Wednesday Update on True Love 23rd September 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 23rd September 2020

Vishnu notices Yuvi and starts following him. Vishnu has those dizzying sensations again. He looks around and wonders as to where has he come. I should go from here. Yuvi, who has been watching him from a distance, is taken aback to see him going back. He signals his man to do something. Vishnu goes downstairs so as to board is taxi.

Akash is told that they are working on his complaint. Akash is not happy with their reply and questions them about their lax. Inspector reprimands him for giving info in pieces. You haven’t even brought a pic of your bhabhi for us. Akash agrees to go home and fax him the photo. But don’t be careless about the case as it is about one of many family members. Inspector agrees. Akash leaves for his home.

Meethi meets one of Maharani’s men and shows him Kajri’s pic. He is shocked to see Kajri’s photo and agrees to make her meet Kajri. Come with me. I will take you her room but don’t look around too much or don’t even utter a word. Meethi nods her head. Kajri is in her room only.

Akash is unable to reach Meethi. He calls on the landline and is shocked to know that she has left. She has taken Kajri’s photo along with her. Akash doesn’t tell Maiyya anything. He agrees to call her later. He gets worried for Meethi. She went without telling me or knowing the consequences of what all can happen.

Two ladies talk cheesily with Vishnu. He pulls off his hand from their grasp and is about to leave when Yuvi’s guy stops him. Meethi is behind that man only (as she if following Maharani’s guy) but they don’t see each other. Yuvi’s guy reminds Vishnu that he had come here to see someone. Vishnu is surprised that this guy knows why he had come here. He is unsure if he should follow him but he knows why I have come here. I have anyways forgotten everything. He follows that man. Yuvi is happy to see his plan working. Mukku Nukku will always remember this day. You are such an ideal man. I have planned everything to ruin your reputation tonight. Maharani’s guy locks Meethi in a room by fooling her. SHe bangs on the door asking for help but no one is interested in opening the door.

Vishnu is told to go inside a room. Yuvi’s guy tells him to wait here while he will bring the person whom he has come to meet. As soon as Vishnu enters inside that guy locks the room from outside. Vishnu is in Kajri’s room. Akash too reaches there. He sets down to find Meethi and shows her pic to passer-bys not no one has seen her. Kajri is scared of Vishnu and tries to protect herself as he tries to know about what he had come here for from her. She begs him to let her go. I don’t want to get into all this. He tries to tell her that she is mistaken. She cries. They have kept me here unwillingly.

Please help me. He shows her all the money in his wallet and keeps it on the bed for her. I have this much money. She starts requesting him again when she looks at the photo in his wallet. She is surprised to see Rathore and all the more surprised to know that he is Rathore’s SIL. She asks him if he knows Akash and Meethi. It is his turn to be surprised now. She is in tears as she wants to go from here. This is not where I belong. She suddenly realises no one will take her in their home now. what will I tell them? She tells Vishnu to go from here. This place isn’t for good people. He is confused at the change in her behaviour and shocked to know that she is Akash’s sister-in-law.

Akash continues asking more and more people about Meethi but in vain. Maharani’s guy tells Maharani about Meethi. She is happy with his work. She is happy that they dint have to pay anything to get Meethi this time. Kajri is like shagun for us. She has knocked in with load many prospects this time. They go to see how their new prey.

Akash’s purse falls on the floor. It is the same girl who was painting earlier and Meethi had smiled looking at her. She tells him about Meethi and where she is. A chant plays as Akash carefully heads towards that room. Akash opens the door and gets inside. She hugs him tight. Piya o re piya plays in the background. They both are relieved to have found each other. He reprimands her for not listening to him. She apologizes to him for the same.

She tells him that Kajri bhabhi is here only. She tells him about the guy who locked here inside. He agrees with her. We will find her together but don’t leave my side even for a minute. If I lose you here then I wont be able to find you again however much I try to. She promises she wont go anywhere. He tells her to stay inside unless he asks her otherwise. She nods and he goes out of the room very carefully.

Vishnu tells Kajri to come with him. She tells him that the people here are very dangerous but he cannot leave her here like this as she is Akash’s sister in law. Akash makes sure no suspicious person is around and asks Meethi to come out. He looks up and notices Vishnu and is surprised to see him here. Meethi too sees him. They both go upstairs to find out why Vishnu is here.

Kajri declines to come with Vishnu but he is adamant. She doesn’t want his help but he keeps on insisting to do so. Someone is shown to be recording this on their phone. Akash comes in the room and stands in a corner to see what’s happening. He can only see Vishnu holding Kajri’s hand and asking her to come with him. He cannot take it anymore and holds Vishnu by his collar. Vishnu tries to tell him the truth but Akash is furious at him already. He doesn’t listen to him. Meethi tries to stop him but he pushes her too. Kajri stands there watching them in shock as Akash beats Vishnu black and blue. Someone is clicking their pics. Akash keeps on beating Vishnu even though he, Kajri and Meethi try to stop him. Kajri peeps out of the curtain and notices Maharani approaching her room with her men. She tells Akash to leave asap. Akash tells both the ladies to run downstairs asap and he too follows them. Maharani is furious to see two girls running out from her brothel as that has never happened before. Vishnu is on the floor all beaten up. Yuvi walks in the room. Vishnu is surprised to see him there. Yuvi is holding a stick in his hand to beat Vishnu. He hits him on the same spot where he got injured by the bullet. Blood comes out of Vishnu’s ear(side) and he falls unconscious. Yuvi is happy that the story turned more interesting. He hit two birds with one stone. Akash, Meethi and Vishnu Kashyap! Well done Yuvraj Singh Bundela! He waves at Vishnu and leaves from there.

Kajri runs off in a different direction. Akash tells Meethi to go towards their car while he will get Kajri bhabhi. Meethi goes reluctantly. Akash runs after Kajri. Maharani’s men are looking for Kajri too and go in the same direction as Akash. Akash meets Kajri and they both hide in the jungle. Maharani’s guys continue with their search. Akash assures Kajri they had come here to look for her only. We have to reach Meethi somehow. Don’t make any noise. She nods and they both run in the opposite direction so as to reach their car.

Mukta is pacing worriedly in her home. She looks at Meethi-Akash’s marriage picture. Nani asks her what she is thinking. Mukta is sure someone has cast an evil eye on their friendship. I had become a good friend of Akash before his wedding with Meethi. Don’t know what has happened to him now! Nani tells her that men change after wedding. They follow what their wives say. Mukta makes it clear that she dint have any fight with Meethi We still are very good friends. Nani calls Meethi a clever wife. She will never come in the front. She will make the men fight. However much the world changes the truth inside people never changes. Ram hi Rakhey two women can be very good friends when one of them is pregnant while the other is not then jealousy is born. This is a truth which will never change. Don’t know what all will Meethi’s jealousy of being not pregnant will bring for them. Mukta is indeed worried now.



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