12th December Thursday Update on Young Love


12th December Thursday Update on Young Love

Jagya writing the guest list for Gehna’s marriage. Ganga asks him to write badi kaki’s name. Jagya says we can just hope everyone understands Dadisaa’s move. Nandu gives his list. Jagya says it is big. Nandu says I wants to make everyone know that my mum is getting married. Jagya asks did you tell your friends. Nandu says yes. Dadisaa says we will make arrangements for Nandu’s marriage as well. Nandu refuses to marry citing he doesn’t like to talk to girls. Everyone smiles. Nandu goes to play. Dadisaa smiles.

Anoop talks to the clients. They say we heard a lot about you. Everyone is talking about you. The client praises Anoop. Anoop gets happy. Shiv comes. Anoop introduces them to Shiv. He introduces Shiv as his son and collector of Udaipur. Client gets happy and says we will get licence and everything if your son approves. Anoop says I didn’t need his help till now. Lets see. Shiv excuses himself. They seal the deal. Anoop says ok. Anandi serves them tea and goes inside. She comes to Shiv and sees him tensed.

She asks why you are sad. She talks about the clients and asks him not to take their words on heart. Shiv says I doesn’t understand why chote papa wants to work with Mr. Maheshwari. Chote Papa is trusting such people unneccessarily. He feels that we are making him feel down. He doesn’t want to understand anything. Don’t know what to do. Anandi looks tensed too.

Jagya is in the hospital, Ganga comes and asks him to come home for Gehna’s marriage preparations. Jagya says I am making guest list. He says I wants everyone should come to the marriage. I wants them to be aware of widow marriage. Ganga suggests him to invite Sona as well. Jagya says ok. He asks her to help him.

A woman in the NGO calls Anoop and says I am doing as you said. Anoop asks her to get sales details of NGO. The woman sees Anandi coming and disconnects the call. The woman greets her. Anandi tells her that she is going to Jaitsar for 2 days. Anoop calls again, but the woman disconnects the call saying it is her mum in law’s phone call. Anandi tells I will talk to her. The woman refuses. Anoop calls again and scolds the woman. She tells him that Anandi came and that’s why she disconnected the call. She says I will do the work and then will call you. Anoop says ok and disconnects the call. He turns and sees Daddu. Daddu looks shocked. Daddu gives him couriers. Anoop thinks thank God Papaji didn’t hear anything.

Daddu is reading a book’ once upon a star’. Shiv comes and says interesting book. Anoop says I will bring water and goes in. Shiv gives his salary cheque. Daddu asks him to deposit in the bank. Anoop looks surprised and gives him water. Shiv drinks it and goes to freshen up. Anoop asks Daddu, do Shiv gives you monthly salary. Daddu tells him that he takes 25000 Rs. from Alok and Shiv for monthly expenses. Anoop immediately signs 40000 Rs. cheque and offers it to Daddu. Daddu asks did I ask you? Anoop says I shall also give you money. Daddu refuses, but Anoop insists. Daddu takes the cheque. Subhadra sees that and gets thinking.

Dadisaa tells her friend that she doesn’t understand English language. Her friend says English is a funny language. Dadisaa says it is strange language. Teacher comes and says I checked answer papers of the test. She calls the student’s name for giving the results. Dadisaa prays for herself. Dadisaa’s friend Kajal gets the highest marks. Teacher calls Dadisaa’s name and gives her result saying you got only 10 marks out of 50. You have to work hard on your english. Dadisaa gets tensed. Teacher asks them to get the signature done of parents/guardian on the answer sheet. Dadisaa thinks how to hide her marks from Jagya. She feels insulted. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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