13th February Wednesday Update On This Is Love


13th February Wednesday Update On This Is Love

Mrs. Bhalla asking Raman to give award to deserving person, Mrs. Khatri. Raman apologizes to Shagun. Mr. Bhalla says Mrs. Bhalla did good and claps. Everyone claps. Mani sees Shagun and goes after her. Raman says you ruined my launch. Mrs. Bhalla says you were ruining the award, I m saying so that press can know. Reporters ask Shagun to tell about the controversy. Ishita apologizes to Shagun and asks do you know that lady. Shagun says just shut up, I told you I don’t want to come, you forced me so that you can insult me here, this was your plan, you always do this, don’t show me your face again, our relation is over, let’s go Mani. Ishita says Mani, please explain her. Mani says enough, you crossed limits this time. Ishita says I wanted to make things fine.

Raman says you spoiled everything, you have created all this drama. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun was creating drama. Raman says this is not our house, my project is ruined, people are making fun of me there. Ishita comes and says Raman calm down. She asks Mrs. Bhalla and Amma how did they do this directly, media has covered this, Shagun and we all got insulted, she is Aaliya’s mum. Mrs. Bhalla says so you are scolding me for Aaliya, if Raman gave wrong award, people would joke on him, you are saying about Aaliya, its my mistake, if I behaved like saas, this would have not happened. Raman says stop it now, my launch is ruined. Bala asks Raman to come out, Mihika is calling. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla not to come out.

Adi wakes up and sees his face. He sees rashes gone and says thank God, I can show my face to people now. He looks for Aaliya. He sees flowers and gets note. He reads sorry Adi, I spoiled your and Aaliya’s date. He says its good, hurt person first and then say sorry. He gets champagne bottle in the basket. He sees messages and says I hope its not of Taneja. He gets shocked. He angrily throws the bottle. Aaliya comes and greets him. She says see I got roses for you, your rashes got fine. She asks what’s this, you broke Nikhil’s gift, he was feeling guilty. Adi says stop it, you know him, see what he did, he has posted my allergy pics on social media, I have become a joke, he does such things.

Mihika apologizes to everyone. She says it was a misunderstanding, we are grateful to Mrs. Bhalla to get Mrs. Khatri, she did great work and should get award, we checked the facts, she was saying true, but its not complete truth. Shagun has saved the girls first, some people were pushing the girls for wrong work, she rescued them and admitted then in rehab centre, she did not know that rehab is not safe, the people wanted to kidnap the girls, Mrs. Khatri rescued those girls, so I would request, we should felicitate both the ladies for their commendable work. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla to think before doing anything. Ishita says Shagun is gone. Mihika calls Shagun and Mrs. Khatri on stage. Kiran gets Shagun. Raman and Ishita get surprised. They all clap. Mihika apologizes to Shagun and asks her to accept her apology and award too. She calls Raman on stage. Raman apologizes to Shagun and says we will forget old things and move ahead. He gives the award to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla makes a face.

Raman gives the bouquet to Mrs. Khatri. He tells something to Mihika. Mihika says I have another announcement, we want to donate two crores to this NGO from our company’s side, I want to thank Kiran for clearing this misunderstanding. Ishita thinks thank God, everything got sorted, else it would be Raman’s big loss.

Ruhi asks Neelu to make Pihu’s fav pasta. She thinks of Riya and says Riya bullied Pihu a lot, but she is not happy at home. Roshni comes and asks Ruhi what is she thinking. She gives her sweets. Adi asks Aaliya to read comments, I m a businessman, not a school boy, what will my colleagues say seeing this pics, did Nikhil think I will forget everything, he always shows me down, you know why he does this, because he likes you. She asks what, you are saying a lot in anger, the pics got uploaded by me, not Nikhil.

Ruhi says Riya is not happy, she has a big house, her room was full of toys, I did not see a smile on her face till now, I feel she is deprived of love, I want to do something for her. Roshni says maybe if she gets a friend, she may get happy. Ruhi thanks Roshni and says problem solved. Aaliya says trust me, I was scared seeing your swelling and rashes, I clicked your pics to show doctor, but it got posted, I m your wife, will I make fun of you, I will delete it. He asks what will happen if you delete it now, you love Nikhil, so you are lying to save him, you came with me on honeymoon and spending time with him, leave me and go to him. She asks how dare you, you don’t trust me, I agree I had crush on Nikhil in college time, but I love you. He says I m not blind, how happy you get seeing him, you don’t think your husband is alive or dead. She says enough now, I m going. He says go, door is open, go and stay happy with Nikhil, you would be regretting to marry me. She says you are right, I m regretting now, if I married Nikhil, maybe I stayed more happy, I wish I did not marry you. Adi gets angry and slaps her. She cries and leaves.

Ruhi feeding Pihu and telling her a story about a princess, who fell ill. She says a doctor came and tried to make her fine, an old minister said princess needs a friend, then a girl came and played with princess, then princess got fine and stayed happy, tell me how did princess get fine. Pihu says she got fine because of that girl, she needed a friend, not medicine, this is moral of story. Ruhi says yes, we all need a true friend, I know a princess who has everything, but no friend, will you become her friend. Pihu says yes, sure. Ruhi says I will take you there, we will cook something for her.

Mrs. Khatri thanks Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita congratulates her. Raman thanks Kiran for getting Shagun back, how did you manage. Kiran says I spoke to Shagun’s PR team and they agreed, then Shagun got convinced. He thanks her. Ishita says I should thank Kiran. Shagun thanks Kiran for giving donation to her NGO, I m glad Raman chose you as business partner, you are just perfect. Kiran thanks her.

Ruhi and Pihu come to meet Riya. Ruhi makes excuses. Pihu likes the toys in Riya’s room. Riya comes. Pihu gets scared and says let me go Ruhi. Ruhi says listen to me. Pihu says please let me go. Ruhi says remember one thing, Riya is the princess of that story, she is alone, she has no friends, what happened. Pihu says she troubles me. Ruhi says fine, we will give her khichdi and go. She tells Pihu to give tiffin to Riya. Riya throws the tiffin. Pihu gets scared and runs. Ruhi looks at Riya.

Everyone come home. Amma asks are you angry with me. Raman says no, thank God Kiran managed everything. Ishita goes to make tea. Amma says I shall leave. Mihika says sit, I will change and come. Raman asks what did you do in party. Mrs. Bhalla says leave it now. Raman asks Ishita for food. Ishita gives him readymade food. She says I have to say thanks and sorry. He asks why. She says Kiran managed everything today. He says exactly, she will keep Bala happy. She asks why to mix two topics, we should not mix this, its about Vandu’s family. He asks why are you deciding, its imp to talk. Amma asks what happened. Raman says what’s the problem if Kiran loves Bala and wants to marry him. Bala comes. Raman says if Bala and Kiran want to marry, why is Ishita against this. Amma says Bala, what am I hearing, you want to marry. She goes. Ishita asks did you had to say this way. Amma sees Vandu’s pic and cries.

She says I still feel my Vandu will come, my heart does not agree that Vandu is not with us, Bala forgot her so soon and Raman too. Ishita says how can anyone forget her, we all love her, Bala is alone, he loves her, Raman wants Bala to get love in his life. Amma says everyone forgot Vandu. Ishita says I want Bala to think of children and take step, he should not forgot Shravan and Shitija, will they accept a new mum, can that woman Kiran, she is superb in her work, will she be able to take their responsibility, this house may break, so I m scared. Amma says I won’t give Vandu’s children to anyone else. Ishita says relax, I will talk to Bala.

She gets Adi’s call and says Raman’s launch was good. She asks why are you crying. Adi cries and says Aaliya is missing. She asks what do you mean. He says we had a fight, Nikhil was trying to come between us. She says you said you will get friendly with him. He says yes, he always insulted me. He tells everything. She says I don’t know, did you talk to Nikhil. He says he does not know about her, I got angry and slapped her. She asks what, you slapped her. He says yes, I m scared she may do something, I could not control. She says please don’t scare me, you were with Aaliya, you shouldn’t have done this, I will talk to Raman and come there. He says I don’t know how to talk to Mani and Shagun. He gets Aaliya’s message and says she is in Delhi. She says she did not come home. He says maybe she went to Mani’s house, don’t tell anyone about it, I will make everything fine. She asks him not to take any rash step now.

She calls Aaliya and gets phone off. She calls Mani and asks is Aaliya there. He says yes. She says I was so worried. He says thanks for worrying. She says I will come and talk to her. Shagun says no need, leave her alone. She ends call. Ishita says she will drag this matter. She turns and sees Bala and Appa. She says I spoke to Amma and told my point of view, everyone will need time to come out of Vandu’s memories. Appa says I won’t talk to her now. Ishita says Bala is much sensible and knows better, there is difference between GF, wife, and a mum, think well and decide, Kiran is good, but don’t forget children. Bala nods.

Ishita calls Adi and says Aaliya is with Mani, she is much annoyed, take flight and come. Raman asks where is Aaliya. She says I will tell you. Its morning, Raman comes for breakfast. Mihika says Ishita went clinic. Raman thinks Adi should have come by now. Adi comes. Mrs. Bhalla hugs him and says what’s the matter, you guys came early. Raman says I called Adi for meeting. She asks where is Aaliya. Raman says she went to Mani’s house, she will come. He asks her to pack breakfast, they have to leave for meeting. He holds Adi and says I will talk to Aaliya, don’t worry.