Wednesday Update on True Love 2nd December 2020


Wednesday Update on True Love 2nd December 2020

Chameli tells Mukta how no one here tells their real name in our profession. Mukta asks for her real name. Chameli’s real name is Nandini. I saw a movie when I entered this profession – Chameli. Kareena Kapoor looked awesome. I liked it so much that I kept my name Chameli. Mukta snatches cigarette from her. chameli agrees for her sake. She gets tea for Mukta who praises her for being strong. Chameli talks about fate. When I have been brought here then its my choice if I live happily or sadly. I don’t like all this crying. Anyways whenever I cry I recall the time when I too had a life. Mukta wants to know more about her and Chameli promises to tell her everything some day. It is like some typical hindi movie (painful). The only villain of my life is my fate that it brought me here. No matter what but I have to live too. I have a daughter too. I live for her only. I kill myself every night to give her a new life. I smile every morning for her only. I will have to do all this if I have to dream about all this. She leaves from there.

Ekadish wants explanation from Sankrant about everything. He replies that he had gone for some work. Akash reminds him that he dint go for the meeting he was supposed to attend. Maiyya wants to know if he is upset with her over something. Malvika tells her to let it be. There might be some problem which he might not want to tell you right now. Give him some time. Gomti talks against it. He can talk to anyone here about anything. Ekadish waits for Sankrant’s answer. Meethi wanted to talk to you about something important and you dint come. Akash doesn’t want to be quiet today. I, Meethi and Maiyya have decided upon something. It is time to bring happiness in your life. I will ask you one question and you will have to answer with a pure heart. He goes and stands next to Kajri.

We all have thought to get you married with Kajri. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with her? will you support her all your life? Every member of this family is waiting for your answer. Sankrant answers in negative which shocks everyone except Malvika. I cannot marry right now. Akash wants to know the reason that is stopping him but Kajri stops him. no one will force him for anything. It is his life so the decision will be his only. Sankrant leaves for his room. Akash is sure there is something which Sankrant is hiding from him. Malvika knows that Sankrant is trapped in Ambika’s web.

Sankrant cannot forget it that he was with Ambika. Meethi and Akash come to talk to him. sankrant doesn’t want to talk about his wedding.

Malvika tells Ambika that Sankrant declined for the wedding as your magic is still on him. ambika is miffed with Meethi. malvika agrees with her. don’t know from where she brought Kajri back and has started this wedding topic. Thank God Sankrant said no or else. Ambika wants her to do something with Meethi or she might succeed in making Sankrant agree for this wedding.

Meethi tells Sankrant that no one wants to push him for the wedding but we have a right to know your reason for saying no. Is it that you don’t like Kajri didi? Akash tells him to bring out his fears. Don’t worry about the world. You have your whole life in front of you. Sankrant knows that no one will be able to understand it. I don’t want to talk about marriage. Please leave me alone. Meethi asks him if he still has place for Ambika in his heart.

Ambika knows that that night has become a burden / pressure on Sankrant. He wont be able to forget it but I don’t trust Meethi. she makes everyone agree for everything. Malvika is irked with Meethi. what magic she casts on people? Ambika gives Maiyya’s example. If we don’t do anything then she can push Sankrant in thinking about the wedding.

Sankrant calls Ambika his past. I don’t love her today but I cannot change my past like this. Akash understands it well but no one can live with their past. You have to move on. Past is past and you cannot ruin your present and future because of it. sankrant cannot tell them that his past is back in his present. I have made another mistake yet again. meethi talks about his and Kajri’s happiness. Sankrant knows that they both think good about him but he cannot think about marriage right now. Meethi agrees to give him time. You loved Ambika so much and gave her so many chances but she only hurt / cheated you. Kajri didi is a very nice girl. Give her one chance. if you will marry her then your life will change for good. The decision is yours. we will wait for you at the dining table. saying so, she leaves with Akash. Sankrant is in a dilemma.

Ambika knows that Sankrant will be in utter confusion at this moment. You should keep an eye on him all the time. If he thinks about marrying Kajri then throw this thought out of his head. Malvika assures him that he will remarry Ambika only in any case. You will come back in that house very soon and with all your rights. I will make it possible.

Akash and Meethi’s words echo in Sankrant’s head. He wonders what to do. I will have to come to a decision.

Maiyya is worried about getting her son married to a widow. Hope I am not doing anything wrong. Malvika comes back and lies that she had gone to temple. Maiyya asks Meethi if they should check with a priest about Kajri. Meethi denies. Maiyya rues that she brought a devil in their house. I made a terrible mistake. Malvika looks at her angrily. Meethi tells Maiyya to forget the past. We are going to start a new chapter. Everything will be good. Malvika interrupts them. you are marrying Sankrant thinking about his well being but has anyone thought what he wants. I like Kajri too but if Sankrant will not be able to forget his first wife then how will he stay happy with Kajri. Gomti points out that Sankrant hates Ambika. Malvika suggests that Ambika might have changed for real.

Akash is sure this can never happen. He compares her with a dog’s tail which can never straighten up. Malvika controls herself from shouting on him. Ambika is a human after all and humans make mistakes. Anyways, Sankrant should love Kajri too. Till he says yes, Sankrant shocks her by agreeing for the wedding. Everyone else gets super happy. Meethi confirms with him and he nods back. She thanks him and tells Maiyya how she was sure about it and it has finally happened. Maiyya is still thinking. Akash hugs his brother. We should start the preps from tomorrow only. Gomti points out that Sankrant should get divorce from Ambika before marrying Kajri. Akash realises that she is right. But where is Ambika right now? Meethi decides to find out. It is very important to search her. Malvika knows that Sankrant knows about it but will he tell everyone about Ambika?

Meethi finds Kajri in tears. Kajri thanks him by folding her hands in front of her. you don’t know what you have done for me. a widow has no right to think about herself in this society. It is a crime to think about second marriage. Meethi talks about how men remarry when his wife dies then why can I woman not remarry? There is nothing wrong in it. She makes Kajri wear red bangles. Kajri get all emotional. Meethi tells her not to wear all these sombre sarees from today. you will have to wear jewellery too and should look beautiful. Kajri asks her if nothing wrong will go this time. My fate is really bad. Meethi promises her that nothing will go wrong. No one will be able to cast their evil eyes on your relation. They share a hug. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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