12th November Tuesday Update on This is Love


12th November Tuesday Update on This is Love

Raman saying Simmi you have to control your temper, if I can do this, we can hear few words, where is everyone. Sudha comes and greets him. She thanks everyone for coming. She says I own 51 percent shares, but I want Raman to address the meeting, I m sure he has many good ideas for the new project. Raman says if you insist, fine. Raman talks to them. The man says you always have unique and profitable ideas, we hope to get much success. Raman says we also hope so. Sudha thanks Raman and goes. Raman says maybe she got sense seeing her sons, go home Simmi. Rohan and Karan work in kitchen and talk. Rohan says relax, mom will free us soon, then we will take revenge on them. Karan says I will forget my truth if I stay here for more days, leave the revenge. Simmi calls him and asks where is the hot water, keep it in bathroom. He asks how. Ruhi jokes on him and laughs. Simmi says keep one bucket in every bathroom. He goes. They laugh.

Appa comes and reminds Amma about kirtan. She says I will go tomorrow. He says you called your friends here. Amma says I forgot, I have to go now. Ruhi asks did your car get washed well, tell us if there is any complaint. They laugh. Appa checks the car and says they haven’t clean the car properly, I will clean it, I will teach them to do work well, stupid boys. Karan gets water for Mrs. Bhalla. She says its cold water. He says its lukewarm water. She says I want hot boiling water. He goes to get it. She heats the water. Karan gets another bucket. She says my hand got burnt. Simmi comes and asks what happened. Ishita comes to ask the same. Mrs. Bhalla says Karan got boiling water for me. Karan says I just brought it on her saying. Simmi says you dip the hand and check if its lukeward. He says she is lying. She dips his hand. He screams. She says if you show extra smartness or try to hurt my hand, I will burn your hand, go and apply ointment. Rohan comes and argues with Simmi. He takes Rohan.

Simmi says mum has become good actor, its normal water, he was just screaming, he can’t bear any pain, we have to teach them a lesson. Rohan applies ointment to Karan’s hand. He says I m missing mom, I hope she has made some plan to take revenge on Raman and Ishita. Appa drops Amma and goes to buy some grocery. He stops the car seeing some man hurting his wife. He asks the man to stop it. He scolds the man. He asks the people what were they going. He says come with me to doctor’s clinic. She says my husband beats me every day, I m an orphan, I had a love marriage, my husband lost his job and vents out frustration on me. He says why do men think this is right to beat women, I will drop you to nursing home. Simmi shouts on Rohan and Karan. Karan argues with her. Rohan says I will do all the work. Simmi says I have other work for you, go and make chutney. Karan asks where is the mixer. Simmi says have this traditional stone, it should be fine paste. Rohan says I have an idea, I will make the chutney. Simmi says let Karan make it. Karan says not a big deal, I will do it. Simmi looks on. Karan goes to wash face. Rohan does his work.

The lady thanks Appa for saving her life and helping. He says you are like my daughter, call me if you need help. Ishita comes to Raman and asks is everything fine. Raman says yes, Sudha is coming on track, don’t trouble yourself and me. Shweta asks did you check the mails. Raman says no. He checks mail and says its email of our ex-employee’s daughter. He shows it to Ishita. She says she has put allegation on you, she holds you responsible for her father’s death, a major accident happened, she didn’t get any help from company’s side, did this happen. He says I don’t know. She says its a serious allegation, check the records.

He says yes, we can actually check records. Sudha comes and says I can’t believe this, I don’t understand Raman, you have no idea about it. Ishita says you enjoy a lot when there is some problem. Sudha says you are his wife and will support him, someone has sent an email. He is blamed directly for it, its a serious thing. She explains them and says we can’t take this official matter lightly, I m sure the consequences will be bad, I don’t want the company to face any loss, if labor unions know this, they will seal the company, I will not allow that to happen, I hope Raman is really innocent. She goes. Ishita says this woman is a liar. He says the workers should not face a loss.

Ishita asking Shweta to get that workers’ name. Shweta checks the mails. Sudha unplugs the system and asks Shweta to get files to her cabin. She reminds that Shweta is her secretary. Ishita asks what’s wrong with you, hw can you do this. Sudha says we have many lawyers to handle legal matters, there is only one way to save Raman, we have to take legal route. Ishita says you have done this, why don’t you agree.

The men argue with Raman. Raman says its a false allegation, why should I apologize, what’s wrong, don’t you believe me. The man says you should apologize, people can do anything to earn profits. Raman says enough, I didn’t cheat anyone. Sudha shouts stop it, please maintain the decorum of the office, I want to handle this my way. She asks Ishita and Raman to leave. She asks the men to wait for her in conference room. She says you have troubled my sons, see what I do now. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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