12 Nov Monday Update on True Love

Monday Update on True Love

12 Nov

All are at the table discussing who could’ve wanted to kill Satya. Kasa asks if he should file a report, but Veer says he’ll talk to the mechanic first. Satya lightens the moment and gets Mai to smile, and Mai hugs both Veer and Satya. Satya seems to give a meaningful look while hugging Mai. He offers to make dinner that night. At the Thakur house, Damini lets Rohini take Jogi’s food up for him so that Pushkar-Rohini don’t get a chance to taunt her.

Damini comes to the Bundela house to visit Ichcha-Veer and Veer introduces her to Satya. Nani-Taps watch this from the side. As Veer and Satya turn to leave, Taps cries out in pain and says that the child has kicked her. Veer goes towards her and Taps pulls his hand down to touch her stomach. When Ichcha says something to Taps, Veer recoils at once. Taps-Nani decide to go inside, and Taps holds Veer’s hand to get up. Damini is worried seeing all this and realizes that Taps has not changed.

Later in Ichcha’s room, Damini tells Ichcha a story of a snake. The snake always bit people for no reason. One day, when a guruji crossed its path, it bit the guruji. The guruji explained to the snake that people get hurt when the snake bites them. It told the snake to not take advantage of what God has given it. From then on, the snake never bit anyone, but people started throwing things and hurting the snake. The guruji again crossed the snake’s path and was surprised finding it hurt and bruised. The snake explained how it took the guruji’s advice. The guruji told the snake that he only told the snake not to bite people unnecessarily, but not to stop biting altogether or else the world will take advantage of it. Ichcha gets up and asks if Damini wants to tell her something else. Damini tells her to stop blindly loving Taps, and learn to defend herself if Taps tries to take over her life

Rohini giving breakfast and other things to Jogi before he leaves for office when Jogi asks Rohini about Damini on which Rohini tells Jogi that Damini had gone to meet Ichha ;Hearing this Jogi’s expression suggests that he is not too pleased with Rohini giving her everything ;Jogi then goes to the office when Pushkar and Rohini discuss about mayb Jogi has fallen for Damini which is not good for us since Damini can now kick us out of the house and so we need to do something before its too late ….READ NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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