14th October Monday Update on Young Love


14th October Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Dadisaa telling that Ganga would be fasting for Teej. Gauri says, she has decided to keep the fast. Jagya says, your health is not good. You needs an energy, you can’t be hungry. Gauri says, since we got married, Maa asked me to keep the fast for every year. Jagya asks, did you keep fast for these years. He asks her not to keep the fast in this condition.

At Anandi’s house, everyone eat the sargi to keep the fast. Daddu tells them to eat the food. Alok and Anoop say that they can’t eat early morning and ask Shiv to support them. Shiv says, he likes Hardik’s idea. Alok calls him betrayer. Ira asks Daddu to leave Alok and Anoop. Daddu refuses. Subhadra tells Daddu that she agree with Alok and Anoop. He asks Hardik, why he is applying american customs. Daddu asks her to keep the fast for her husband. Subhadra says, she can’t keep the fast. Everyone have the food happily.

Saachi shows the lehenga to Suman and says it will look good on Teej celebration. Suman asks her to wear it and also gives her jewellery. She says, it is gift from my side. She gives her ancestral jewellery also. Saachi thanks her. Suman apologizes to Saachi and says she wants to love and cares for her like her family do. She hugs Saachi.

Hardik tells Daddu that he will have fun. Daddu catches Alok and Anoop trying to have food. He tells them that he is very disappointed with them. He scolds them. Daddu asks Hardik to give the pakodas to the security guard. Alok and Anoop say sorry.

Anandi gets ready. Shiv comes home and brings gift for her. Rajastani music plays………….Anandi asks him to make her wear the chain. Shiv compliments her beauty. She hugs him. Shiv reminds her that he kept the fast for her.

Gauri comes out of her room and tells Jagya to come inside her room. Jagya says he has some work and will meet her later. Gauri requests him saying she wants to see Ganga performing the rituals. Jagya thinks how will Ganga do the puja. He tells her that stairs are much and it will exert her condition. He asks her not to trouble her.

Subhadra tells everyone about the rituals. They perform the rituals. Jagya and Ganga perform the rituals. Gehna remembers her husband and gets sad. Gauri reminiscences the time spent with Jagya and thinks do you love me even now. Jagya breaks Ganga’s fast. Gehna gets emotional. Shiv breaks Anandi’s fast. Gauri thinks destiny brought them together. Dadisaa takes Nandu with her. Ganga and Jagya look at the sky.

At Anandi’s house, everyone waits for moon to appear eagerly. Hardik praises India and Gulli. Moon appears. Anandi tells Anoop that moon have appeared. They get happy. All the wives do their respective husband’s pooja and breaks the fast. Daddu misses his wife and tells that he really misses her.

Gauri walks on the stairs and thinks to see Ganga doing the puja. Ganga is doing the Puja. Gauri peeps at them. Gehna sees her and gets shocked. She calls her name. Ganga and Jagya get alert. Jagya asks Gauri to go to her room. Gehna says, she will drop her to her room. Ganga does the aarti and puja. Jagya hugs her.

Shekhar’s laugh. Shiv jokes on Alok and Anoop’s hunger. They give laddo to Daddu. Daddu eats it and gets happy. They eat the food.

Jagya tries to feed food to Ganga. Ganga looks tensed and worries about Gauri. Dadisaa asks her not to worry and goes to her room. Ganga eats the food with his hand. Gauri is sad in her room. Dadisaa brings Sattu for her. She says, she didn’t keep the fast. Dadisaa says, I brought it for you. Gauri dreams of breaking the fast in the house. Dadisaa prays for Jagya and Ganga’s happiness. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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