Wednesday Update on True Love 21st October 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 21st October 2020

Maiyya asks Sankrant if he got any news. He shakes his head. He had a word with Rathore though who is returning with bhabhi’s Ammo. Akash will stay there only. He will continue searching for bhabhi. Why don’t you understand that his heart beats only for bhabhi. Pray that she is found and Akash’s happiness will return with her. maiyya recalls how she had told Meethi to go away from Akash. She is sad as she remembers that Meethi hasn’t been found yet. She gets up abruptly saying I am not at fault Meethi. I am Akash’s mom and was thinking about his future. I was thinking about my heir. You are my son’s present. I was trying to brighten his future.

Akash sits lost in Meethi’s thoughts. Inspector discusses about him and his wife. Constable tells him how he hasn’t eaten anything and will not eat or go from here till he finds some news about his wife. Inspector sits down beside him. Akash asks about Meethi. Inspector can understand his pain. We are trying to identify each and every person in that train. How long will you sit here like this? Your family? Akash cannot think of a family without his Meethi. Inspector tells him that his other family members must be there too….waiting for him. Would she (his wife) like it that you are crying here forgetting all about your loved ones? She will be happy if you become your family’s strength. If your love is true then God too wont separate you from your love.

Meethi is still unconscious. She has hazy memories of her rail journey with her Anni flashing before her eyes. She also recalls the fall from the train due to the blast and how she was floating in a river. She opens her eyes. A physician is making a paste of herbs for her. the new guy is there too with his family. Meethi looks at his mom and thinks of her Anni. She murmurs for her too. Everyone is relieved to hear her voice. The guy’s (Ashfaque’s) mother thinks that she called her Ammi (mom). Her husband corrects it for her yet she feels that Meethi is one of their own. Physician gives her the paste telling her to apply it on her forehead. The lady obliges. A new lady enters and looks at them. Her name is Saba (sister). She has put henna in her hands so she cannot apply the paste on Meethi’s feet. Her DIL (Zubeida) comes. She does it instead of Saba. Physician advices complete bed rest for Meethi. she has grown very weak. Ashfaque’s mom agrees to take good care of Meethi as she is their responsibility now. The physician takes their leave. Saba loves Meethi’s anklet. Looks like she belongs to a rich family. But why only one anklet? Her mom is sure that her family members must be very much worried for her. May God tell them somehow that their daughter is safe with us. Amen. Ashfaque smiles.

Ammo cannot stop crying even though everyone tells her to keep hope. All the family members are trying to convince her to be positive when Mukku hears their convo from a distance. Rathore cannot put into words what all he saw there. People were not even able to identify their own family members. Damini is sure Meethi wasn’t there. My Meethi is alive. Tappu and Jogi try to calm her. Mukku is super worried for Meethi now. Nani tells Rathore not to discuss all this right now (thinking about Mukku). Just then she is shocked to see Mukku standing there having heard everything. Mukku is muttering to herself that Meethi will be fine. Nani calls out for her and they all turn to look at her in shock. Jogi recalls what the doc had said about not telling any bad news to Mukku. They all rush to her. She keeps muttering about Meethi.

Meethi is conscious now and wants to go to her home. She asks Ashfaque’s mom as to who is she. They tell her to take rest as its necessary for her. meethi tries to talk to them but they go out of the room. She calls out for them and notices the taveez around her hand. She recalls that it was given to her by Fida and she had told her to remember that thousands of lives can be saved! She wonders where she is. Anni, Akash? She looks around but cannot understand anything. She also remembers Fida’s last words of her apology. I pray to God that she saves you. Fida had pushed Meethi in that river as the train was crossing over it. Meethi’s mangalsutra had gotten stuck in Fida’s bangle in the process. Meethi gets up from the bed, looks around carefully and runs out of the house in the streets.

Akash is standing on a hilltop. On the other hand, meethi continues to run barefoot on the road. She reaches the main road and stops to catch her breath. Akash shouts for Meethi and she feels something. She resumes running in a particular direction. A car stops just in time and Meethi stops too. It is a police jeep. Police inspector gets down from the jeep and he asks Meethi as to where is she heading. She points in the direction where she was running. He asks her if she has any idea what is there. She stammers. He enquires if she had a fight with her husband. Are you going to another country from here? Meethi is shocked to know that she is in Pakistan. She looks at the barbed wire fence in shock. This is Pakistan? There is a flag of Pakistan on the jeep as well. He agrees saying this is Pakistan while you were heading towards India. Are you new here? Don’t you know that the border is near? You are reacting as if you have heard Pakistan’s name for the first time. Meethi is lost while he waits for an answer. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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