1 November Friday Update on True Love


1 November Friday Update on True Love

Tapasya telling Amla that Mai made a deal with you. They’ve played a game with you and your emotions.
They put this mangal-sutra and sindoor on you and stuck you in this relation for their own selfish reasons.
The relation that never gave you any love and happiness, what’s the point of keeping the symbols of that relation.
Amla says, what are you saying choti sasu-ma? If I don’t put sindoor on, where will I go?
Tapasya says, you’re just going along with a meaningless relationship… you also know it very well… Neither does Veer love you, nor does he accept you as his wife. Even today he’s burning in the memories of his first wife.
Amla says, what are you saying?
Tapasya says, why are you keeping this relation? Be free and make Veer free too… take divorce from him.
Amla says, divorce? What has happened to you? You do know that a woman never asks for divorce from a husband… it’s a sin.
Tapasya yells, that’s not a sin… sin is what Mai did to you… deceived you, kept you in darkness, kept you like a servant in this house for her own selfishness. That’s what’s called a sin, Amla. She has stuck you in this empty relationship, that’s a sin. Get out of this fake life… if you’re afraid that after divorce you have to live the same helpless, orphan life that you lived before… then it won’t happen. You will have a roof on your head, your own house, you can live the way you want… no one will treat you like a servant, you will be the master of yourself… no one will own you. Think about it, talk to your heart about it, listen to your heart… a new life is waiting for you, the decision will be yours.

Damini sees Icha working in the kitchen… Icha is making kheer.
Damini says, you’re making kheer that means you’re very happy… please tell me what happened?
Icha says, yes, Ammo… but you guess why am I happy?
Damini says, the reason for a mother’s happiness is her children, there must be something with the kids.
Icha says, but tell me the reason.
Damini says, there must be something about Mukta…
Icha says no.
Damini says, did you meet Babyji? How is she? When will she come home?
Icha says, no, if that happened, I would have been even happier… but nothing like this happened. Please tell me what happened that could make me so happy?
Damini says, don’t make me guess… I can’t take it anymore.
Icha again says, try to guess.
Damini says, I can’t.
Icha says, something for which we never hoped for, something we never expected.
Damini still can’t guess.
Icha says, Meethi. Ammo, I found my daughter today… she came to the school and she apologised in front of everyone. The distances between both of us are not there any more.
Damini says, are you saying the truth?
Icha says yes… and that happened because of an angel. He made her understand and she understood. I’m making the kheer for that angel, itself.
Icha says, today you’ve become me and asking me so many questions…
Damini says, I’ll go tell Sahab and Thakurayin.
Icha says, Papa will be really happy.

Jogi/Divya in their room. Jogi thinking of Tapasya. Divya asks him to have food and forget whatever happened.
Jogi says how can I forget? She’s my daughter… she may not think of us, but I’m his father.
Damini comes happily in their room and says, I have to say something to you. I am very happy today… Today my Ichki got that happiness that she waited for 19 years…
Jogi smiles through his tears.
Damini says, today the distance between Meethi and Icha got finished.
Jogi smiles and Divya also gives a reluctant smile.
Damini says, the first time Meethi called Icha “Maa”. I can’t tell how happy I am today.
Jogi says, it’s something to be happy about.
Damini says, my daughter prayed for 19 years, she got the fruit of her prayers.
Divya cries and says the mother who gets her kids is really lucky.
Damini gets a feeling there’s something wrong… and says, I’m sorry… I…
Divya stops her and says, don’t say sorry.
Damini leaves the room.

Gunwanti asks a servant in the kitchen where Amla is? Servant says she hasn’t come since morning. Gunwanti gets upset that they’re all getting spoilt… neither do I see Chanda, nor this Amla.
She goes in the house calling Amla.
Amla sitting on the floor in her room thinking about Tapasya’s words.
Gunwanti finds her there and says, look at her, Queen is sitting here… who will make the food? Your mother? Why have you kept ‘maun vrat’ today, usually your tongue doesn’t stop wagging… and you haven’t worn the bangles as well… Bundela family’s bahu don’t sit like this!
Amla says, I don’t want to be a Bundela family bahu anymore… I want divorce, Mai.
Gunwanti is shocked.
Amla cries and says, what have I gained from this relation till today? Sindoor on my head, mangal-sutra in my neck… that’s it? I want freedom from this fake relation… and what a wife gets after divorce, spending money, a house to live in… I also wants that.
Gunwanti says, has a dog bitten you?
Amla says, the first time in my life, I have opened my eyes.
Gunwanti says, Bundela family bahus don’t get divorce.
Amla says, then how did Icha get a divorce?
Gunwanti gets angry and says that woman wasn’t worthy of staying in this house.
Amla says, and me? What did you bring me here for?
Gunwanti says, no one dared ask me these types of questions in this house till today. Don’t forget that I picked you up from the floor and put you on the sky?
Amla says, I agree you put me on the sky? But what did I get?? Husband’s love, I didn’t get it. Did I get my own child? No? What am I in this house… am I a servant in this house? I don’t know anything, just get me divorce, that’s it.
Gunwanti says, Oh, do you want divorce? And you want money, house, luxury everything? You won’t get a single dime after divorce, that’s a promise… now go and cook food.
Amla goes out of the room and Tapasya is standing at the door. Amla cries, looks at Tapasya and leaves the room.

Gunwanti turns around to leave and sees Tapasya.
She says, oh you’re the one who instigated my bahu? How dare you!
Tapasya says, by relation, I’m her choti sasu-ma… so it was my duty to show her the right path… because people always showed her the wrong path.
Gunwanti says, the path that you show someone can never be the right one.
Tapasya says, you’re elder than me so I will agree to what you just said… but can I ask you a question? What were you thinking when you got a bahu like Amla? Helpless, orphaned… What right did you have to call her Yuvraj’s mother.
Gunwanti says, I don’t feel it necessary to answer any of your questions… but if you have any shame left, you will answer my question. Tell me why you came back to this house by becoming Tej Singh’s wife. Why do you want to meet Veer again and again? What do you want? CONTINUE READING ON NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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