13th September Friday Update on Young Love


13th September Friday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Jagya seeing Nandu crying. He tells Jagya about his seniors threatening him to get science papers from the teacher. He cries. Jagya says, you promised not to repeat the mistake. Nandu says, they will not spare me. I won’t go to school. Jagya asks him not to run away from problems and face them. He tells him that he will be near him. Nandu goes to school.

Everyone is tensed at Shiv’s house. He tells Vivek’s call. Shiv says, Vivek enquired about Narendra’s phone service provider. I can check his call list soon. He leaves with Anandi. Ira and others pray to God for Shiv’s victory.

Subhadra comes to Saachi’s house. Suman opens the door. Subhadra introduces herself. She gives sweets to Suman. Suman says, I told Saachi to call you. Saachi comes and takes her blessings. Subhadra says, I came by auto. She goes to bring tea. Subhadra asks Suman, are you happy with Saachi? Suman says, we are happy in Vivek’s happiness. Suman says, Saachi just started cooking. Subhadra praises Suman. Saurabh comes there. Suman introduces him to Buaji. He touches her feet. Saachi serves them tea. Saurabh asks Saachi to get tea for him. Saachi gives tea to him. Subhadra tells Saachi to give tea in Saurabh’s hands. Saachi passes it. Saurabh thanks her.

Nandu comes back to school. His seniors ask, did you talk to our teacher? Nandu thinks Jagya must be around. Nandu lies to them saying teacher refused to give him question paper and threatened him. They leaves. Jagya comes there and appreciates Nandu for handling them so cleverly. He asks him not to get afraid of anyone.

Subhadra self praises herself. Saachi asks her to take kheer with her. Subhadra agrees. Saachi goes inside. Subhadra asks Suman about Saachi and Saurabh. Suman says, are you joking? She tells that she didn’t know why Saachi did this with Saurabh. She tells her that Saachi loved Saurabh and one day she came so close to Saurabh. She says, Saurabh couldn’t refuse. Shiv and Anandi reached there. Saachi accused Saurabh for rape.

Then Saachi met Vivek. Vivek supported Saachi and sent Saurabh to jail. She says, Vivek and Saachi got married later. Saurabh came on a payrole and will be back in jail after some days. She says, I thought you know this. Subahdra says, she made fun of relations. Saachi comes and hears that. Subhadra bad mouths about Saachi. She says, I am ashamed of her. Saachi gives her kheer. Saachi says, I will drop you. Suman smirks.

Shiv comes to Anandi and they check Narendra’s call list. They see the last dialed number as international number. Shiv says, it is Dubai’s number. He calls on that number and puts the call on loud speaker. Someone picks the call. Shiv introduces himself. He introduces himself as Anil Manchanda and tells that he got a call from Narendra and tells everything that Narendra called him and told him about Rasika accusing Shiv. Anandi and Shiv are shocked.

Saachi telling Subhadra that Saurabh raped her with a complete planning. Subhadra doesn’t believe her and accuses her for drinking wine. Saachi is teary eyed. Subhadra says, after doing it with younger brother then living with elder brother? How can you live? They sit in the car and goes home. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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