12th December Thursday Update on This is Love


12th December Thursday Update on This is Love

Ishita saying I have to meet Raman. Doctor and constable stop her. Shagun asks what’s the problem. Doctor says you are NGO madam, sorry we can’t allow anyone. Inspector says let her go and meet. Doctor says just one person is allowed inside. Ishita goes to Raman. He gets up and asks what happened. He sees the news and asks why did I point gun at minister, how did I get the gun. Ishita says don’t know, did you get the gun from home. He says no, I have my licensed gun at home, my head is spinning, call the doctor. She says relax, calm down.

Rohan switches off the tv and takes the phones from everyone. He says Aaliya, I will handle the calls, I don’t want their BP to get high by tension. Appa and Mihika agree with him. She goes out and sees reporters. Rohan

asks her to go in. He asks media to go. Mihika calls the watchman. Rohan scolds the reporters and says Raman isn’t a criminal, you are bothering us, let me call the cops. He asks watchman to make them out.
Doctor asks Raman how is he feeling. Raman says I m feeling anxious, I don’t remember anything after I reached office.

Inspector says your secretary said you had ordered a coffee and welcomed minister, did minister say anything to anger you. Raman says no, I don’t remember anything. Inspector asks him to recall. Doctor says just let him relax. She asks Raman to sleep and not think of anything. Inspector says strange, he doesn’t remember anything. Doctor says maybe he is given drugs, so he got violent and forget everything, the drug is given to him unwillingly. Ishita asks when could this happen, I had served him the breakfast.

Inspector says maybe he has eaten something at office. Doctor says don’t worry, he is stable, we have sent the blood sample for tests. Shagun says Simmi and Parmeet have done this with Raman before. Karan says I hope Rohan doesn’t get framed in this, I love him. Sudha says there won’t be anything in reports, I also love my son a lot, I will never bear that girl, just Rohan will come home.

Ranbir says we have seen Raman’s love for Ishita, even then he has pointed gun at her. Yug says I should go to Ishita. Vishal says I m warning you, no one shall go. Inspector asks did you see reports. Ishita says yes, there are no drug traces, this happened with Raman before, our family member gave such drugs to Raman before. He says that’s a bad news for us, how can we explain his deed, we have to arrest him, we have no proof to help him. She says I know who did this, you know about Parmeet. He says yes, but Raman has pointed gun at health minister, try to understand, we can’t blame anyone. She says I doubt Parmeet and Sudha, I will find out how did this happen. Vishal gets snacks and tea. Yug says I got commission credited in my account, since I have sold many SIM cards, this happened because of Ishita.

Vishal and Ranbir ask him not to meet Ishita, they are rich people, their one step can ruin our lives. Yug says I will look selfish if I don’t thank her. Raman asks is Sudha with Parmeet again. Ishita says no, he is still in jail, how was the drugs given to you. He says I had food at home and ordered coffee at office. She says Shweta told me that you didn’t drink coffee. Inspector comes to arrest him. Ishita says he was drugged. Inspector says when we have proof in his favor, you can get him released, but I have to arrest him now. Raman goes with him. Ruhi asks him to be strong. Inspector says we shall leave now.

Reporters come to ask Raman about his crime. Ishita asks Doctor is there any back door exit. Doctor says sure, this way. She asks Shagun and Ruhi to take Shweta’s help and find out what did Raman eat, I will go home with Bala. Rohan asks everyone to have food, he is scared of Ishita’s scolding. Aaliya says he is right. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Ishita. Rohan says no news is good news, I m sure everything is fine. Sudha and Karan come. Sudha says I got food for you all. Rohan says I don’t need your fake sympathy, I m here to take care of them. Sudha plays tv. They see the news of Raman’s arrest. They get shocked.

Sudha and Rohan arguing. Aaliya holds Rohan’s hand and says let it be. Sudha looks on and goes. She says my plan was that Ishita will kick out Rohan, Bhallas will be out of his life, Ishita is smart, why didn’t she realize that Rohan fed sweets to Raman. Ishita asks how did someone spike food. Yug calls her and asks is everything fine. She says we will handle the complications. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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