12th November Tuesday Update on True Love


12th November Tuesday Update on True Love

Mukta observing Vishnu boxing.
She starts walking towards him to try and have a look at his scar .
She steps on a puddle of water and Vishnu realises someone’s behind him. He turns around and is surprised to see Mukta.
He picks up the towel and wraps it around his shoulders covering his arms halfway.
Mukta says Good Morning.
He says, what are you doing here so early in the morning?
Mukta says, actually I came to the temple. I thought I would meet you too.
He says, good… come on, I will make you a nice cup of tea.
He walks away.
Mukta thinks, now how can I see his scar? What should I do?
She stops him from going.
She says, continue your Tai Chi practice… I don’t want to disturb you. Jeeju, you’ve got a great body… you’re my Meethi’s bodyguard. There will be a lot of power in your punches. If I get one, I will die straight away.
He says, but why would I hit you?
Mukta says, because look at your biceps??
She tries to move the towel to look at his biceps and Vishnu acts as if he’s embarrassed.
Mukta says, show me, why are you feeling so shy?
Meethi comes and sees this… she calls “Vishnu”.
Mukta takes her hands away.
There’s an awkward moment but then Meethi smiles and walks towards them.
Vishnu says, both of you wanted to surprise me right…
Meethi says, I came here to surprise you, but after coming here, I got surprised myself. We didn’t come together.
Mukta says, if I knew you were coming here, we could have come together.
Meethi says, I told you last night.
Mukta says, I forgot!
Meethi gives a small gift to Vishnu.
He asks what is it? and opens it.
It’s a wristwatch. Vishnu likes it.
He says, thanks, but for what?
Meethi says, because you got promoted.
He says, there’s a treat from me for the promotion. I will give you a nice cup of tea.
Meethi agrees.
Mukta is lost in thoughts and Vishnu asks her to join them.
Mukta says, I don’t want to become ‘kabab mein haddi’. You guys go ahead. She says bye to both of them and leaves.
Meethi thinks, why did she come so early to meet Vishnu? And that too, without telling me?

Nani talking to Nonu’s mother on the phone. She says, there can be no one like your Nonu in this world. We are all discussing it, then we will call you. Nani puts the phone down and curses that Nonu.
She prays to God that Mukta gets a nice groom for her.
A banana peel falls near her sofa (from I don’t know where? lol).
Then someone says, ‘excuse me’?
Nani looks around and sees someone hidden behind a huge bouquet.
Nani gets up to have a closer look. She asks who is it?
He lowers the bouquet and it’s Tiku Talsania. He says, it’s me. I read the marriage ad.
Nani says, look at your age… the whiteness of your hair and you came here after reading the ad?
Tiku says, I did not come here for myself. I came for my grandson.
Nani smiles.

He tries to flirt with Nani.
He says, I came for my grandson but it looks like I will have to talk about myself too.
He asks when can our kids meet each other?
Nani asks what does he do?
Tiku thinks she’s asking about him. He says, retired… fought two wars, earned some medals.
Nani says, your grandson is retired?
Tiku says, no I was talking about myself… my grandson is doing a business.
Then he asks, what does she do?
Nani replies about Mukta, that she’s in college.
Tiku thinks she’s saying about herself lol
(Another time-wasting scene!)
He says, you must be doing Ph. D.
Nani says, I’m not in the college, my grand-daughter is.
He flirts with Nani again.
Nani says, call me later, and I will tell you when to meet?
Tiku gets excited.
Nani says, I mean about your grandson and my grand-daughter.
He shakes her hand and says my name is Raj Malhotra. And you?
Nani says, Sumitra.
Raj says, S for Sumitra, S for Simran. I will call you Simran only. Raj and Simran!
DDLJ theme song tune in the background.
He stars leaving, slips on the banana peel and Nani catches him.
He asks am I too heavy?
Nani says, you’re okay.
He leaves.

Mukta looking at a photo and remembering everything regarding Vishnu.
She circles the scar on that group photo (that Icha showed her of Vishnu’s childhood).
She says, it looks like this Vishnu is hiding something. He says one thing one day, and another thing later. How can someone forget his friend’s name and age. Is he Vishnu, or someone else?

Icha tells Damini/Jogi that I want to get Meethi married in a very simple ceremony. I don’t want to put a lot of pressure on Kanha.
Damini agrees.
Icha asks Jogi, you’re very quiet, what do you think?
Divya says, is Meethi only your daughter? I thought she was the daughter of this house and whatever we do for her marriage, we’ll do it together. I don’t agree with your decision.
Divya starts leaving.
Damini stops her and says, Ichki didn’t mean that… whatever you and Sahab want in the marriage, will happen.
Jogi says, Divya is right… Meethi is Jogi Thakur’s naatin. Her marriage will be very grand.
Nani comes from the entrance and looks distressed.
Divya asks what happened?
Nani says, such an old man… read the ad in the newspaper and came here, and he says, he’s fallen in love.
Divya says, who? Fallen in love with Mukta?
Nani says, no Divya, with me!
Everyone’s shocked.
Nani says, he’s Raj Malhotra. He thought of himself as Shah Rukh Khan. Nani goes away. Icha/Jogi/Damini are laughing. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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