12th October Monday Update on True Love


12th October Monday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Jogi and family sitting together. Jogi asks Damini why didn’t Icha come with us yesterday?
Damini says, Icha didn’t feel like going.
Kanha asks her where’s Meethi?
Damini says, she had to go to the mandir and then she had to meet her friend. She told me where she’s going, she’ll come back soon.
Divya says, Mukta also went early… don’t know what’s going on in these kids’ hearts.
Mukta comes down and Icha gives her sweets.
Jogi asks Mukta why she left early from there (the Raamlila, I suppose). He says you didn’t tell any one of us.
Mukta says, barey papa, today I understood the real meaning of Dussehra. I saw Icha Ma and her husband instead of Raam and Seeta. Then I felt like being alone for a little while, so I came early.
Jogi says, you’ve become so sensible. I’m proud of you.
Surbhi says, Nanu, can I say something?
Jogi says yes.
Surbhi says, now our Mukku has grown up, is become sensible… is ready to take some responsibility. So we should look for a nice boy and get her married off… what do you say?
Jogi and Divya laugh.
Surbhi says, I was waiting for Mukta/Meethi’s marriage so I can do lots of shopping and eat lots of sweets.
Damini says, hope to God Mukta gets a really good boy in her life. Kanha says, and being a big brother, until I approve of that boy, Mukta cannot marry him!
Nani and Mukta making faces and feeling weird.
Kanha says, Mukta or Meethi, the boy has to impress the big brother first.
Jogi says, you’re so right… did you hear that Mukta?
Divya says, we couldn’t do anything in Tapasya’s marriage… we will do everything we can in Mukta’s marriage.
Jogi says, we’re all talking but Mukta’s quiet. We should ask her what type of a boy she wants?
Mukta cries and says stop it, you guys. Don’t talk to me about my marriage, please.
Divya says, they’re just talking beta… they won’t send you out of this house this soon.
Icha says, when a girl grows up, this kind of joke happens in every house. Don’t be scared, it’s not easy to go away from your mother’s house.
But trust me, when you get married, we won’t let a single tear come in these big eyes of yours… that’s a promise.
Mukta cries and thinks, how can I tell all of you? I have already decided for that most beautiful moment of my life and that too with such a man. Nani thinks, Mukta beta, change your decision now.
Jogi says, it’s decided then, our Mukta is not marrying yet. Surbhi, you may have to wait a few years… you can choose your clothes and jewellery until then. Our Mukta will study now, complete her graduation and post-grad… earn some fame for herself.
Jogi wipes her tears away.

Tej waiting in the restaurant and Nani comes with Mukta. Tej feels happy. Nani doesn’t look too happy… neither does Mukta.
Tej touches Nani’s feet.
Nani says, today Mukta has called you to inform you of her decision. She asks Mukta to think before she answers, as it’s a matter of the entire life. Say yes or no.
Tej says, what’s there to think about. Just say yes and I’ll talk to a pandit.
Mukta’s quiet for a few seconds and Nani thinks, please say NO Mukta… Tej says, say yes Dream Girl.
Mukta says, Yes.
Tej is happy, Nani is shocked.
Mukta says, I agree to marry you… Tej Singh Bundela. He says, you made me happy. It’s my promise, I will treat you like a queen.
He wants to touch her hand but Mukta snatches them away.
He says, I wasn’t going to touch you, but taking your finger measurement for engagement ring.
Mukta says, no engagement… straight marriage, in 6 days’ time.
Tej says, whatever you say, will be done.
Mukta says, there will be no one in the marriage from my family. No one. Only the 3 of us will be there.
Tej says, anything else? Mukta says no and starts leaving.
Nani also gets up from the table.
Tej says, ‘aji suniye’, Mukta says, ‘boliye’ and Tej gives a sigh and says nothing, you can go.
Nani takes Mukta away.
Tej says, Mataji you gave me your word and my luck changed.

Nani/Mukta come back home. Icha asks Mukta where were you?
I was waiting for you. Nani goes away from there.
Icha asks why are you so sad Mukta?
Mukta says, I’m alright… something went into my eye and it’s burning.
Icha says, which eye? I can see both eyes are red… will you lie to your own mother? Tell me what happened.
Mukta says, you should have been in a crime branch. I’ll go up and change. Mukta leaves.
Icha says, there’s something Mukta is hiding… but what?

Tej talking to two phones buying clothes/jewellery etc.
He says I have to ask a pandit for muhoorat.
He stands up and Chanda comes in front of him. He says why do you come in front of me like that?
Chanda says, I have to keep an eye on you.
Tej says, what? Would I run away?
Chanda says, because according to Daddaji’s will you will have to get married in a few days’ time. I can see, you are preparing for the marriage, but you didn’t tell me anything.
Tej says, I will marry you only, but I have to prepare for the wedding in secret… you should go for an exercise or a run in the morning. The bridal dress I’ve ordered is for a slim waist.
Chanda says, Tej Singh, don’t try to deceive me. She leaves.
Tej says, she ruined my taste. She can’t even compare to my Dream Girl.

Mukta crying on her bed. Song playing in the background.
Nani goes to her room and looks very worried.
She has echoes of Mukta asking her to apologize to Icha if she wants to stay home. Then talking to Tapasya that your daughter insulted me and made me apologize to that servant’s daughter.
She thinks what am I doing?
The one I brought up with so much love and care, I’m handing her over to a butcher. I made a mistake… a huge mistake.
But I will correct my mistake…
She comes to Mukta’s room and sits next to her.
Mukta asks her to leave her alone for a little while.
Nani says I want to say…
Mukta says, that I’m going to get married in a few days?
Nani says, no, not that… I came to tell you not to marry Tej Singh.
Mukta says, Nani you told me that was the only way. Don’t think I am doing it because of you. I took this decision because of Icha Maa.
Nani says, don’t ruin your life because of Icha. You won’t marry him, that’s it.
Rathore comes to the doorway and says, who’s Mukta marrying?



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