12th August Monday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with the villagers and the goons talking about Anandi and Jagya’s relation. They say we don’t want this. Anandi says, I will give reply to this question. Anandi says, whatever happened with me, I never held Jagya responsible for that because he was not at fault. She says, mistake was done by our elders. It was mistake of our custom of child marriage. She says, a child gets married at a younger age and are compelled to live with the other. She tells that they have compatibility issues. She says, Jagya did some mistakes, but he rectifies his mistakes. She says, he married Ganga and gave her a good life and adopted her son. Villagers claps for him.

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Phulli gives speech about Het Singh son trying to rape her. She asks them to decide who is dangerous for the village. Goons start distributing stones among them. Ganga comes and watches this. She tries to stop them.

Ganga comes running calling Anandi and Jagya’s name. Goons attack Anandi and Jagya. Jagya and Anandi sit down to hide themselves. Ganga comes there. Goons ask the villagers to vote for Het Singh. Meenu comes to Buaji and gives her milk. Buaji looks at her. Meenu asks, what happened? Buaji asks her to wear ghunghat on head. Meenu says, Daddu don’t believe in that custom. Buaji makes her wear the ghunghat/veil.

Ganga does Jagya’s band aid after coming home. Basant gets angry and asks Makhan to get the car so that they can deal with Het Singh. Bhairov says, they don’t have proofs. Basant says, Ganga have seen with her own eyes. Jagya asks Basant to calm down. Anandi says, Het Singh is scared of his loss and that’s why he is doing all this. Dadisaa asks him to deal with Het Singh by giving vote.

Phulli is walking on the road. Het Singh’s son comes on his bike and offers to drop her home. She refuses. Het Singh’s son says, you are my wife. He says, we will make my Bapu win and you will become a queen. She says, you are like a dog who have a twisted tail. He tries to hurt her. The riders comes on the bike. Het Singh’s son leaves.

Amol calls Anandi and tells her about taking part in the drawing competition. Anandi asks him to work hard. Shiv talks to her and asks about campaign. Anandi says, so much had happened and tells everything. Shiv says, I will talk to DSP. Anandi says, Bapusaa talked to the police about security. Shiv says, I wish I would have been there. Anandi says, I know you have to take care of office. Buaji tries to change the home customs and asks Meenu to get brass plates for everyone. Daddu asks her to get it. Buaji asks Shiv about anandi. Shiv says, she will come after doing campaigning. Buaji asks, what is Jagya’s age and refers him as Anandi’s brother. Daddu changes the topic. Meenu gets the brass plates.

Jagya and Anandi are sitting in the garden. Anandi says, I can sit for hours looking at the moon. Jagya thanks her and says you came to help me once again. Anandi says, Shiv encouraged me to come. Jagya says, I am happy that you got Shiv as a husband. Anandi says, I am happy that you got Ganga as a wife. Jagya says, Ganga gives respects to everyone. He praises her. Ganga comes and hears it. Jagya says, these stars will also be here, but humans have changed. Anandi says, this change is good for both of us. We both are happy in our lives. Jagya says, I got a new motive to live because of you. I would have been wandering till now. He says, you and Ganga gave a new meaning to my life. He thanks her. Anandi smiles. Ganga feels bad.

Subhadra Buaji praying infront of Tulsi plant. Meenu comes and offers her tea. Subhadra is still praying in the inhouse mandir. She asks, when did everyone wake up here? Meenu tells her that Daddu and Anandi wake up early and the remaining members wake up at 8:30 pm. Subhadra asks, when they do the breakfast then? Meenu excuses herself.
Jagya and Anandi are ready to go for campaigning. Sumitra asks Ganga and Anandi to have breakfast first. Bhairov says, people might be waiting for the election day to vote for Jagya. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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