10th October Thursday Update on This is Love


10th October Thursday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Raman saying my family is standing with me, I m more strong because of the family strength. They all hold hands and smiles. Raman says we are together. He taunts Sudha. They all leave. Sudha looks on. Its morning, Raman says I m tired of sleeping, I thought to help Aaliya, I know you will ask me not to exert. Ishita asks which shirt shall I get for office, its enough of rest, I like my husband who goes to office and works. He says I like my wife, who understands me without saying anything. She gets the shirts. Dil kahin rukta nai….plays…. He selects the first one and makes her work more. They laugh. He gets ready and comes to everyone. He says I m going office. Romi says its great, I can’t deal with that Wadhwa group owner, you deal with him. Ishita prays for Raman. Mani says Raman will get his respect back, all thanks to Ishita, she knows Raman well, so you have asked Shagun to bake brownies early morning.

Ruhi says yes, thanks a lot, Shagun’s brownies are best in the world, its dad’s first day in office, so I thought to take brownies for him. He says right, Shagun had to go out for work. She thanks him and leaves. Romi asks Raman to wait, and goes to park the car. Raman stops near stairs and asks the girls to do their work, Romi will manage. Romi comes and says sorry, don’t take tension, I will get you down. He calls out guard. Guards get a wooden plank. Guard says sorry, Ishita has called us and asked us to put plank on stairs, so that your wheelchair comes inside easily. Romi says Ishita cares for you so much. Raman thanks them. He says I m thinking that we take life for granted till something wrong happens with us, how do physically challenged people live life. Romi says our govt is working for them, ramp is fixed at airports. Raman asks what are we doing, we also have a duty, do we have such facilities in offices, I pray that nothing such happens, I wish to do something for such people, this ramp won’t move. Romi nods.

Mrs. Bhalla talks to Neelu. She sees Ishita worried. She laughs and shares Raman’s childhood story. She says I know you are worried for Raman, since he went to office and didn’t call you. Ishita says I m worried, I want him to be happy, not depressed, if I call, he will think I doubt on his capabilities, its not like that. Mrs. Bhalla says I have a solution. She gives tiffin and says take this to office and meet Raman. Ishita laughs and says very old solution, I will go. She stops and keeps tiffin. She says I think you also want to meet your son. Mrs. Bhalla says I thought maybe you will ask me or not. Ishita asks her to come along.

Shweta asks Raman if he wants tea or juice. He says don’t you have any work. She says sorry, Ishita asked me to look after you. He says I will ask what I need, thanks. She goes. Romi, Ruhi and Aaliya come. Romi says Wadhwa’s team has come, we have to go for meeting. Raman says I didn’t read files. Romi says we will go and crack the deal. Ruhi asks him to read file. The meeting goes on. Everyone laughs. Wadhwa says your jokes are so good, you convinced me well, I believe in horoscopes, I want our kundlis to be matched, so I keep pandit along. Raman says I don’t believe in this, I believe in hardwork and performance, I don’t hurt anyone’s devotion, but we don’t carry our kundlis. Pandit asks his birth date.

Raman tells that. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla come there and check his cabin. Ishita says he isn’t is in cabin. She asks staff. Pandit says this project will be profitable, your house will get a good news. Raman says I didn’t understand. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla come and look on. Pandit says marriage Shehnai will ring in your house. Mrs. Bhalla says Balle balle, when will Ruhi get married. Pandit says very soon. Raman introduces Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla goes. Ishita says sorry to disturb. Raman asks her to come. He says Ishita is company partner as well. Wadhwa says our kundlis matched, congrats for this deal. Raman assures sincerity and honesty from their side. Wadhwa shakes hands. He leaves with his team. Ishita hugs Raman. Ruhi gives brownies to him. Aaliya gets Rohan’s message. She says I have to go. Ishita asks where. Aaliya says to meet Shagun, she would be waiting. Ishita says fine, thank her for sending brownies, have some food. Ruhi thinks Shagun isn’t here, is Aaliya going to meet Rohan.

Aaliya meets Rohan and gives a thank you card. He holds her hand and jokes. She laughs and says I have another surprise for you, your bracelet. He says you should keep this. She says I don’t wear mens’ bracelet. He says yes, try it. He makes her wear it. She says I think I should leave. He asks her to stay back. She says new project meeting started, so I have to leave. He hugs her. She smiles and leaves. Sudha smiles and says very interesting, Aaliya and her dad will be happy, but how can Bhallas stay so happy when I m here, Ishita and Raman can never get happiness in their house, never.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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