12th July Friday Update on This Is Love

Adi saying till we reached there, Ishita was shot and Raman was in bad state. Amma says Raman shot her. Appa stops her. Adi says its not proved yet, inspector can investigate. Simmi says Ishita will be dead and then Raman will be arrested. Parmeet says how did police leave Raman. She says trust me. She hears the inspector and says Ishita should be alive to give statement, I don’t think she will survive. Nurse says Ishita got conscious. Inspector says we have to question her. Doctor says she had a major surgery, don’t gather here, I request you all to stay calm, let her rest now. Simmi says she got saved again, if Ishita has seen me shooting her, police is very clever, I don’t want to go jail. Parmeet asks how did you think Ishita will die easily, you didn’t tell

me the plan, if Ishita has seen you and says anything against you, we will go jail. She says before she says anything against me, we will run away. He says I m not involved in this plan, I will stay here, if we run together, their doubt will get definite. She says fine, make sure she doesn’t say anything, I don’t want to get trapped. Appa asks who will stay with Ishu. Mihika says I will stay. Shagun says go home, I will stay, Mani is not in town, I will manage here. Amma says call us when Ishita gets conscious. Parmeet says I will stay here, go with them. Simmi goes with family.
At home, Mrs. Bhalla says I will go and see Raman, he is blaming himself. Aaliya says I will see Pihu. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman isn’t in his room, where did he go. Romi calls Raman.

They find the phone ringing. Adi calls Shagun and asks did Raman come there. Shagun says no, is everything fine. He says yes, I will call later, don’t say anything to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla cries. Mani says Raman you here. Raman says Shagun isn’t opening the door. Mani says maybe she went to her friend, I just came to town, come in. Adi says did Papa go to police station to surrender himself, its not right to call inspector, I will go and see. Mrs. Bhalla prays for Raman. Mani asks what, what has happened. Raman says admit me in asylum, my family shouldn’t know this, I m a threat to them, I wanted to surrender to police but my family will free me on medical ground. Mani asks how can I hide from your family, relax, we will talk tomorrow, I will go hospital and come. Raman says no, don’t say this to Shagun, I will wait till dawn, please send me to asylum, my state is bad, nobody should know it. Mani thinks Raman’s condition is getting worse.

Its morning, Adi says Raman isn’t at home, guard said he left in a cab. Aaliya says we shouldn’t tell anything to Ishita. Romi says we won’t talk about Raman in front of police. Amma asks how is Ishu. Doctor says you all can meet her now, she is out of danger now. Everyone smiles seeing Ishita. Inspector says we got this gun there, identify it. She asks where is Raman, call him. He says he is not here, you can meet him later, identity the gun. She says I will identify, but where is it, switch on the lights, how shall I see. Doctor asks what. Ishita asks why is it so dark here. Doctor says but light is on, everyone is here. She asks who. Amma and Appa say we are here. Ishita says switch on lights, is this a joke, am I dreaming, whats happening, switch on the lights, I m not able to see anything. They all get shocked.

Parmeet thinks its amazing, did she really get blind, once doctor clears this, I will give good news to Simmi. Ishita cries. Amma says check my daughter, can you see me. Ishita says I can hear and feel you Amma, I can’t see you, doctor why aren’t you doing anything. Doctor says calm down, close eyes and reopen slowly, eyes take time to function after surgery. She closes eyes and opens. She cries and says its dark over here. They all cry.

She says I can’t see anyone. Doctor says listen, calm down, I request you all to sit outside, I have to do her tests. He checks Ishita’s eyes. Adi worries for Raman. Shagun says you have to stay strong, what about Raman. Adi says he isn’t at home. Shagun asks what will we tell Ishita. Inspector says but where is he. Doctor says I m sorry, there is a bad news, Ishita has lost her eyesight. They get shocked.

He says stay strong, Ishita needs you all. Parmeet goes and calls. Simmi asks what do you mean, I have packed bags, tell me what did police say. He says no need to run, Ishita has become blind, you tried to kill her, now she can’t see anything. She says whatever happens is for good. She lights diya near Ananya’s pic and says I have taken revenge for your death, I m torturing Ishita. Ishita says this can’t happen, check again.

Family consoles her. Ishita screams and says I will be a burden on everyone. Doctor says we will need to do more tests and know about her optic nerve, stay positive. Ishita asks where is Raman, tell me, did police…. Adi says no. Ishita says tell me the truth. Adi says he is here, he is coming. Ishita asks how will I save Raman now, how will I identify the gun. Adi says police didn’t get Raman’s fingerprints on the gun. Inspector comes and says we also want to know where is Raman, its imp to take your statement, tell us why did you go there, did you meet someone there, who shot you, Raman was also present there. Doctor says don’t put pressure on her. Inspector asks did Raman shoot you. She says no, he didn’t, his gun had no bullets.

He says but he confessed that he shot you. She says he might be feeling so, he doesn’t know his gun had no bullets, he wasn’t feeling well. Romi says I told inspector about Raman’s health. Ishita says I have removed bullets from the gun and kept in a locker at home, I was afraid that someone may fall in danger. She recalls and says when his gun was empty, how could he shoot me. Inspector asks what, gun was empty. She says I can show you the bullets. He says we didn’t get fingerprints on that gun. Parmeet looks on. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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