13th May Monday Update on Young Love


13th May Monday Update on Young Love

Daddu reading the newspaper and says cricket team had lost again. Alok says please check the date before reading the newspaper. Daddu thinks he have to get his eye check up done. Alok says you have to wear glasses too. Alok is looking at his watch again and again. Daddu asks, is anyone coming? Alok says no, it is dark outside and I was checking the time. Daddu says sunset happens early in the winter. Meenu is also looking at her watch. Alok picks the call and it is Sarla’s call. He calls Ira and says nurse Sarla is on the line. Ira starts speaking and asks, how are you? Sarla says she did a big mistake and she called her to rectify her mistake. She says she remembered that she gave birth to a healthy baby and I told you you gave birth to a dead baby. She apologizes for her saying. Shiv and Anandi come and hears everything. Ira disconnects the call and tells Alok that Sarla was apologizing and accepted that she gave birth to a healthy son. She says it is proved that Shiv is my son. Shiv says ofcourse mom. Anandi recalls about the hospital file. Ira asks her, are you feeling jealous that Shiv is giving me more importance than you. Anandi says she was thinking about the dinner. Ira says food is already prepared.

Anandi says I might have prepare the dinner. Alok asks her to make coffee for everyone. Anandi goes to the kitchen and wonders why Sarla lied to maa. Jagya asks Ganga, when will Sheetal come back. Ganga says she will return in 4-5 days. Jagya says every nurse is worried about her kids and rushes home after the duty. Ganga suggests they might open a play school in the hospital and then all the nurses can do day and night duty. Jagya agrees and says balwadi should be far from the hospital so that the kids do not catches infection. Ganga speaks about Mannu. Jagya looks at her and says you are like Anandi and keeps on praising her. He stops and recalls Gauri’s words that he misses Anandi in everything. He says sorry to Ganga for comparing her to Anandi. Gangi says she didn’t feel bad and she is glad that he came in her life. Jagya says he is lucky to have her and says once he was all alone. You came in my life and made me realise my mistakes, solve his troubles. I realised myself and says he is feeling the same friendship which he has with Anandi. He says we will share everything and even ideas also. Ganga feels happy and hugs Jagya. They hears a child’s voice and laughs.

Anandi thinks she couldn’t believe what she saw in the hospital file. She decides to forget it thinking it to be a bad dream and seeks strength from Kanhaji’s. She says truth doesn’t change but it is also true that Shiv is her husband, her life and everything. She thinks she can’t hurt him and have to hide it from him. She thinks family will come in trouble and asks for strength from Kanha ji. Shiv comes and closes the gas flame as the milk is boiling. Anandi says she was thinking about maa and Chote maa. Shiv says he came here to tell her that mom and dad’s anniversary is coming next week. He thinks what to gift them on their anniversary. Anandi asks, did you think about a suitable gift. Shiv says no. Anandi suggests they should go on a holiday to the mountains. Shiv says he will make the arrangements and asks her not to tell anyone. He leaves. Anandi thinks Shiv loves his parents and is more than God to him. What will happen if Shiv gets to know that he is someone else’s child?

Sumitra asks Mannu to eat the food. Mannu signs no. Gehna tries to feed him but Mannu is in no mood to eat. Nandu comes and asks Mannu to play with him. Just as Nandu is eating, Mannu too eats the food. Sumitra and Gehna is surprised and happy. Nandu says Mannu is his brother and copies his doings.

Anandi comes to Meenu and keeps the clothes on her bed. Meenu asks her, if she is fine? Anandi says yes. Meenu asks, then why you kept Shiv clothes in my clothes. Anandi says she didn’t see. Meenu says nobody said but sugar was much in coffee. Anandi says sorry for the mistakes. Meenu says you need not say sorry, I know you are very involved in work. She asks her to share her worries. Anandi says there is nothing like that. But says today she went to Durga Devi hospital and tells everything in flashback. She says Sarlaji called maa and said sorry for saying that maa gave birth to a dead baby. Previously she said with confidence that the baby was dead. Anandi says she don’t understand what to believe Sarla ji words or the register. Meenu gets angry and asks why you went there to enquire about it. Anandi says she went there for some other work. She says she was bothered about Sarla’s words and that’s why she couldn’t stop her. Meenu gets angry and says troubles are already much because of Saanchi. She says hospital file can have errors. We were there when Shiv was born. Am I lying, Alok bhaiyya lying, don’t you trust us. Anandi says she was restless after knowing Sarla’s words. Meenu bluntly asks her to stay away from the things which will give stress and problems in the family. Anandi says sorry and leaves. Meenu says sorry for talking with her in angry tone. She says she don’t have any other option. She says a fire is hidden in the sand which will spoil this house’s happiness. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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