15th July Monday Update on Young Love

Nandu coming early from School. Mannu shows him bat and ball. Nandu says, we will play later as it is hot outside. He says, we will play snake and ladder instead. Nandu gets emotional and cries. Gehna consoles him. Saachi shows Avanti’s baby pics to Anandi. Anandi says, I didn’t know that you likes babies. She says, you will be happy with your kids. Saachi says, have you come to convince me? Anandi says, don’t lose hope. You will get a good guy who is made for you. You will share your happiness and sadness with him. He is your life partner. Saachi says, Saurabh has broken my dreams. I can’t see any dreams. I want to involved in the NGO work. Anandi says, it is good but don’t ignore the life fact. She says, if Saurabh is there in the world then Shiv is also in the same world. She says, bad and good people are in the world.

She tries to convince her and asks her to think for her happiness. Saachi says, you were always right. She agrees for marriage. Anandi hugs her. Saachi says, I have a condition. Dadisaa calls the groom’s family for Kanchan’s alliance. Dadisaa says, lets the kids talk to each other. Groom’s parents hesitate, Dadisaa says we have to change with time. Anandi, Ira and Meenu walk down the stairs. Anandi asks them to have sweets. She tells daddu, Alok and Anoop that Saachi has agreed for marriage. Ira and Meenu are happy. Ira praises Anandi and make her eat the sweets.

Anandi says, Saachi wants you to inform the groom and his parents. Daddu says right. Alok promises. Vivek looks at his family photos and recalls his parents words. He gets restless. Saachi comes and says good morning. Vivek gets angry on her and asks, what do you need? Saachi is shocked. Avanti and her husband come there. Saachi says, they want to meet and thank him. I am sorry for disturbing you. Vivek says sorry to Saachi. Saachi says, I came to drop them and leaves.

Gehna tells her sister Kanchan to come downstairs if they are done talking. The boy asks about haveli and Gehna. He asks, do you want to ask me something? Kanchan says no. She says, girls understand with the behavior. He asks, what do you think of me? They come downstairs and agree for marriage. The alliance is fixed. Everyone gets happy. Sumitra congratulates Gehna’s mother. Dadisaa says, marriage will be simple. They say that they want the marriage to be grand. Later they agrees. The groom’s mom gives shagun to Kanchan. Dadisaa returns the money and keeps 1000 Rs in kanchan’s hand. Gehna’s parents give Shagun to the groom. they say we will take out the mahurat and will inform you. Gehna’s mom thanks Dadisaa. Dadisaa congrats her.

Saachi remembering Vivek’s rude words. She gets tensed. She gets Vivek’s call. Vivek thanks her for picking his call. He tells her that he was disturbed when she came to his office. He says sorry for his behavior. Saachi says, its ok. It happens sometimes. Vivek says, it means you forgave me. Saachi says yes. Vivek thanks her and disconnects the call. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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