10th May Friday Update on This is Love

Mrs. Bhalla seeing Amma shifting. She gets surprised seeing Iyers nameplate. Amma says we came back, Singhs left on their own. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla what happened. Mrs. Bhalla says Amma has come back, Iyers shifted. Simmi asks are you dreaming. Mrs. Bhalla pinches herself. Simmi asks her not to worry and tackle them. She messages to inform Parmeet. She says Ishita, I will never let you come back in Raman’s life. Mrs. Bhalla says just see how I tackle Amma. Amma says I m very happy, we came back home.

She dances happily and asks Appa to dance with her. Bala and Kiran arrange things. Ishita comes and asks what happened. Amma says Mrs. Bhalla’s face turned pale seeing me, she thought I m a ghost. Ishita says she is my mum in law and your friend, its wrong to get happy seeing her tensed. Amma dances with Ishita. Bala asks them to see what’s outside. They see the garbage and wine bottle. Mrs. Bhalla looks on. Amma and Appa laugh. Amma asks Ishita is she lost in past. Ishita says yes, this reminded me of many things, maybe if we repeat old things, Raman can recall something. Amma likes the idea.

Ishita goes to Bhalla house. She sees Raman and thinks he looks so cute in this color. He asks what are you doing here. She says garbage is dumped in front of our house. He asks what do you mean, when did you shift. She asks does this matter, its our house, we are Tamil Brahmans, you should respect that, keeping non veg garbage and wine is so wrong, its totally mannerless. He asks how do I know who did this, talk to society secretary or leave the house. He shuts the door and says mad, she is ready to fight anytime. Simmi asks what happened. He says Ishita is troubling. She says I will handle everything, don’t worry. He goes. Neelu comes and says watchman gave Singh’s number, you can talk to him.

Simmi comes to Ishita’s house and says I spoke to Mr. Singh, you like playing ghosts drama, you like all this, you are forgetting I know everything, you are doing this to get an entry in my house. Ishita asks what do you know. Simmi says you are repeating things to trigger Raman’s memory, I thought I should also try something, I have kept that garbage there, I will not let you and Raman unite, you guys got separated. She goes.

Ishita tells Bala that Raman didn’t remember anything, why is this happening. He asks her to talk to Ruhi, she stays close to Raman. She gets a call from a man. He tells her that she is nominated for CEO of the year award, jury wants to meet you, can you come over. She asks who else is nominated. He tells Raman’s name. She says great, I will be there. She tells Bala that Raman is also nominated, she has to go. He asks will you compete with Raman. She says I have to get his memory back. He says I m sure you will do this. She says there is something which no one fixed till now, I m sure Raman will get help by this and even his memory can come back.

Shagun meets Monica and asks her to stop meeting Adi. Monica says Adi is just my client, we did management together. Shagun scolds her. Monica asks her to talk slow, its her office. Shagun says I don’t care, stay away from my son. She leaves.

Ishita, Raman, Ashok and others attend the jury meeting. The man stops Ishita and says we have some doubts, you joined Ashok’s company recently. Ashok says she is my partner, she made my company successful, check these papers. Raman asks the man to double check, she doesn’t qualify for best CEO, strange she is competing with us. Ishita asks him is he challenging his own investor. She asks him about his business, everyone knows about his big losses, even then he is fighting for CEO award. They argue.

She asks Raman about his company’s turnover, his current projects, his returns, its basic things, everyone knows about the big project getting cancelled, why, what happened. He says its business, I can’t remember everything, files will be in office, I have given business to Parmeet. He calls Parmeet in front. Parmeet says yes, I can share the files with you.

Ishita jokes on Parmeet. She asks Raman does he not know what’s happening in his company. She says Ashok, I m worried for our investment. Raman says I promise you will be given double investment. He leaves.

Adi is on call and hurries. Shagun stops him and asks him is he going to meet Monica. He asks her why did she create a scene at Monica’s office, she is crying. She asks him to sort out differences with Aaliya. He asks her to first know what Aaliya is doing. She says deal with her, extra marital affair is not good. He asks her not to get in between his matter. He leaves.

Ishita says Ruhi, you didn’t replace Raman’s medicines. Ruhi says I did my work. Ishita says but there is no change in Raman’s state, something is wrong, is it possible that you give me that medicines sample. Ruhi asks how can I do it. Ishita says I m your new neighbor. Ruhi says oh right, Dadi told me. She leaves. Ishita says after Raman gets fine, I will make you fine.

Ruhi giving the pills box to Ishita. Ishita checks and says its not the vitamin tablets which I gave you, its the pills Simmi was giving to Raman, she has changed medicines again, so she was confident that Raman won’t regain his memory, I will not leave Simmi, I have to go something. Its morning, Ama does puja. Ishita comes and prays. She says I m praying that Raman remembers everything, his family is cheating him, he doesn’t even know this. Amma asks did you check pills. Ishita says Simmi changed it again, where is the newspaper. Amma says it would be outside, your dad didn’t wake up yet, go and get it. Ishita goes and picks the newspaper. Ishita’s kurti button falls down. Raman comes out and picks newspaper. They realize the papers got exchanged. She recalls

the old moment. She smiles and thinks its strange, it looks like everything got rewind, this happened before. She gives him the newspaper.
She stops him and says we have custom to say please and thank you. He asks really, we don’t have it. He goes. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. She thinks even Lord wants us to come together. Raman sees the news and recalls Ishita’s words. Neelu calls him for breakfast. Romi comes and greets him. Raman reacts angrily and asks why is not anyone informing me about my office, that woman doesn’t find me suitable to win this award. Romi says sorry, but its your mistake, you should remember you gave business to Parmeet and Simmi, I m not imp in that company, its better you call them and ask. Raman shouts Simmi, Parmeet…. Simmi asks what happened. Romi says Raman is angry, Ishita insulted Raman a lot. Simmi asks Raman not to worry, he will win award by any method. Raman says there is just one way to win it, its by capability, don’t teach me any other thing, I want everything back in my hands, I want all the details of all the tenders and projects, I want every document on my table. Parmeet comes. Raman asks Parmeet to get all the transaction details to him in two hours. Simmi and Parmeet get worried.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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