13th June Thursday Update on Young Love

Ganga asking Jagya to bring Khulfi for her. Jagya says, it is not good. But Ganga insists, Jagya agrees and leaves for the hospital. Ganga tells the baby that his father is very good human being and that’s why can’t lie properly. She says, I know I am not well. But I have faith that I will be fine and will save you. She says, you have to come in this world for everyone, irrespective of my existence. Anandi is playing with Amol. Amol couldn’t pick the call. Anandi gives it to him. Amol throws the car. Shiv comes. Anandi teaches him how to drive the car toy. Shiv asks, Amol didn’t like this car. He says, that’s why I brought a remote controlled car. Shiv shows him how to drive the toy car. Amol smiles. Anandi and Shiv smiles. Rishton Ka Manja…….Plays…..Amol laughs.

In the morning, Basant says I can’t come with you. Bhairov says, I will take care everything. Two ladies comes, Dadisaa greets them and asks is everything alright. She introduces them to her family. And says, I invited them to come for the occasion. Bhairov asks, what is special. Dadisaa says, no one remembers that Ganga’s 7th month of pregnancy have started and we have to organise a baby shower. Sumitra and Gehna say that they forgot to remember it. Dadisaa says, Ganga liked Marathi Goad bharayi and that’s why called them. Sumitra says, you decided about the date too. Dadisaa says yes tomorrow. And says Shalini and Pratibha will tell you what to be done. She says, I will give the invites to the invitees.

Mahi receives the courier for Anoop from the Indian Army. Anoop opens the letter and says army is honouring me on republic day. Everyone are happy. Alok and Daddu congrat him. Shiv congrats him. Mahi says, why they have decided after so many years. Daddu says, Army have realised that Anoop is very courageous and can go to any length to save the Nation. Anoop says, it is a prestigious profession which gives respect. Anoop tells about the Nation. He says, we have freedom of religion and others. It gives satisfaction. One have to think about the Nation’s security. Anoop says, we are safe here because of army who is keeping an eye on the border.

Dadisaa calls Ira. Ira greets her and asks her about Ganga. Dadisaa says she is fine and invites them for Ganga’s goad bharayi/baby shower. Ira says, we all ladies will come as it is a ladies function. Ira tells everyone that maaji called the ladies. Daddu says, rituals should be changed. Alok says, it can’t be changed. Meenu asks, will you take Amol? Anandi says, yes and says everyone are waiting to meet Amol. Saachi thinks to accompany them. She asks, can I come to Jaitsar with you. I want to apologize to Jagya and Ganga for my behavior. She thinks to settle scores with Ganga and acts goody goody. Anandi says, if you are truly repenting, then you can come. Saachi asks, can I come with you.

Sumitra comes to Ganga and kiss on her forehead. She gives her sweet to eat. Ganga asks, is something special today? Sumitra says, yes and that’s why maa saa remembered it. She tells that your 7th month have started. It is a moment of happiness for us. Tomorrow is your baby shower. Maa saa organised everything. Ganga says, she is showering me with too much love. I can’t repay her love. Sumitra says, you did so much for us. You are staking your life. Tomorrow your baby will be blessed by everyone. God will never let the blessings go waste. She says, I am waiting for my grand son. Ganga says, I am also waiting for that day. Sumitra asks her to eat the sweets again for the baby. Ganga records her video on the tablet. She asks the baby for sometime. She talks with the baby and says your big brother Mannu take care of me and will love you more than me. She asks her baby to come soon. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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