12th October Monday Update on This is Love


12th October Monday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Monica telling everything to Sudha. Sudha pays money to cover her loss. She says I do a lot of charity, I like it, just get such info for me. Monica thanks her and goes. Mani comes there. Sudha goes to him and asks won’t you stop even for Aaliya, I want to talk about her. He asks what. She asks him to sit. She says you think Raman and Ishita regard Aaliya as daughter. He says yes. She says you won’t think this after I tell you something. Ishita says Ruhi is fine, Aaliya is scared after all this. Raman says ill mannered guy. She says Rohan wasn’t ill mannered, he met Aaliya, he fell in love with her, that’s natural. He says stop talking about that guy, I get angry. She says no, he behaved in a civilized manner, he requested us to listen to him, think about Aaliya, what’s her age, till when will she stay alone, we have to get her married, we should think for her, we want to settle her, its good for Aaliya if a guy loves her, we don’t want her to be a widow all life.

Sudha says they just think for Ruhi, not Aaliya, what was that guy’s mistake that he loves Aaliya, they are just thinking for themselves, they are worried for Ruhi, if he loves Aaliya and wants to marry her, what’s wrong, your daughter will get a good life, will she live like a widow, I think they don’t want her remarriage to happen. Mani leaves. Sudha smiles and says they act sweet, their truth will come out now. Ishita says maybe I m wrong. Raman says no, I was wrong, we should settle Aaliya, but we should give her some time, let her decide what she wants to do.

Shagun gets milk for Aaliya. Aaliya packs bag and says its all because of me, Ruhi agreed for this relation with difficulty, she was disturbed because of past, its my fault. Shagun says come to stay with us for few days. Aaliya says no, this is my house, I m packing this bag to send this with you, I don’t want to wear these colourful clothes, Ruhi is so upset, Rohan would have felt I m single, its my mistake, I m Adi’s widow, I want to be Adi’s widow, I have no place for anyone in my life, white is my colour now.

Karan asks why did you stop me, I feel so bad. Rohan says I know, its okay, it was my mistake, I got emotional, that family is good to love bahu so much. Karan says that girl could have told her uncle to stop. Rohan says she is your Bhabhi. Karan says you met her once and fell in love. Rohan says yes, I m in love. Karan shows dating app and asks him to check options, meet girls and date, leave marriage, go with the flow. Rohan says I m not like you, I m a one woman man, the day you fall in true love, I will talk then.

Mani comes home. He says I got to know a proposal came for Ruhi and that guy liked Aaliya. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, he was shameless guy. Mani says what’s the problem if he likes Aaliya, she is suffering so much, doesn’t she deserve a second chance. Ishita says we also worry for her. Aaliya comes wearing white clothes. They get shocked. Ishita asks what’s all this, where are your earrings and bangles. Aaliya says I will wear white clothes like every widow does, whatever happened is because of me, its my fault. Ishita says who said this, you are thinking wrong, you have a right to move on. She asks Raman to explain her. Raman says Aaliya, don’t blame yourself, its that guy’s mistake. Aaliya says no, its my mistake. Ruhi comes to them.

Aaliya says sorry. Ishita says please explain her. Shagun says she is blaming herself. Mani says Shagun, take Aaliya, she will stay with us. Ruhi goes and gets sindoor from temple. She throws it on Aaliya’s white clothes. She applies to Aaliya’s forehead also and hugs her. Everyone gets shocked. Ruhi says who asked you to do this, its not your mistake, I m fine, I can’t be angry on and Rohan, I don’t know him, Raman and Ishita love us equally, we are friends and sisters too, can I ask you something, few people get true love, I can’t get it, you don’t lose this chance, Rohan loves you, move on, meet him, talk to him, its time to have a fresh start, for my sake, please. Everyone cries. Ruhi hugs Aaliya.

Mani saying Rohan and Karan are brothers, they got educated abroad and recently shifted to Delhi, they started their own company, their family is well off, we have to find about their family, general info is good, we can go ahead. Raman says we have to know about their family. Romi says I don’t like Rohan. Mani says you slapped him, but he didn’t fight with you, it means he is a good guy. Ishita says I also find him good, we will have to take it slow and know if Aaliya likes him, we have to know about his family.

Raman says Aaliya is not a burden on us, what’s the hurry, we will find the guy whom Aaliya likes. Shagun says Raman is right, we should check his background, Aaliya should meet Rohan once. Ruhi says its a wonderful thing that Rohan doesn’t care for your past, meet him once, what if you guys connect, meet him for my sake. Aaliya says I don’t want to talk about this. Ruhi thinks maybe its not the right time to talk. She asks Aaliya to go and change. She takes Aaliya’s phone. She says maybe I have to do something. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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