Wednesday Update on Young Love 6th January 2021


Wednesday Update on Young Love 6th January 2021

Kundan sending message to Krish about Nandini’s suspension from hospital. He says I have sent the message and your husband will not write exam now. Nandini runs from there and thinks Krish shouldn’t read the message. Krish is about to read the message, but just then he gets Karuna’s call. Karuna wishes him for the exam. Krish says I will talk to Nandini also. He is about to look at the message, but just then Nandini comes there in car and hugs him. She asks him not to worry. Krish says my paper will be good and says even God couldn’t do anything now.

Nandini hugs him and asks to give mobile to her as it is not allowed in exam. Krish goes to give exam. Dr. Amit is leaving. Vandana asks where are you going? Dr. Amit says you have lost rights after creating scene
at the hospital. Vandana says she will do scene here and keeps knife on his wrist. She threatens him not to go, else the blame of her suicide attempt will come on him. Dr. Amit asks her to do whatever she wants to, and says he is going to prove Nandini innocent. Vandana thinks she can’t hurt herself and says she hates Nandini.

Krish comes out after writing the exam. Nandini asks how was the exam? Krish makes sad face. Nandini says its okay. Krish says he wrote exam well and next exam is after 7 days. Krish gets romantic. Nandini says we shall go home. Krish asks what about hospital. Nandini says first we will give good news to mom. Krish thinks she is hiding something. Karuna asks how is the exam? Krish says good. Karuna asks even after knowing it. Krish asks what happened? Abhayram comes and says Nandini is suspended from hospital until Sudha’s case is cleared. Krish asks Nandini why didn’t you tell me. Nandini says I thought you couldn’t handle.

Krish says I am younger than you, but I am not immature. He says it is my right to know about my wife and says I am your husband. Karuna asks Krish to understand Nandini. Abhayram asks Karuna to understand Krish. Triveni says you are reminding me of my mum in law, and says you want to stretch the fight. She asks Krish, what you would have done if you was in her place. She says it is good that you left job and asks her to learn house work. She says doctor work is over, now learn to become bahu no. 1. Krish gets Dr. Amit’s call and he asks her to take care of her. Krish says I am her husband and will take care of her. Dr. Amit asks him to handle her maturely. Karuna asks Krish to spend time with Nandini. Krish says he will take her to have dinner. Karuna says tomorrow is vrat savitri puja.

Dr. Amit comes to talk to Sudha. Sudha says she is not misunderstanding Nandini and is right about her. Dr. Amit says Nandini has saved your life and says Suryodaya patients needs her. Premal comes and asks if one wife is not enough for him. He says why you are getting angry, when her husband is silent. Dr. Amit asks him to mind his language. Premal asks him to leave after insulting him. Dr. Amit looks at Sudha and goes.

Nandini wakes up in the morning as Triveni wakes her up. Krish is sleeping beside her and holds her hand. Nandini says Maasi ji is calling me. Krish apologizes to her. Nandini says I forgot all the troubles and thanks him. Naina Bawre plays…….Triveni calls her and says I am coming there. Nandini takes out clothes from the wardrobe and goes out of room. Abhayram holds her hand and pulls her closer. Nandini asks what is this misbehavior. Abhayram says I thought to see my wife as today is vrat savitri puja. He asks her to break his fast. Nandini says I will break my husband’s fast only. Abhayram says whoever breaks fast with your hand is your husband. Nandini says if you couldn’t drink then be what you are. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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