10th October Thursday Update on Young Love


10th October Thursday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Subhadra scolding Gulli for burning Hardik’s shirt. Gulli says, she doesn’t know. Subhadra says, what he will wear now? Hardik looks at the burnt shirt and says what you have done. Subhadra scolds Gulli again. She asks Hardik, what you will do now. Hardik takes Gulli’s side and says she didn’t do it intentionally. Subhadra asks him, shall I keep quiet. Alok comes and gives his shirt to Hardik. Hardik goes to get ready for the interview. Anandi takes Gulli to her room.

Dadisaa tells Gehna that they shall have breakfast after Jagya comes. Ganga brings Gauri to Dadisaa. Dadisaa asks, do you need anything? Gauri says nothing. I wants to apologize to you all for the mistakes which I have done. I was stupid and wrong. I will repent it always. I will be burdened until you forgives me. Dadisaa says, think about the future. So many days have passed since then. She asks her to forget the past and move on. Gauri recalls her doings in the flashbacks. She says, time passed but I couldn’t move on. She asks, can you forgive me. Dadisaa nods in a yes. Gauri cries and thanks her. Dadisaa asks Ganga to take her inside. Dadisaa wonders about God’s work.

Anandi and Shiv are in their room. Anandi tries to move the curtain. Shiv goes near her. They have an eye lock. Shiv lifts her. Anandi moves the curtain. Rajastani song plays……………..They have an eyelock. Shiv says, he was thinking to decorate the room like they had during their wedding night. He says, but it will take time. Shiv hugs her. Anandi says, she has so much work to do. They hug each other romantically.

Gauri asks Ganga, you will take care of me until I gets well. Ganga nods. Gauri thanks her. She says, I wants to thanks Jagat as he is doing so much for me. He is a good human being. Ganga says, you are right. I know him since I am working with him. Gauri says, they became doctors together. He was so caring and involved with the patients. Nandu comes home calling Bhabhisaa. Ganga is shocked. Gauri recognizes his voice and asks Nandu is calling whom. Ganga makes excuse.

Hardik comes back home. Gulli asks him about his interview. He says, it was good and he is sure that he will get a job. Gulli goes to bring water. Shiv asks him about Mr. Juneja. Hardik says, Mr. Juneja praised me. Shiv says, it is very difficult to impress him. Gulli brings water and sweets. Daddu praises Gulli. Anoop asks Hardik, what he wants to do? Hardik says, whatever he will do, will give his 100 percent. He says, I wants to buy my home. Meenu says, this haveli is yours also. Hardik says, for privacy. Ira says, in America there is no joint family structure. They laugh.

Hardik comes home and asks about Gulli. Meenu tells him that she is in the compound. Subhadra asks him about the shopping bag. Hardik says, I can’t show you. It is something personal. He goes inside.

Mannu comes to Gauri to take his ball. Gauri asks him, what is this? Mannu says ball. Gauri thinks he might be nrighbour’s child. She asks him about his mother’s name. Mannu says, Ganga. Gauri asks him about his Bapusaa. Mannu goes to Jagya and calls him Bapusaa. Gauri laughs and doesn’t understand. She tells Jagya that Mannu is mistaken him to be his father. Ganga comes and apologizes to Gauri. Gauri says, it is ok. Your son is very lovely. Ganga looks at Jagya’s tensed face and takes Mannu from there. Gauri tells him that since Anandi married again. Why you didn’t marry again? Jagya gets a call and he leaves.

Gulli drying the clothes. Hardik comes and says I brought gifts for you. Gulli says, you shall save the money. Hardik says, it is not costly. He shows her corn. Gulli gets excited and says she likes it. Hardik says, Anandi told me about your likes. Gulli asks, what she told about me. Hardik tells her what Anandi told him. Gulli runs behind him. Hardik says, bhabhi said you are crazy. He says sorry then. Gulli smiles. He says, he was thinking how to live with her in the new house. Gulli asks about Subhadra and says she will be happy if she stays with us. Hardik smiles. Gulli tells him to have a separate room for Subhadra. Hardik says, he will try to good house. Subhadra hears them talking and thinks Gulli is clever. She thinks to do something.

Anandi brings fruits for Subhadra and keeps it in her room. She sees the wardrobe open and sees Hardik’s shirt in it. She gets shocked and recalls the past happenings. She thinks to talk to her.

Jagya comes to his room. He sees Ganga sitting on the bed. He asks about his sons. Ganga asks him to feed milk to abhi and says she is going to Gauri’s room. She apologizes to him as Mannu walked in Gauri’s room. Jagya says, the situation is awkward for all of us and Mannu is just a child. I can’t help you. He tells her that Gauri is shattered after she saw her new face. Gauri says, she is with him.  CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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