1 November Friday Update on This is Love


1 November Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with everyone talking about Aaliya and Ruhi. Raman says they would be waiting for me, I will go and get them. He gets a call and says I have to go office, there is a meeting called for shareholders. Ishita says Sudha called for this, I will also come. Simmi says even I will come and teach her a lesson. Sudha says I will break your family Raman Bhalla. She throws Bhalla family pic. Ishita catches it. Sudha sees Ishita, Raman and Sudha at the door. She shouts on Shweta. She asks Shweta to throw Raman’s belongings outside. Ishita stops her.

Ishita says you gave you this right, you own 51% shares, don’t forget that Raman still holds 49% shares, he has built this company on his own. Sudha laughs and says 51% means I m the owner of this company, I will decide everything.

Simmi asks how dare you kick Raman out. Raman calms down Simmi. He asks Shweta to put things in box and get it out. He asks what else do you want, take everything, you will never earn the respect I have. Sudha says speech is nice, but this won’t help here, get out. They go. Sudha says Mr. Raman Bhalla, I kicked you out of cabin, just see what I do with you. Aaliya wakes up and sees time. She says its 11am, what would mumma think, what do I tell her, I woke up late. Rohan pulls her close. She says I was supposed to wake up early and make breakfast. He asks her to relax. She says now mumma’s bahus are here, so I have to go. He sleeps. Ruhi rushes out and asks Aaliya are you late as well.
Aaliya says I know, mom doesn’t look so strict. Ruhi says yes, I think we should give her some excuse, I think she will understand, husbands are still sleeping, why can’t they make food. Aaliya says rules are different for sons and bahus. They see Kaushalya and get tensed. They greet Kaushalya and make excuses. They apologize. Kaushalya says its your first day here, I hope your mum taught you the responsibilities of bahus, to cook food and manage house. She laughs and says you both seem shocked. Ruhi says you scared both of us, you act really well. Kaushalya says I haven’t brought you both to cook here, I wanted educated girls for my sons, but any cooks, all children are treated equally here. Ruhi says you are too cool. Kaushalya hugs them.

The man asks Sir will you sit here with us. Raman says its fine, we can work together. The man says you are our boss. Shweta says I m always there for you. Raman says your love and support is my strength. Ishita says very soon, we will be owner of this company again. Sudha asks what’s happening here, do I pay you all for gossip, the meeting will start in 5mins, I want all the details. She yells at everyone. Kaushalya says its Aaliya and Ruhi’s first day here, I always wanted daughters, now I got them. Rohan says congrats for being given a second status.

Karan says same to you. Kaushalya asks them to get ready, their family will come to take them for pagphere, they will go to their house. Karan says let them wait, even we have waited. Rohan says yes, they can go any other day. Aaliya smiles. She says bahus make sweets, we will make halwa for you. Kaushalya asks them to make it. The shareholder asks what’s the need for this urgent meeting. Sudha says I own the majority of shares now, I m the owner of this company, go through the folder, its the new projects, all the old projects are cancelled. The man says but this is Raman’s company, we are here because of him, its his tough phase, but he will get over it, he worked on these projects, its wrong to cancel the work, we are with him.

Raman and Ishita smile. The man says we are associated with him for long, if you truly understand business, don’t make Raman out. Raman says having a vision is very imp. Ishita says Sudha ji, this is what Raman has earned, you bought the company, how will you earn respect, you messed up with the wrong person. She taunts Sudha. Raman says thanks for the kind words, sorry, when we work together, its impossible to get defeated. Sudha goes. Raman thanks Chopra for showing trust on him. Chopra says I know right and wrong, did Sudha leave. Ishita says yes.

Chopra says Sudha is clever woman, she has bought some shares on her son’s name, I don’t know him, if we convince him, you will be able to run this company as you wish. Simmi says but he is her son, will he go against her. Ishita says lets find out about him and meet him. Raman gets Kaushalya’s call. He says we have to get our daughters for pagphere. Simmi says I will go home and prepare their welcome. Raman and Ishita meet Rohan’s family. Ishita says I m happy seeing you both. Kaushalya says they have made halwa today, come and have it. Rohan and Karan come. Raman says we are trying it to reduce risk factor. They like the halwa. Ruhi says I made it. Kaushalya gives gifts to Aaliya and Ruhi. Ruhi likes the gift. Ishita says they are very lucky. Kaushalya says there is no comparison with you, I will try to keep them happy. Ishita smiles.

Aaliya looking for her bag. Rohan asks her not to leave. She asks him to give her bags, don’t be kiddish. He says I won’t come to pick you. She says don’t be so mean, give me my bag. He says its in the bathroom. She goes to get the bag. Karan says I m coming along. Ruhi says very funny, don’t say this, you will get me embarrassed. He says listen, I won’t stay here alone. She says this ritual is for girls, you promised me that you would do as I say, just obey your wife. He says that’s not fair. She says I will be back soon, come to pick me. He says okay.

Ishita asks shall we leave. Aaliya and Ruhi hug Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks them to come by evening, she will miss them. Ishita, Raman, Ruhi and Aaliya come home. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla give gifts to CONTINUE READING ON NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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