nilofer doesn’t want to form some relations forcefully. If Ashfaque loves me then he will come to me for sure. I know that it is I who love him and not the other way round. I will leave tomorrow morning.

Asgar closes the door of his room. He looks upset. Someone points a gun at his head. Asgar’s boss is upset with him for the failure of their mission. He apologizes that it all happened because of that Indian woman and her husband. Her boss feels that he should have killed them there only. You only have one day. I had given you 20 lakhs for Aman Ki Dua. Return me double amount by tomorrow along with the chip or else I will make you a Fidayin and end your whole family here itself. You will be punished for the incomplete work. Zubeida was approaching the door but stops as she hears someone’s voice. She wonders what incomplete work they are talking about. The boss finds Zubeida standing outside as he opens the door. he leaves from there after greeting her.

Asgar comes in a disguise at the jail where Akash is locked. He introduces himself as Commissioner Aftab Ahmed. He asks for that Indian spy, Akash. Asgar calls him dangerous. He needs to be shifted to another jail where the security is much high. Rehmat Ula Khan agrees. He wants one copy of the order to shift Akash. He also asks for his ID card as per Ansari’s orders. Asgar produces his fake ID card. Rehmat Ula Khan goes to get a photocopy of the same. Akash comes there with the constable. He wants to know where they are taking him. Asgar tells him that he is being shifted to another jail. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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