9th August Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Het Singh saying he won’t bear any third person between him and politics. Jagya asks him to accept that he is scared of losing. Het Singh says, time will tell who is weak and loser. Het Singh asks him to rethink about entering the politics. Jagya asks him to leave else he will be thrown out by their servants. Het Singh leaves.

Shiv calls Anandi and says we will have dinner in the Dhaba. Anandi says, we will take Amol. Shiv is informed by his employee about the accident. Anandi asks him to go. Jagya’s family start the campaigning for Jagya. Ganga and Dadisaa appeal to the villagers to vote for the right candidate, Jagdish. Villagers assure that they will give their votes to Jagya.

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Shiv rushes to the hospital to see the accident victims. Doctor talks with Shiv and says they called the doctors from outside. Anandi calls Shiv. Shiv tells him about the injured people. Anandi asks him to take care. Shiv hears one woman shouting for her bag which has jewellery. Shiv asks someone to search for the bag.

Ganga tells Dadisaa that she is going to hospital. Dadisaa says, I will massage Jagya’s head. Inspector tells Shiv that everyone are safe. Shiv asks the nurse about the old lady. She says, she is unconscious. Inspector gets three bags. He starts searching in the bag. Shiv sees Daddu’s photo in the old woman bag. Shiv calls Daddu and tells about the woman who is having his photo with her. Daddu tells her that he is reaching there.

Het Singh is informed by his goons about Jagya campaigning to win the elections. Het Singh sees the Jagya’s poster and spills wine on it. He burns the poster. He determines to do something to stop Jagya.

Anandi, Daddu and Anoop rush to the hospital. Daddu sees the photo and gets emotional seeing it. The old woman thanks the nurse for returning her bag. Daddu comes to the lady. She recognizes him and gets up. She calls him bhaiyya. Daddu hugs her. She cries. Daddu asks him about her whereabouts. He says, I searched you everywhere. She says, I am still running. I thought to meet you, but didn’t have the guts.

Daddu introduces her as his sister and says she was lost. He introduces her to Shiv, Anandi and Anoop. Shiv says, we will get the discharge papers ready for bauji. She says, I don’t know what to say. Daddu says, I want to hear and tell you too. He asks her to come home.

Jagys is welcomed by the villagers at the Ram Leela land and they applaud him. Jagya gives the speech and says he is their same old Jagya. He requests them to come to his hospital whenever needed. He says, I will come to your house with full right. They applaud for him. Het Singh comes with his cheer workers. Het Singh says, we have to give Jaitsar a special place in the map. He says, Jaitsar will soon be popular. He says, this land is gold. Your lockers will be filled with money soon and for that you needs a good leader like me. He says, this doctor can’t do anything.

All the villagers clap for him. Jagya tells the villagers to do whatever they want. He says, I won’t stop you if you want to chose Het Singh and become him a millionaire. Jagya asks Het Singh to talk about the present. He says, we will never allow Jaitsar to become polluted with factories. Everyone clap for Jagya. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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