13th Feb Wednesday Update On True Love


13th Feb Wednesday Update On True Love

Taps goes to Rathod and says that she is going to look for the child herself. He asks where she will go when she is unsuccessful. She reminds him that she has her own house as well. Rathod explains that his nani and mother had come here when she was unconscious; he asks her what she plans on telling them abt her child’s whereabouts He reminds her that they may never forgive her for her actions. Meanwhile, at the Mukherjee house, Damini and Ichcha decide to name the child Mukhta.

The next day at the temple, Nani and Divya come face to face with Chanda and Mai. Mai taunts them on how they never came to their house to look at the damage left behind by their daughter. Nani tells Mai that many months ago, she came begging for Taps herself. Mai reminds her that she was clueless of the fact that Taps was harboring another man’s child. She curses Taps that she may never find happiness. Mai tells Divya that despite being a Thakur, she could not give Taps the upbringing and values that Ichcha got from Damini.

After leaving the kitchen, Ichcha turns to see Avi yelling at Kaka. She’s shocked seeing him screaming like a maniac and throwing food all around. She overhears him as he yells out that he never brought the girl here so that his father could become healthy. He complains that despite being from such a wealthy family, he has nothing. He explains that he just wants his father’s money and that he will use Ichcha and the baby to get it.

Ichha remembers whatever she has seen in the kitchen and decides to expose the true face of Avinash soon Nani is shown travelling somewhere in car and talking to Pushkar on phone regarding how he could not give her a pota and so Tappu’s baby is important for the family when all of a sudden Nani spots Damini with a small kid on the road and wonders whats happening and who is the kid ..

Tappu is shown in hyper mode again and Rathod’s granny is running after her to cool her down but Tappu refuses to listen to any of the rules and regulations of their house when Rathod arrives and tells Tappu that if she wants to stay in this house then she will hv to follow the rules of this house and give respect to his Granny also on which Tappu tells Rathod that she does not want to follow anything right now since her heart and mind r not there in it fully and all she is bothered off is her baby about whom she is not getting any clue ;So then Rathod consoles her and tells her that he wants to marry her so that they both can fill in their incomplete lives with some peace ;Tappu is stunned with Rathod’s confession at that point…

Ichha is shown speaking to that old man who tells her about how because of his one mistake ,his family was all scattered but now he wants to spend his last days with his pota and bahu and rectify his past mistakes …

Tappu is shown in thinking mode regarding her marriage to Rathod and looking at the saree and jewelleries which Rathod hv offered her for marriage ;Tappu then thinks about how Veer humiliated her and kicked her out of the house and after thinking all that ,she goes with the sindoor to Rathod’s room and asks him to fill her maang right now as she is ready for the marriage ;Rathod is shocked and confused.