Wednesday Update on Young Love July 11

Wednesday Update on Young Love

July 11 Episode

At SNG hospital mumbai, gauri with a senior doc r cheaking a patient. He adviced some medi and asks gauri for that. Jag suggests something else and call gauri with her name. the senior doc blasted at him and orders him to follow the protocol and that suggestion is not good too. gauri too asked him the same in front of gauri and tells him not to interfere in semior’s job. When he left. Gauri tries to talk to him but he is hurt and goes away by saying that he understood that junior doc like him is here to follow senior like her.

Anandi and gehene r very happy with the arrangements of party. Anandi hopes that shiv will like it. Gehena says like surya badal he helped anandi and saved her life twice. Anandi got the FBs of her dream and says she should call the school kids too and went to call them.

Bheem singh informs that govt fund is sanctioned to anandi’s school and gives the letter. Shiv is happy and says anandi will be happy.(ji is not there!!). he wants to give that letter by himself to anandi and wants to go to her school. Bheem singh panic and thinks ds ordered him not to let shiv to enter in haveli at any cost and by mistake he skope up that anandi didn’t go to school today. Shiv got the FBs of salute scenes and thinks she might be hurt still now and went in hurry to meet her without listening to bheem. Bheem panic and calls haveli to inform and gehena says anandi is not at home. Both gehena and bheem worried coz shiv is coming.

Anandi on the way and shiv is going on that same way noticed anandi. Anandi turns back and seeing him, she is lil worried that may be he will sense the surprise bday plan. Shiv comes closer and handed over an official letter to anandi. Anandi read that her school got the govt help. While niharofying anandi, shiv thinks anandi is still upset due to last incident and then he saw a glitter paper on her hair. He picks that out , anandi asks what was that..he says sorry and asks whether there is any type of decoration is going on. Anandi covers up by saying an excuse. He offers lift to the school as anandi says she is going to the school. But anandi refused due to fear of revelation. Shiv is hurt thinking that she is avoiding her. so he gave up says as her wish. Then anandi managed to rush from there leaving bechara confused shiv behind.

Here at SNG, an imp meeting is going on for an imp operation. Jag is lost in his thoughts and thinks its his mistake that he listen to gauri. At that time the senior doc asks some qs to jag. He didn’t reply. Gauri asks him again. he says sorry. The senior doc blasted again at for his carelessness and threw him out from his team. Jag got angry and went near him. he holds his collar and asks him how could he behave that badly with him . he is a MBBS not a ghasskatne wala. His name should change his name to Hitler.Seeing that horrible fight of jag, gauri went in between and stops him and demands apology for the senior doc from him. jag refused. So she lost her cool too and spoke out that he is not worthy for SNG. She did a big mistake by doing sifarish for his job in SNG. Jag stunned to hear that due to gauri he got the job!

He comes out from the room and at the corridor he hallucinates that the senior doc and the staffs r making fun of him being junior to his wife and gauri is very angry too. he come out from the hospital, looks back and throws a stone at the hospital in anger!

jag is at a bar, completely drunk.gauri came there and throws all the glasses and asks him to stop.

Gauri stops Jagat from drinking. Katora couple start fighting in front of everyone. Despite everyone’s request to take their fight outside, they ignore everyone and continue to yell at each other. Gauri feels she did nothing wrong by recommending him. Jagat says that he had a good offer in Bangalore, but Gauri manipulated him to stay in Mumbai. Finally on being threatened by the manager to call the police, the two stop and Gauri walks off.
DS goes to the temple and asks priest to pay tribute to her brother-in-law’s soul and that she is from Jetsar and to hurry up as she needs to return asap. A woman in the temple hears this and approaches DS. She asks DS if she knows Shivraj Shekhar. DS says she knows him very well. The woman reveals that Shiv’s proposal had been suggested for her daughter. DS is shocked.

The woman asks about Shiv. DS says Shiv is a nice boy, but he is very short tempered and portrays him as a monster. The woman gets scared. DS says that Shiv does not like anyone contradicting him. She also tells the woman about Ashi and that perhaps they love each other. The woman is confused. DS thinks that she needs to move quickly regarding Shiv-An.
B&B discuss Shiv-An and wonder what DS will do. Anandi comes there with her hair falling over her shoulders, wearing a sari. Everyone compliments her. Anandi’s interview outside police station with Shivu plays on TV. In Mumbai, Katora couple watch this interview and are shocked. Jagya sees Shivu and his eyes pop out and he wonders who he is.