Wednesday Update on Young Love 25th November 2020


Wednesday Update on Young Love 25th November 2020

Nandini asking her parents to go home and make arrangements of marriage. Mr. Shekhawat says they have broken the alliance. Nandini asks them to trust on her and asks them not to inform anyone about Sudha’s suicide attempt as it might become a police case. Sudha gains consciousness and sees Nandini infront of her. She asks why did you save me? Nandini says when I see you dying. I thought as if my childhood is dying. Sudha asks her to stop it and says you got a new case to add in your biodata. Nandini says if anything would have happened to you, then I would feel ashamed. Nandini says you will feel ashamed and didn’t think about the baby when trying to commit suicide. Sudha says you know it. Did Maa saa and Babusaa know?

Nandini says I couldn’t tell them. Sudha says what will I tell them. Nandini says soon you will get married and they will not know. Sudha says she will not marry because Premal’s family refused for marriage. Nandini says what is the reason? Sudha says they have objection with your past of balika vadhu. She says I was about to get married, but your story resurfaced. Nandini says Premal can’t run of baby’s responsibility and have to support you. She promises to talk to them and make everything fine. Sudha looks on.

Premal’s dad talks to other girl’s parents. Girl’s dad says they will take care of Premal’s MBBS studies and also give him car. Premal’s dad asks him to book SUV. They leave. Premal gets tensed and unhappy. Nandini comes there and informs Premal that Sudha tried to commit suicide. Premal is shocked and asks how is she? Nandini says Sudha is fine and also your baby. Premal is shocked. Nandini says I am a doctor and will not tell anyone. She says Sudha loves you a lot and also trust too. She asks him to support her. Premal says you have ruined everything. Nandini says it is your responsibility you to become a good husband and father. Premal’s dad comes and asks Nandini to go as they refused for marriage. Nandini says they love each other a lot. Premal’s dad says it was just an affair and marriage happens between same status people.

Premal’s mum says they are giving gold coins and clothes for our guests, and asks can you do this. She says even if you can do this, then also we refuse for this marriage as bride’s sister is a balika vadhu. Nandini is shocked. She asks if this is really the reason. She says I will do everything which those people are doing, for my sister’s happiness. Premal asks can I marry Sudha now. Premal’s dad agrees and fixes the alliance. Nandini says no, till the marriage date is fixed. She says I will leave and asks Premal to remember her words. Premal nods. Nandini feels bad and goes. She is travelling in the bus and thinks Sudha can’t live without Premal. She sees Krish outside the jail and wonders what is he doing outside central jail. She calls Krish. Krish picks the call and asks how is Sudha? She asks where are you? Krish says I am in pizza parlour and having breakfast. Nandini thinks why did he lied? I have to find out.

Police inspector comes to Mr. Shekhawat’s home and asks about Krish. Nandini comes home and asks Inspector why you are searching him. Krish comes just then and says I will tell you. He says I am sorry I lied to you, as I didn’t want my truth to come out infront of everyone. He says there is a prize of 1 crore. Inspector says there is no prize money on him, and we came here for routine investigation. Krish says I was just joking and laughs. He says did you have fun…Mrs. Shekhawat says mad fellow. Krish tells Inspector that he will show him papers and goes. Mrs. Shekhawat says he is a pure gold.

Nandini thinks something is wrong with him and thinks he is hiding something for sure and wonders what? Krish asks Inspector not to tell anyone, and says you will get your money every month. Nandini thinks if he is a criminal and thinks to kick him out. She comes out and asks did you show the documents. Krish says yes. Nandini says but I saw you giving money to Inspector. Krish says yes. Nandini says you are lying again and again and tells about seeing him outside jail. She asks him to tell the truth. Krish looks on angry. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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