13th August Tuesday Update on Young Love

The episode starts with Jagya explaining to the villagers that whatever appears infront of eyes is not always true. The villagers accept their mistake. Het Singh supporters start badmouthing about Jagya. Het Singh comes with Jagya and Anandi’s poster and his supporter campaigns for him. Het Singh comes with the goons and announcement is made to decide who is good and worthy of their votes. They call Jagya as characterless. Villagers get angry. A fight is initiated between the villagers and Het Singh’s goons. Jagya calls the hospital and asks to send the ambulance.

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Buaji calls everyone for breakfast. Shiv is eating bread and butter. Buaji asks why you are eating this. Shiv says, I am having breakfast. Buaji asks him to have parathas. Shiv says, I am done. Daddu asks Shiv to eat parathas. Shiv wipes the ghee with the tissue paper from the paratha. He leaves without eating. Jagya is treating the villagers who got hurt. Someone shouts in pain. Other person asks him to go and tells Jagya that he is Het Singh supporter. Jagya says, he will answer to our question. He says, before raising your finger on anyone, you have to know the reality. Jagya says, I have to treat my patient irrespective of his identity. He gets moved by Jagya’s gesture and says I will vote for you.

Daddu is having a good time with his family. Everyone hears the news about Jagya and Anandi’s affair. Reporters tells about the poster pasted in Jaitsar’s walls. She tells about Jagya being Anandi ex husband. Everyone are shocked. Buaji says, why you didn’t tell me that Jagya is Anandi’s ex husband. Why you let her go to Jaitsar. She asks Shiv, why you have married her? Shiv says, we don’t want to hide anything with you.

Jagya and Anandi are friends and respect each other. Buaji says, your wife is romancing with her ex husband. Shiv says, you can’t talk Anandi like that. She called me and told everything. Daddu says, we knew about her before fixing the alliance. He says, we got Shiv married to her with our consent. She is a wonderful girl. We have full faith on her. Buaji says, everyone thinking here is so modern. We are not british to send our daughter in laws with someone else. Daddu gets angry and asks her not to utter a word against Anandi.

Shiv recalls the news and Buaji’s words. He gets tensed. Dadisaa says, it was my mistake to call you. She says, my heart is paining and asks for forgiveness from Anandi. Anandi says, why you are apologizing. Anandi says, we tried to tell the truth to everyone. She says, I should go back to my house. Dadisaa asks her to go and call her after reaching there. Sumitra says, I will pray that you won’t face any troubles in your inlaws home. She gets Shiv’s call.

Anandi tells Shiv that she is leaving from Jaitsar. Shiv says, you are coming home. Anandi says, I have to answer my family. Shiv says, you have to explain to Jaitsar people too. He says, I saw the report on TV. If you come here then they will think those posters were right. You have to make the villagers understand that it was not true. You have to take Jagya out of this problem. Anandi thanks Shiv for trusting her and giving her strength. He tells her that everyone came to know about the news including Buaji. She got upset after knowing about Jagya. Anandi says, I can understand. We will make her understand. Shiv asks her to rest and says good night.

Anandi comes to Dadisaa and tells everyone that Shiv wanted her to stay here in Jaitsar until she clears Jagya and her name. Bhairov says, we are lucky to have Shiv as our son in law. Basant and Gehna praise him. Sumitra says, I have full faith that you will bring the truth out. Basant says, it is the time to teach a lesson to Het Singh. Bhairov says, we don’t have much time. Ganga says, I am feeling sad that the villagers are doubting Anandi and Jagya. She asks them to win the villagers trust. Dadisaa says, everything should be done before 5 pm. Anandi looks on tensed. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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