13th December Friday Update on Young Love


13th December Friday Update on Young Love

Jagya saying Ganga that so much work have to be done. Ganga asks about Sona. Jagya tells her that he invited Sona, but she was reacting strangely. Something was going in her mind. Ganga says she might be thinking if someone recognizes her. Jagya says she need not get scared. Ganga says she might be hesitantly as she was not having clothes to wear at the wedding. Jagya says may be. Ganga says she will send the clothes through Makhan Kaka.

Anoop scolds the laundary man. Laundary man apologizes to him. Subhadra looks on. Daddu asks Anoop to let him go. Anoop scolds laundary man again for bringing their clothes together. Anoop continues to pester him. Meenu comes back home and takes the clothes from laundary man. She gives shirt to Anoop. She greets Daddu. Amol greets her and tells her that he can walk now. Meenu blesses him. Subhadra thinks to do something.

Ganga keeps the clothes for Sona and asks Jagya to send those clothes to Sona through Makhan Kaka. Jagya nods. Makhan kaka comes. Jagya sends the clothes to Sona. Makhan Kaka comes to Sona and gives her clothes sent by Jagya. Sona thanks him. She sees the clothes and gets happy. She reads the letter sent by Jagya. She thinks life is giving her a second chance which she can’t refuse. She thinks to attend Gehna’s marriage.

Nandu organises the arrangements of wedding. Niranjan praises him. Ganga tells Dadisaa that she knows that she has to send the haldi and mehendi to outhouse and then mix it in their haldi. Dadisaa sees Niranjan doing the decorations and gets surprised. She asks are you fine. She reminds him that he is a groom. She asks him to sit in the outhouse. Gehna’s parents comes and greet Dadisaa. Nandu takes their blessings. They thank Dadisaa. Dadisaa tells them that Gehna is her daughter and not daughter in law. She is just fulfilling her duty. Gehna’s mom tells you are great. You got Suguna and Anandi married and gave them a new life. Now you are giving a new identity to Nandu and Bhairavi. Dadisaa tells them to have breakfast and rest. Ganga takes them to Gehna’s room.

Saachi greets Vivek and asks him to take 5 mins for her so that they can drink coffee together. Vivek says you are on paid leave, but I am not that lucky. I can’t waste my time. Saachi asks him to believe her and says there is nothing between her and Mittal. Vivek says he doesn’t need any proofs. He asks her to park her car behind his car. He informs her that he is going to meet a client and will return after few days. Saachi says can’t you trust me. You didn’t share this with me. Vivek says it is difficult to believe her. Saachi gets tensed.

Gehna looks at her bridal clothes and cries holding Basant’s photo frame.She recalls happy moments with him and talks to his pic. She says these things are going to change my fate. I tried to make everyone understand that I am happy with your memories, but Maasaa and everyone doesn’t feel the same. She says she said yes to marriage, but if you are not happy then give me a sign. I will back off. She cries miserably. Her mom comes and consoles her. Gehna cries hugging her. Her mom says you have to accept this new relation whole heartedly and be happy. Gehna cries.CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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