11th October Friday Update on True Love


11th October Friday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Rathore telling Mukta that those people (the Bundelas) won’t even let her (Icha) breathe.
I was there to gain her entry in the ICU, who will be there for her in the house?
Veer has been married again, to someone unknown and innocent. We cannot do injustice to her, it’s not her fault.
As far as I know Ichaji, she won’t let that injustice happen to that woman… that’s why she has compromised with the situation.
If in that house there’s even ONE person who can stand beside her and fight for her rights, then I will go myself and get her rights back! I promise. But there’s no one there.
Mukta says, but Papa there must be a way, a solution.
Rathore says, I want the same think you want… but there’s no solution. No one has the solution.
Mukta says, what you’re saying is the truth. I understand that everyone hates Icha Maa in that family, and there’s no place in Veer Uncle’s memories for Icha Maa. For 18 years, she has been away from her husband. Now she would want to be with her husband, won’t she?

Icha in her room telling Damini, my heart also wanted to be with Veer. But when I think of that, all I get is questions in my heart.
She looks at the scar on her hand and remembers getting her ‘fate’ tattooed on her hand.
She says, even today it feels like I’m searching for my fate.

Mukta says, fate has played a game, we can say that. But what do we do with such fate? Her whole life she hid her identity from her husband and kids… looked for her happiness in others’ happiness.
Don’t you want her to smile for a few seconds? She gets life’s little happiness? Look at me Papa… don’t you really want her to fight with this kind of fate and get her happiness back.

Damini tells Icha, you have all the right on the happiness that a wife gets from her husband.
Icha says, rights. Tell me the truth Ammo. I’m your daughter, don’t try to console me… just tell me the truth. Do you think I will get Veer’s companionship and love in this lifetime? Damini just cries.

Mukta says, otherwise Icha Maa will have to stay as Teacherji in Veer Uncle’s life. Think about it, Papa. If my mother comes and stands in front of you today, how would you feel Papa?
Rathore stands up and says, the puzzle of life has always confused us. But this puzzle never solves. I am still looking for the answers to these questions. He kisses Mukta’s forehead, tells her to look after herself and leaves.
Mukta says to herself, people don’t get answers to all their questions in life… but I will get the answer to all questions in Icha Maa’s life. I won’t admit my defeat in front of fate. Never!
Mukta comes inside and sees Nani looking out the window and wondering where Mukta and Rathore went?
Mukta taps her on the shoulder and Nani jolts. She says, I was just looking out to see it’s been a while since you were talking to your Papa… I was a bit worried.
Mukta says, no need for you to be worried. I didn’t tell Papa anything. Not about you, not about Tej Singh. Nani is relieved.
Mukta goes away.

Vishnu checking the food in the temple about to the served to the people when he sees Meethi serving them something. He gets surprised and goes to her and starts serving with her. Meethi looks up and asks him not to stare at her and serve the food.
Vishnu says something (I missed it because of the bad video quality) and Meethi says, I will talk to you when I feel like and won’t talk to you when I don’t feel like.
They both serve food together.
Meethi’s washing her hands when he comes up and says I can’t believe you’re the same Meethi.
She says what’s your problem whether I’m the same Meethi or not? Go out of my way, I have to go to the college.

Yuvraj walking on the road and thinking of Mai’s and Veer’s words. That he will get 7-10 year jail. Then Veer saying he won’t save his own son. Then Mukta not forgiving him just because he’s scared of the punishment. He gets a call from his friend and he refuses to come to a party. He’s about to sit in the car when someone puts a sack on his head.
He finds himself hanging upside down in a factory like place and yelling who is it? Help me… get me down.
Rathore comes in and stands in front of him.
Yuvraj is shocked to see him and has a flashback of his altercation with Rathore in the casino.
He says, you? What do you want from me? Why am I hanging upside down like this?
Rathore slaps him.
He says, why are you hitting me? What have I done.
Rathore slaps again and says, I haven’t started hitting yet. I am just trying to make you undersatnd with love.
Misbehaving with a girl is a very bad thing.
Yuvraj says which girl?
Rathore says, her name name is Mukta Rathore.
My name, Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore.
She is my daughter. Yuvraj is shocked.
What did you think? She’s helpless? You would dare touch her and get away with it?
Was it this hand that touched her? He twists Yuvi’s arm around.
Yuvi says I have apologized to her.
Rathore says, no one wants your useless apology. It’s because of people like you that girls have to stay scared in the society.
You’re a man?? Should I show you my manhood.
For an animal like you, I don’t put a leash on the neck, I cut the whole neck away.
Your punishment is not this (the beating) but this – and he takes a gun out.
Yuvi is shocked.
Rathore fires the gun on the side and throws the gun down.
Rathore says, as much as I hate you, I respect her more, and you’re Ichaji’s son.
Yuvraj says, how do you know? Oh, now I understand. She sent you right?? WOW, it’s better not to have a mother, than have a mother like her. I hate her… did you hear me, I hate her.
Rathore says, if you say just ONE WORD against her… if you hate me, live your whole life remembering this day… remember that I’m leaving you alive today because you’re her son. Go, live with it.
Rathore starts leaving, Yuvi yells for help… Rathore fires a shot on the rope that’s hanging him and Yuvi falls down on the floor. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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