12th November Tuesday Update on Young Love


12th November Tuesday Update on Young Love

Shiv coming to meet Palash. He happens to see the glimpse of the painting venus. Palash says, good to see you. Shiv invites him for lunch as he likes authentic Rajasthani food. Palash says, ok. Palash invites Shiv and his wife to Udaipur palace. Shiv says, I will bring her along with me. Anandi and Shiv are in the car and are going to the palace. She gets excited. Shiv says, he is very moody. He tells about Palash’s perception and says he is a nice man. Anandi smiles. They reach the palace. Anandi gets a call from her NGO. She tells Shiv that she have to check the things which is to be to send tomorrow. She asks Shiv to go inside.

Palash makes an entry to the party. All the guest stand and shake hands with him. Palash meets Mr. Deewan and other guests. Shiv enters. Palash tells him that he is happy to see him. Palash says, you always smile. he asks about Anandi. Shiv says, she will come back later. Palash says, your presence matters and tells about talking to Anandi on phone. Palash goes on the stage and gives speech. While Shiv and Palash are talking to each other, a girl comes and asks him to make her portrait. Palash tells her that he is flattered but just don’t like face. It doesn’t work for me. That girl gets shocked. Palash excuses. The girl thinks to make Palash paint her portrait.

Palash drinks wine and speaks to Shiv. Palash tells Shiv that everyone want to know about his painting Venus and asks you didn’t ask even once. He says, I feel that you understands my feelings. He says, Venus is my life. Venus is a beautiful lady inspired by his imagination. She is very close to his heart and soul and one day she will come near me. I share everything with her and she listens to me very carefully. Shiv gets Anandi’s call. She tells Shiv that she reached the party venue. Shiv says, he will come there in 5 mins. Palash tells that they will meet over lunch. Shiv leaves.

Shiv comes out, Palash comes to drop him. Anandi gets out of the car. The girl comes and asks Palash, don’t you think that I am hot. You enjoy man’s company. Palash answers her rudely and says you are disgusting piece of work. Shiv is shocked. The girl gets shocked. Palash goes inside. Shiv sits in the car and starts driving. He tells Anandi about Palash’s rude behavior. Anandi thinks he is right. Shiv tells her that Palash is coming to their house for dinner. Shiv says, that girl was beautiful. Anandi asks, did you feel bad about her. Shiv says, I felt bad. Anandi gets jealous. Shiv tells her that he have to go home as his beautiful wife is waiting for her.

Palash talks to his painting Venus and opens his mind. He talks about beauty which unites one soul with another. He tells that all the beautiful women will stop calling themselves beautiful if he shows her glimpse. Then they will become jealous and will try to separate me from you. If this happens then I won’t bear it. He gets over possessive and kisses the painting.

Shiv comes to the kitchen and sees a variety of dishes. He reminds Anandi that only one guest is coming. Anandi says, you didn’t tell us about his preference so we made so many dishes. Ira tells Shiv that these dishes are made by anandi alone. Shiv says, Palash will like everything. Meenu tells Shiv to go else Anandi won’t be concentrating on work. Alok comes and says did Palash know that I deal with handicraft business. Shiv says yes. Alok says, I will be happy to meet him and hopes Palash strikes a deal with him. Ira asks Alok to go from the kitchen. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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