11th December Wednesday Update on True Love


11th December Wednesday Update on True Love

Akash telling Meethi that they are going to the world’s most beautiful place. Meethi gets excited & asks for the name. He replies – Aatishgarh! Meethi is thinking. Then flashes of the barren palace and many forts are shown.

Meethi repeats Aaatishgarh…it sounds somewhat scary…just like some old and barren palace.
Akash replies… you will fall in love with the place. You wont feel like coming back from there.
She says… I can stay back but what about you…your office…your work. Don’t forget that your father-in-law but you wont get any concession.
Akash says…he remembers all his duties. But first I’ll take you to Aaatishgarh & then I will take care of the rest. So, lets go? Meethi smiles and agrees.

Iccha is setting flowers in her room. She has flashbacks of Meethi’s vidaai. Whn Meethi said that she’ll miss her & cant live without her. She hurts herself from rose’s thorn. Veer comes and sucks her finger. She instantly pulls her hand back & has flashes of when Meethi’s bangles broke & her dream of a girl leaving blood marks at the wall & someone pulling at her.

Veer asks is she is thinking about Meethi. She replies that she is worried….I haven’t spoken with her since so long (hours) and then this dream keeps haunting me again and again.
Veer smiles and tells her that right now Meethi will be in her dream land with Vishnu. She’d be sleeping happily now keeping her head on Vishnu’s shoulder. Iccha smiles.
Now Veer teases her that they should plan their 2nd honeymoon now. She feels shy…in this age? She tries to take her hand away & says that someone might come…the door is open. Meanwhile Umed Singh calls out for Veer & he leaves.

As he leaves, Iccha is again worried for Meethi & thinks….I wish I could fill the whole life of Meethi with flowers. I pray to God that they both stay happy forever.

Meethi & Akash in car. Akash notices Meethi smiling & another flashes of Aatishgarh is shown.

Tappu is recalling the incidents of the wedding…when she had slapped Mukta. She tries Mukta’s number but finds it switched off. Right then, Rathore calls her.
She asks about Mukta’s wellbeing. He taunts what do you think?
She feels hurt that he is trying to show what. What do you know about how I felt in the situation? How ma pa faced all that? It was Iccha’s daughter’s wedding. What would she think?

Rathore retorts what about my daughter? Its the same old story…one extreme to another extreme.
Tappu asks him not to repeat the past again and again.
Rathore says past? He isn’t saying anything of anyone’s past…and especially not theirs. He is taling about the future…Mukta’s future. Nothing else is more important to me.
Tappu says…..are you trying to tell me that I am a careless mom? What do you think about me? It was about Iccha’s daughter…

Rathore is really pissed off now. Its all about Iccha. When you wanted everything that she had, you took her everything. Now that you want to atone your past mistakes, you are not able to see anything beyond Iccha. You too have daughter…think about her. She was kidnapped in the wedding day. I told everything so boldly in front of everyone…fought with the goons. The goons only took Akash’s name. Inspite of everything, you are doubting her instead of worrying about her.
Tappu says that this must be Tej Singh’s antic only. Plus, it has been proved too in the wedding. Everything is clear.
Rathore gives up saying its no use of telling anything. You wont understand. But do one thing for me…tell Tej Singh, if he looks at my daughter or even thinks about her….i will kill him right then and there only. Please do this much for me.
Saying so, he disconnects the calls while Tappu is still trying to talk to him. Both give up in convincing the other.

Mukta in her room is thinking where would have Akash taken Meethi. How would she get to know about Meethi’s whereabouts? She thinks of calling her but then decides against it as Meethi will take it otherwise. She continues thinking of what best she can do in this situation.

Meethi asks for her phone when Akash diverts her to the fact that he is thirsty and that he will tlak with Ammo first. Agreeing, she gets down to bring water for him & ice cream for both of them. While in the meanwhile, Akash rubs his ring on the sim card so that it doesn’t work anymore.

Tej Singh dejectedly sits down in the sofa. He rues that his plan failed and he couldn’t kidnap his dream girl.
Tappu comes there with knife and puts it at his neck & demands to know if he was behind Mukta’s kidnapping. Tej is scared and stutters that he was not. She asks again and he clearly tells her that he did plan it but before he could kidnap her, someone else did.
She removes the knife from his neck & showing it at his face warns him that if he even dares to think of it gain then she will kill him with this knife instead of just showing it. She says…she is here with only one mission…to make him pay for is sins.
Tej is super scared after she leaves. He says to himself…what will happen to him…a lady with a knife can threaten him so much and so easily. He looks above and says if he has become Umed Singh from Tej Singh…old and cold blood.

Akash reminds Meethi to call her home. When she is back in the car & tries to place the call, the phone shows no sim card sign. He hands him phone now & we see that he has already removed the battery, so the phone is switched off. He says that he forgot to charge it yesterday, maybe thats why. Now Meethi asks how far they are from reaching Aatishgarh & how is the place in reality.
He replies that it is very quiet….as it’s away from the city.
Another flash of the barren, old buildings is shown.
She asks what kind of people live there. He says…very spiritual, religious people reside there….wo participate whole heartedly in all the religious activities.
Saints, sadhus are shown going somewhere…its just like the mahakumbh mela.

Meethi wants to know who all are there in this family.
He starts with his uncle…Agar Mama. He is shown giving anjali to the sun. Akash describes him as someone who is very adept with the knowledge of stars and future.

Ok, now we see an incident where a guy approaches him & doesn’t believe in his words. But yes, Akash’s mama’s prediction is based on the gold bracelet that the other guy is wearing…he is eyeing it constantly. As the guy leaves from there, someone else appears (his son). He nods towards his son and then smiles slyly. The face of his son is not shown properly and he leaves after the other guy now.

The son now passes by that same guy and hits him with the knife (in a manner which no one gets to see amidst the crowd…unbelievable though). The guy falls on the ground and passes away. Passerby’s look at him and just wonder how it happened. While Nirbhay (Agar Mama’s son) flashes his knife and finally we get to see him.

Here, akash is telling Meethi what Nirbhay stands for….one who is not scared of anyone. He can give his life for mamaji and he is very clean at heart (we just saw that!)

Mamaji is wearing the bracelet now and smiles evilly. He applauds his son’s actions. Nirbhay replies that whatever you like, if I cant get you that, then what am I for? And someone who doesn’t respect your knowledge and insult you…would I just stand by and not do anything? Both smile.

Akash continues…..both of them are an ardent believer in God…they can never be wrong.
Meethi asks is he has any aunt as well…chachi, massi etc.? He replies…he does have 2 aunts (massi). They go by their names.

First one is shown…Pavitra (pure). She is looking around for the other aunt. The second aunt is a completely angry lady…as a kids’ doll hits her and falls on the ground. She tears the head of the doll away and looks the kids…who run away scared.

Pavitra asks if she will not take holy dip in the water.
She reminds her that only their jiji bathes in the mahakumbh mela.

Meethi asks about Daima.
Akash says…Daima…is just like Ganga river….holy, pure and as deep as the river…very clean hearted.

Daima or Maiyya is shown walking towards the river with things to immerse in the holy water. She does puja and immerses the flower and diya in the river and prays to God.
Every time I ask you for the same blessing….the loneliness of my forehead…I want to fulfil my revenge. Its been so long that I am living the life of a widow…its time now…please bless me.

Only her eyes and forehead with a big teeka is shown. She spots a girl standing next her doing puja. That is married and has her head smeared with vermilion. As she sees it, her eyes turn to stone. The girl notices her looking at her and shares that she has come to take God’s blessing that she remains with her husband for the next 100 years to come. She says…Maiyya bless me that my husband and I stay together forever. She bends her head to take her blessing. Maiyya initially smiles & puts her hand on her head but then forces the girl deep inside the water. The girl is now waving her hands desperately (& NO ONE NOTICES)….all members of the family come there now and see it.

The girl comes out of the water now and struggles to breathe. She looks around but doesn’t find anyone now (Maiyya or anyone) & is super scared.

Maiyya comes to her family member now and tells them that she cant stand vermilion. Akash tells Meethi that he calls his Daima, Maiyya (lovingly).

Maiyya asks her brother if he got any news. He replies that everything is going great. Our son si coming with the girl….the goat is ready to be butchered.
She smiles now…jai ho ganga maiyya ki…and repeats the same line.

Here Meethi says to Akash that she will win over his Maiyya’s love soon as she is so sweet. Akash smiles….undoubtedly, we are going to the right place. I will be so happy to see both you and Maiyya together. He stops the car at a dhaba & says that he is hungry. She complies and both recall how they had gone to a dhaba when they had met for the first time. They order the same food & Meethi realises that there must be a charging point here. She goes to get the mobile and charger from the car. As she comes back, she doesn’t find Akash and the guy whom they had given the order to. She looks around but doesn’t find either of them.

Jogi is trying Meethi’s number. Everyone is sitting there….Kanha walks in and asks what they are upto. Damini and Jogi are worried as neither Vishnu nor Meethi’s phone is available. Divya and Kanha assure them that they might not want to be disturebed…maybe thats why they have kept their phones unavailable.

Nani rues Ram hi Rakhey, here everyone is worried about that Meethi only. Nothing else gains importance here, Kanha assures them that Vishnu loves Meethi….give them some special time they’ll definitely call. Nani is again sad that no one is thinking about Mukku. Suabhi sees them all happy and says….no one here will get to hear Meethi’s voice again. You all will crave and cry for Meethi…you all…Ammo nani…Maiyya.

Meethi asks some random guy about Vishnu, he replies in negative.
Akash is giving money to the same guy. For disconnecting the light of the complete dhaba…till they are here…all phones, landline everything. He hands over all the money and the guy nods that his work will be done and goes to his junior asking him to disconnect the fuse and phone lines.

Akash appears behind Meethi. She angrily asks him where he was. I have told you so many times…not to leave me alone like this. He tells that he had gone to wash his hands. He smiles but Meethi is still a little bit angry and asks him to come with her to put the phone on charging.

The dhaba guy disconnects the fuse and as soon as Meethi reaches up to him he tells her that light has been cut…and as it is a village, they don’t know when and if the light will come back or not. She asks for landline. He replies that they use mobiles only, not landlines. Akash pitches in for her saying what if it is an emergency. The guy replies that they use mobile only. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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