12 Nov Monday Update on This is Love

Monday Update on This is Love

12 Nov

Ishita asking the nurse about Suman. Nurse says I have seen her. Ishita asks did she come here before, how did she look. She shows Niddhi’s picture. Nurse says I can’t see, her face had swelling and her head was covered by dupatta. The man talks to Romi about the new project. He asks Romi who is heading the project. Ruhi says Adi. Adi says no, I m seeing other project. Romi says I will head this project and ends the meeting. Adi leaves. Ruhi says what’s happening, I think something is wrong. Romi asks her to stop thinking, and focus on work. Romi goes to Raman and says you are in office, you should have met the company owner.

Raman says you all managed it well, I got pub CCTV footage, I don’t know who has taken Gulabo’s look and did this, Ishita asked
me not to interfere, you follow Ishita and find out. Romi says I will find out, don’t worry. Ishita says did Niddhi come here to get treatment done, it means Niddhi did not wish to get checkup done by me, how is this possible, did she do death drama, I have to find out.

She calls jailer and asks about Niddhi. Jailer says she died in police van bomb attack, we got her dead body. Ishita says maybe she survived in the attack, I have some proof by which I m saying this, a patient Suman came here to my clinic, her dental records matched with Niddhi, you know two dental records can’t match. I think Niddhi is still alive. Jailer says I think its misunderstanding, you do your work and let us do our work. Ishita says they don’t want to work. I m giving big proof. I have to find out.

Neelu asks Pihu to take rest. Pihu says I m getting bored. Pihu posts pictures on photogram and gets friend request from Gulabo. She reads about Gulabo’s account details and thinks Raman made fake account. Romi calls Raman and says Ishita went from clinic. Raman asks him to find out. Inspector says we have no picture of Gulabo, she can be woman or man. He gives a picture and asks the man to find out this woman. They see Raman’s Gulabo picture and thinks which kid is her next target.

Pihu says I will tell Papa to post his Gulabo picture on photogram. Ruhi talks to Raman about the business problem, and suggests to stop employee’s incentives to cover the loss. Manager says it will be wrong to stop their incentives. Ruhi assures they will give incentives and also bonus. Adi says they can get offended and leave the company. Ruhi says I m saying for company’s good, good employees are those who stand by company in crisis.

Ruhi says I really think this will be right. Raman says I think Ruhi is right. Adi says its fine, discussion is over now. Adi and manager leave. Ruhi says I said all this for company, do you think my suggestion was not right. Raman says its fine, I will manage. He gets Romi’s call.

Manager says its family matter now, Raman took wrong decision, I m surprised he agreed to Ruhi, she has no experience. Adi says Ruhi has sharp mind and has good ideas. Manager says I don’t agree, I think Raman is giving her importance, anyone can do mistake, if staff knows their incentive is stopped, they can go on strike. Adi says I think I have to talk to Raman.

Ishita shows reports to jailer. Jailer asks will Niddhi fake her own death, how can you be sure of these reports, its some misunderstanding. Ishita says reports are from my clinic, Niddhi is a clever criminal, she can do this, can you give me any of her belongings. Jailer says we have nothing, her belongings were with her, and everything burnt in the accident. Ishita thinks how to find out if Niddhi is alive. She says you would have done her post mortem, can you give that report. Jailer says yes, get court permission and take the reports, now leave. Ishita thinks I will meet lawyer, Niddhi is big threat for family, I can’t take risk.

Raman asks where did Ishita go. Romi says don’t know, I will find out. Raman tells Ruhi’s idea. Romi says don’t you think there is risk. Raman says we have to take risk to run business, I see myself in Ruhi, I was also passionate, dedicated when I started business. Adi hears them. Adi says Raman is confident about Ruhi’s decision, I don’t think he will hear me. He tells manager that I can’t handle this now, you handle it. Manager asks does your decision does not have any importance, the increment papers need Ruhi’s sign instead yours. Adi looks on.

Shagun calls Ishita. Shagun says Mani made food for me, I think he is finally accepting me. Ishita thinks Shagun is so happy, I have to save everyone from Niddhi. She asks sorry, what were you saying. Shagun says you are hiding something from me, tell me. Ishita says I feel Niddhi is alive. Shagun asks who told you. Ishita tells about Suman’s dental records matching Niddhi’s records, jailer is not listening to me, I have strong feeling that Niddhi is alive. Shagun asks is Niddhi alive… Niddhi hears this and drops the plate. Shagun asks Niddhi are you listening my conversation, how do you come without knocking. Mani asks what happened. Shagun says she was hearing my conversation with Ishita, I don’t like oversmart people, its uncomfortable, she should be in office, why is she here. Niddhi says I came to take file. Shagun asks where is file, its my bedroom, not Mani’s office. She asks Mani what is your secretary doing here. Mani says relax, I will manage. Niddhi says sorry. Mani asks Niddhi to go. Shagun says sorry, maybe I overreacted. He says please relax, have water, I will talk to her. He goes. Shagun says Ishita will also be tensed, Niddhi is alive…. READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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