13th December Friday Update on This is Love


13th December Friday Update on This is Love

Pihu saying Rohan is very nice, he took care of me and explains me that nothing can happen to Raman if Ishita is along. Ruhi says people can backstab us, we should not trust everyone easily. Aaliya says Pihu’s instincts are not wrong, I have seen the changes in Rohan, we should give him a chance, I m sure he has changed, we don’t know the reason behind this. Ruhi says he has accepted that he has given sweets to Raman, what’s wrong with you. Ishita says I think Aaliya is saying right, maybe we are judging him in haste, Rohan refused to meet his mum. Raman says I don’t have any energy left to think. She asks him to rest.

Sudha asks Karan did Rohan agree. He says no, he didn’t even look at me, he said mom knows everything. She says he is my son, he is taking

my test, its my mistake, I felt I will take him home, I don’t understand what magic Bhallas did on him that he forgot us, I will not lose so soon, until I take Rohan out of jail, I will not accept that I have given drug to Raman. Karan says there is a solution, Rohan respects Ishita, if she talks to him, it will be help. She says you mean I should go to her and beg. He says no, its imp to get Rohan out, if Ishita convinces him to hire a lawyer, we can get him out, think if your ego is imp or his release.

Karan asks what did Rohan get doing this, everyone was getting attached to him, I have seen him working hard and thought not to doubt on him, I ate sweets and see what happened. Ishita says don’t know, he went with the police silently. She gets a call from Shweta. She says I took appointment with minister, we have to go and meet him tomorrow. He asks what, how will I face him. She says he knows everything, its embarrassing for you, you have to meet him, minister got traumatized, when the trap was for us. Raman says fine, make coffee for me. Ruhi sees Ishita in kitchen and says I will make it, you would be tired.

Mrs. Bhalla asks for Aaliya. Ruhi says she went out, I didn’t ask her where is she going. Ishita says maybe she went to get medicines. Aaliya comes to sweets shop. She asks the man to give ghee laddoos. The man attends call. She hears him and thinks to check order book to find who had ordered the sweets since morning. She thinks I m sure Sudha is behind this. Ishita says Aaliya isn’t answering. She asks Ruhi why didn’t she ask Aaliya. Ruhi asks why are you blaming me. Sudha comes home. Ruhi asks what are you doing here. Sudha says Ishita, Rohan doesn’t want to talk to me, just you can help me, Rohan is taking blame on himself, just go and explain him. Ishita asks why will I help him, my husband’s respect and life were in danger. Sudha says I m saying this, please save him.

Ishita says minister or I would have got shot by Raman, you think this is a small thing. Sudha says no, Raman is free, Rohan is in jail, he didn’t do anything, he is innocent. Ishita says until you prove Rohan innocent and get real culprit out, I won’t help him. Sudha leaves. Yug comes to sweets shop. He gets a call and turns away. Aaliya pays money and picks the book. Yug sees this in mirror and turns to see her. Sudha cries and says how shall I save Rohan, how to explain that I have….. Ishita says she is strange, she is asking my help, why would Rohan listen to me. Aaliya walks on road hurriedly. She helps a blind man cross the road. Yug looks on. Aaliya drops the packet and sits to pick things. A car moves in her direction. Yug runs and saves her. They fall down. He has helmet and anti-pollution mask on his face. Ek ladki ko dekha to….plays…. She gets up and goes.

The men ask are you hurt. Yug says I m badly hurt and signs towards heart. Aaliya comes home. Ishita asks why didn’t you answer my call. She asks what are you hiding behind. Aaliya says I went to sweets shop to get order book to know the person who ordered sweets, I have a feeling that Rohan is innocent, sorry you were worried, its not right that anyone innocent gets punished. Ruhi says fine, we shall see then. Aaliya says I m sure Rohan is innocent, we will go to my room, I can’t explain all this now. Raman looks for Ishita. He hears Ruhi and goes to see. He asks what’s happening here. Ishita says we were just talking. He says you don’t know lying, what’s happening. She says we are calling on the numbers to know who has ordered the sweets, we have no proof. He says you mean Sudha did this, I will also help you. Ranbir says Yug will come. Yug comes home and sits. Vishal asks where were you. Ranbir asks what happened to you. He removes Yug’s helmet and mask. He asks why are you smiling, did you get slap by Ishita. Yug says I m in love.

Ishita asking Aaliya how did you get the order book, don’t tell me you have stolen this, you should have asked that man. Raman jokes. Ishita says its wrong. Aaliya says sorry, I wanted to know who did this, I promise I will return this. Raman says I hope no one has seen you doing this. Aaliya says I think someone has seen me. Ishita says you shouldn’t be careless. Raman says you don’t know stealing, learn from Ishita, she is cunning. He jokes. Aaliya says that guy was some customer, I was about to get hit by a car, he saved me, I was nervous, I didn’t thank him and left, I didn’t see his face, he was wearing helmet. Ruhi says maybe he didn’t see you steal the book, he wanted to be a hero and save you. Raman asks her to calm down. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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