12th September Thursday Update on True Love


12th September Thursday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Rathore talking to Mukta…
Please don’t tell me you’ve been sending these messages all this time. Please don’t tell me that my own daughter, my own blood has been trying to ruin Ichaji’s and her daughter’s life this way! Before I say things to you that I should be saying, would you like to tell me why you did all this?
Mukta stays quiet and he asks again, why did you do all this Mukta?
She’s still quiet.
He yells really loudly “Why?”.
Mukta cries and yells back, because I wanted to take revenge for my mother with Meethi’s mother. Did you hear me Mr. Rathore?

(Rathore’s shocked)
Whatever grief my mother had to go through, I’m trying to settle the accounts for that! Today you’ve confirmed my belief that neither did you love my mother, nor did you love me.
You came back after so many years and that too for Meethi!
Meethi, Meethi, Meethi.
What do you know about what that woman (referring to Icha)
snatched from my mother! You didn’t even know that your daughter was alive. Now you listen to me… the way my mother suffered, the way Meethi’s mother snatched all happiness from my mother, I will make them suffer the same way. I will ruin Meethi. I want to see that she’s ruined completely. I want to snatch everything away from Meethi’s mother. All her happiness. Now are you done with the interrogation? I don’t want to talk to you.
She starts leaving and Rathore asks her to stop.
He says, what do you know about the past? About me? About your mother? About Ichaji?
Who has told you this half-truth, one-sided truth…
Mukta says, yes you’re the one who knows the entire truth? Right?
Rathore says, yes! I know the truth. I know it because it’s MY truth. I have lived that truth.
The story you’ve been told is a LIE. You’ve been instigated and led astray. Today I will tell you what was the truth!
Nani comes in behind the door to watch.
Rathore comes close to Mukta, holds her gently by the shoulders and says you’re angry and sad and upset because you have spent a life without your mother. I understand that.
I’m sorry!
The one who separated you from your mother was no one else but – (Nani gets shocked thinking he’d take her name)… he says, no one but your own mother!
She didn’t trust my love, my commitment. She left you out of an orphanage on a stormy night to meet me and ask questions. (He has flashbacks of Tapasya coming to him that night and saying I’ve come to you… didn’t you want that? You love me right? You want to make me yours? Then I have come to test your love? Would you accept me without the kid?)
Rathore says, before I could go back and get you from the
orphanage, someone else had taken you. Today you’re standing in front of me, that itself is a miracle.
I thought I had lost my daughter… been snatched away.
If she was alive, how would your life had been?
An angel came and picked you up, hugged you, brought you up, gave you a mother’s love… and that’s why you’re standing here today in front of me.
That person who did that to you, was Ichaji.
She saved you, gave you mother’s love, a new life… and you want to ruin her? Make her daughter cry and upset.
You should say thank you to her!
I don’t want to say that your mother didn’t love you… she loved you a lot… and maybe even me… but because of her arrogance, anger and stubbornness, she never saw anything else.
She lost everything… look at us… she ruined everything… all
because of her arrogance, and anger.
Whenever there was trouble, either she fought hard, or ran away.
But Ichaji saved you, gave you a new life… I saw with my own eyes how much she loved you… kept you close to her.
He remembers Icha playing with baby Mukta.
He says, when someone saw her, they couldn’t tell that you weren’t her own daughter. You were right in front of my eyes, but I always thought you were her daughter.
Truth is that your anger is invalid … someone is instigating you and you’re trying to distance Ichaji’s daughter from her?

Icha crying and says, Ammo I always used to think that my daughter may go far away from me and she is now far away from me? I used to think she would hate me, and now all she does is hate me from the bottom of her heart. What did we gain by hiding the truth?
Damini says, whatever we thought didn’t happen… something
entirely different did.
Icha says, now we don’t have to think… we should go to Meethi and tell her all the truth, the entire truth.
Damini says, what are you saying? Don’t you know their family?
What they did to Yuvi… they’ll do the same to Meethi… They will only tell lies about you to both of htem… you know Gunwanti right? What she thinks of you?
Icha says, I don’t want to think anything… she won’t be with me… but at least she will stay in that house, living freely and enjoy her life, be happy. And I know Veer very well.
He will win her heart over in 2 days. You didn’t see how she went away today?
That day her life was saved because of Mr. Rathore, but this coincidence doesn’t happen every time. She’s trusting the person sending her those SMSes. If she does something bad due to those messages, we will keep regretting why didn’t we tell her the truth when we had the time.
Damini gets scared and says you’re absolutely right! I agree with you and we will tell Meethi the entire truth. I am with you. Whatever you want, we’ll do that!

Rathore says, the one you should be asking blessings from, you’re putting poison in her life. So sad that you didn’t understand the meaning of the word “Mom”. No one told you.
Mukta says, it’s not possible. You’re lying!! My mother can never be like that. Your Ichaji told you all the lies.
Rathore yells, ENOUGH. You will not talk to me like that… I’m your father, not a child. NO one has instigated me, I’m not lying to you. You’re my daughter. Will you tell me now how your mother was? There’s no one else in this world who knew your mother better than me!
Before our marriage, just listening to her ‘hello’ on the phone, I used to know what’s happening with her!! And now you will tell me?
Who told you that story?? He gets suspicious.
Asks again, who told you this lie?
Mukta stays quiet and he says I don’t like repeating my questions Mukta… who told you all this?
Mukta says, I won’t tell you.
Rathore says, what do you think? If I can reach you, I can’t reach them?? I can easily find out. And when I come down to giving punishment…
Mukta blurts out, she’s not a liar! She loves my mother the most in this entire world… not even you.
Rathore says, Naniji. I should have known.
I should have understood. The game she has played before…
She ruined your mother… and now she’s playing the same game with you.
Nani comes out and says your’e lying!
Rathore/Mukta both shocked to see her.

Kanha tells Meethi you’ve taken the lie for truth… Mayya didn’t you the truth because…
Meethi says, because what? Tell me because what?
Because you don’t know either!!
That woman meets with my father sneakily behind my back, but cannot tell me who my father is!
Kanha says, someone has led you astray.
Meethi says, I haven’t been instigated by anyone.

Rathore says, you’re the one instigating her.
You’re amazing. You broke all previous records set by you!
Didn’t you see what happened to Tapasya? How we’re living today?
And you’re doing exactly the same thing with this girl now?
Nani says, he’s lying to you Mukta…
Rathore gets angry and says, it’s your habit to tell lies, not mine!
He looks at Mukta and says I’m so disappointed with you.
You’re listening to her, walking on the path she’s showing you? Don’t you have the distinction of right and wrong in your heart?
It’s her job to instigate people. Sow the seeds of hatred in people’s hearts.
Mukta’s confused!
Nani says, she knows how much I love her. She would trust only me.
Rathore asks her to be quiet… I’m talking to my daughter.
He says, at least have some shame due to your age. How much lower will go down?
He says to Mukta, she’s using you. She hates Ichaji, and it’s her job to keep that hatred alive.
Nani says, YES, I hate that woman. Because if that Icha hadn’t come in Tapasya’s life, Tapasya wouldn’t have had to face the storms she faced in her life. Wouldn’t have had to stay away from her loved ones.
Only I was the one who spoke up due to the injustice dealt to her. What did I do wrong?
Rathore says, I’m warning you… consider this my first and last warning to you.
Whatever you’ve done until today, I don’t want to go into the details of that. But you definitely led Tapasya astray. If you repeat the same mistake with my daughter, then you wait and see what I do.
Nani says, Tapasya wasn’t led astray. I didn’t lead her astray.
What do you know about Tapasya (to Rathore).
To Mukta she says, please don’t listen to him beta.
If he understood Tapasya, she wouldn’t have had to leave her house like this. I will tell you who your mother is.
She says, Mukta… your mother was not wrong beta. Wrong is that Icha… he doesn’t know, what is the foundation of Tapasya’s life. Why she had all that anger in her heart all the time?
He can’t even imagine, because he only came in Tapasya’s life for a few years.
Rathore says, Mukta your father’s hands are tied so you’re listening to all this.
Nani says, what I know… no one knows because no one can know Tapasya better than me. Your mother loved everyone, even that Icha. And what did she get in return?
Only pain!
Ask him… why he left everything and went away?
For so many years, did he even ask even ONCE whether you’re alive or not? Did he call your barey papa and ask about you?
Was he keeping quiet? Or had he taken ‘sanyaas’ from life!

Nani painting Taps to be a saint…Rathod is not buying any of it…Nani then plays the “disappeariing dad” card pointing fingers at Rathod…she puts jale pe namak by saying that he’s back for Icha only…she bad mouths Icha and her gang saying they bought Jogi’s house and are living like the honors…that Mukta is living on their mercies…Mukta caught between Rathod and Nani…she goes w/ Nani (shocker)…Rathod then warns Nani against poisoning Mukta…

Kanha and Meethi…he tells her about how great Icha is because she adopted him despite not being related to her…had it not been for Icha then Kanha would have been dead…he tries to convince her to believe him…Meethi agrees and believes him…but…then asks why did Icha not leave her with her father when she went to jail…at least she would have gotten a fathers love…maybe because she’s a “bas***d” child…Kahna says she isnt…her parents were married…

Bundela house…they are reminiscing about Daddaji…Mai says that Daddaji wanted to see the lawyer possibly about his will…

Mukta in her room replaying what Rathod told her about Icha saving her…

YV driving drunk…he calls up Mukta but she ignores it…he gets mad and drinks more… (not to be mean but homeboy cant act) …he feels insulted and promises to make her come to him…

Nani comes to Mukta who is thinking that if Icha/Meethi are really nice people then she made a mistake in torturing…Nani fills her ears with more crap about Icha/Meethi/Rathod…Mukta is quite…Nani worried that Mukta might ask Jogi about the truth…

Bundela house…lawyer is present about Daddaji’s will…they say they wont fight the will…the will says that all the property will be split it two…one goes to Umeed and the other to Tej…everyone shocked…Tej comes and starts his drama…he’s dressed in suit/boot…he taunts them and does drama…disrespects them…

Mandir…Icha is praying…Rathod comes…Icha shocked to see him…he ends up telling her that Mukta is the one that is hell bent on ruining her and Meethi…Icha shocked, drops the pooja ki thali…