Wednesday Update on Young Love July 04

Wednesday Update on Young Love

July 04 Episode

Jagat saying he hasn’t received any mail about interviews, he gets a call from SNG for an interview and he is thankful about it. Jagat wonders how he got the interview as he never applied, he makes the decision to inform Gauri later and that it will be a surprise, he wonders to buy new clothes and look presentable but thinks about where to get money from. Jagat calls Gauri and asks if he can go and buy new clothes for himself, Gauri says there is money short, why does he need the money since he is at home, Gauri tries to explain that there is not enough money and it needs to last the month. Jagat says he will buy with his own money once he gets a job We find that it was Gauri who spoke to the SNG department.
DS wanting everything ready for the collector to come, DS asks why Anandi looks glum and she explains thatWhat is point of all of this, DS explains that guests are well respected and that they need to cater to them. Anandi makes DS promise not to praise Anandi in front of the collector and DS relents and agrees. DS Anandi to touch feet of the guest that the collector is brining and to show the due respect.
Everyone comes to the lounge to greet Shiv and his guest, DS is shocked to see that the guest in a girl, the girl is impressed by the house, she greets DS and we find that she doesn’t know hindi that well. Shiv thanks DS for what they have done, DS slyly explains that she didn’t realise his guest will be a woman. Anandi goes Aarti of the guest and then DS wants Anandi to put tilak on Shiv as well, Anandi looks confused but does it none the less, as they walk Shiv nearly bumps into Anandi. Shiv explains that Ashi and he are best friends but she was raised abroad. Ashi tries to explain Shiv calls her Ashi but her hindi is not that fluent.
DS talks under her breathe and comments about Ashi. Ashi thanks DS for what they have done for her and looking after her. Ds fakes that its not a problem and says to get the food ready. DS comes to the kitchen and looks put out, and starts commenting about the girl, Anandi says that it might be Shiv’s girlfriend, DS asks what that is and Anandi explains and DS is shocked about this, she asks does that mean they get married, Anandi says that sometimes it happens and why DS is looking so tense. Anandi is tending to the table and Ashi invites her over to chat, Anandi says she will be there soon but Gehna tells her to go and sit as Ashi invited her. Ashi asks whether Anandi is the Sarpanch, She explains that in films she saw what sarpanch looked like and she does not look like one. DS is bad commenting Ashi in her head. Basanth asks for her reason to come, she is here for a wedding. DS doesn’t like Ashi holding on to Shiv. DS comments of Ashi found anyone, but Ashi says not like here
Ashi explains she is not married as she was not able to find the guy she wanted there. DS agrees with this and there is no comparison and now DS will help to find someone for Ashi. Ashi explains the kind of guy she wants, she keeps comparing to Shiv and DS looks put out. Shiv apologises and says Ashi will not be able to adjust and Ashi says how does he know she may even like it. Shiv promises that Ashi will marry someone from London. DS then starts praising Anandi saying she looks after the house, the school and then she is the sarpanch as well, Ashi agrees that she will not be able to do all this and compliments her. Anandi explains work that is enjoyed is not hard and Ashi agrees.
DS wanted Anandi to sit next to Shiv but she goes to the kitchen and instead Ashi comes and sits next to Shiv, seems like Anandi did this on purpose and she sits right at the end, DS comments Ashi looking at occasions to be near Shiv, she continues no one can come between Shiv and Anandi. Ashi complements the food and then suddenly starts coughing, Gehna asks about the wedding, she replies it was great and colourful but it was weird as it was arranged marriage, and how can someone else decide who one marries, Anandi replies that that is the culture here and here marriage is not between two people but two family, she says this in hindi to help Ashi understand, Shiv looks shocked hearing Anandi speak such good English and agrees with Anandi said. Shiv says that Ashi should stay with Anandi as she will learn a lot from Anandi. Ashi talks about fingerbowl and DS asks what that is and he explains, Basanth explains that this happens in the city as well. Anandi takes Ashi to the washbasin, Ashi explains she is stuffed and complements Anandi and what she is wearing, Ashi asks if she is able to wear something like what Anandi is wearing, she takes Anandi to try something on.
Shiv talks to Basanth about the works. DS explains that Anandi is the beendi and is married to Jagdish and explains but Shiv says he knows about it all. The person who believes in arranged marriage had her marriage broken but he praises Anandi and her values even after what happened, he thought the haveli was her maayka but its her sasural. DS explains she was a beendi and now she is the beti and will be divorced from jagdish soon. DS explains that Jagdish was at fault, Shiv agrees that he knew that Anandi would never be at fault and has seen how the family treats her, anyone would think she is the daughter of the house. DS is happy that Shiv is praising Anandi and complementing her so much. Ds wants to speak to Shiv when Ashi comes down in Indian attire and Shiv looks impressed and DS looks shocked