Young Love Friday Update on 31 January 2020


Young Love Friday Update on 31 January 2020

Republic Day celebrations. The girls dance on the folk song. Shekhar’s look at the dance performance. Chief Minister looks on. Everyone clap for them. Chief Minister addresses to the people and remembers Shiv. He praises Shiv and says he was honest, great and a leader. He sacrificed his life for the nation. A Flashback is shown. He praises Shiv and says we can’t forget him.

We will remember him always. He requests the Home Minister to start the award ceremony. Home Minister says Govt has decided to honour Shiv with the prestigious Rajastan Ratna Award and asks his family to come and take the award. Daddu signs Anandi to go. Anandi holds Amol’s hand and go on the stage. Everyone clap for them. Home Minister presents the award in Amol and Anandi’s hands. Everyone is happy. The Chief Minister asks Anandi to say a few words.

Amol goes and sits with Daddu. Anandi tells that she can understand the pain of a soldier’s wife. She tells that she wasn’t scared when she asked Shiv to go and attend the reception. It was a regular day and tells their schedule. She says it didn’t happen. I realized that whatever happens is because of destiny. She recalls his death. She says he won’t come back. Everyone hear her sadly.

Anandi says she has to accept this bitter truth. Just then she gets labour pains. Everyone rush to her. Doctor checks her and says she is in labour. Ira says we will take her to the hospital. Doctor says no, she can deliver at any moment. She asks every woman to gather to help Anandi deliver her kids. The ladies ask Anandi to take a heavy breath. Anandi is in pain. Amol worries for Anandi.
Everyone wait for the good news.

Anandi delivers the baby. Meenu gets happy and shows the baby to Daddu and all, saying Shiv’s son. Everyone get happy. The Police congrats Daddu. Anandi faints. They call her and ask her to gain consciousness. Doctor asks her to deliver the other baby. Anandi gives birth to the second baby. Ira gets happy and tells Amol that it is a baby girl. Amol gets happy. CM congrats Daddu. Anandi looks at her babies with happiness. She says Shiv has come. Doctor says we have to take them to clinic fast. She checks in the hospital and says they are fine. Daddu thanks her and congrat his family.

Daddu says we have to inform Kalyani ji. He calls Dadisaa and informs her about Anandi getting blessed with a boy and girl. Dadisaa gets emotional and stands up. Everyone get shocked. Jagya asks what happened? Is everything fine? Dadisaa tells him that Anandi gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Everyone get happy and congrat Dadisaa. Dadisaa gives money to Makhan Kaka and asks him to give the money to poor.

Makhan kaka gets happy and rushes out. Dadisaa says she will distribute sweets to everyone. They leave. Anandi brings the babies inside the room and says this is their room. She reminiscences spending time with Shiv. She shows them Shiv’s photo. She asks are you seeing the babies? A wind blows. Anandi feels his presence and thanks him. She says we miss you very much. She says they don’t have your memories. They have to spend their lives seeing your pic. Daddu gets pain to hear that. CONTINUE READING FROM NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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