13th June Thursday Update on This Is Love

Ruhi thanking Shanno for taking care of her at night. She says I felt like my Ishimaa was with me, thanks. Ishita says if you wish, you can tell me, why were you worried. Ruhi says oh God, I got late, my investors are coming. She goes. Ishita says I was supposed to be there in meeting, Ashok is in chemotherapy. She goes out and says I will get the things, let me go, don’t you trust me. Neelu says let her go. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry. Ishita asks Simmi to let her go, she has to take her brother to doctor. Simmi says fine, mum let her go. Mrs. Bhalla sends her. Ishita thinks I can go office now, I have to talk to Raman about Ruhi.

Ruhi asks Shanno to come, she will drop her. Ishita says no, I will manage. Ruhi says come on. Ishita thinks I will be able to reach office on time now. Ruhi gets shocked seeing Nikhil. Ishita too sees him. She thinks Ruhi got scared seeing Nikhil yesterday. Ruhi says he can’t come here, no. She asks watchman to move this vehicle. Watchman says Nikhil has come to stay in this building, its his luggage. He asks truck driver to move the truck. Ruhi worries. Ishita thinks why is Ruhi so scared of Nikhil, something would have happened between them after I left.
Raman thinks Ishita will surely come in meeting. Simmi thinks to keep an eye on Raman. Ishita comes. They all look at her. She says I know you are wondering how I got dressed up, I have sinus problem, I can’t tolerate the pollution. Raman asks shall I arrange hot water for you. She says no thanks.

Parmeet says she would have come yesterday, she is clever, Raman told us she had worn a mask, Mr. Bhalla made her swear, still she is after Raman. Mihika comes and says sorry, I m late for the meeting. Romi has named all his shares to me, I have decided to sell off all the shares. Ishita asks how can you do this. Mihika says I can do this, who will stop me. Ishita says I will. Mihika says its my choice, its our family matter, stay in limits.

Ishita says this is business meeting, not a family matter. Raman says Ishita is our investor. Mihika says I know what I m doing. Ishita asks Raman to check documents, she will talk to Mihika. She goes. Simmi says I will just come back. Ishita says you know the company’s state, still you want to sell the shares. Mihika says I m doing this because of you, Raman doesn’t remember you, still you got him after you, you have snatched my happiness, I won’t let you succeed, I will not sell the shares if you give divorce to Raman. Simmi smiles and says well done Mihika, you have played a perfect game. Ishita asks are you mad, I m trying my best to revive my relation, you are asking me to divorce him, marriage is not a play for me.

Mihika says if you want to save the shares, you have to give divorce, its my responsibility to make Raman sign the papers. Ishita says you think he will not read and sign, its good, remind him that I m his wife, maybe he knows why he is attracted to me, make my work easy, get him sign, and then I will sign, we are all sorted, I feel the same, you patch up with Romi, your sister is requesting you. Mihika says you can leave. Ishita says okay, concentrate on your and Romi’s relation, not on Raman and my relation. Parmeet gets message and goes to Simmi. Raman says I will just go and see. Adi and Romi stop Raman.

Romi says its not my mistake, how can I stop Mihika now. Parmeet says Mihika did a big thing, which we couldn’t. Simmi says sorry, I have heard your talk with Ishita, Raman is not moving on because of her, we will get him sign, Ishita has to leave. Mihika says thanks Simmi for supporting me. Simmi asks her not to worry. She thinks I didn’t think Mihika will show this way to get rid of Ishita, once divorce happens, matter will end.

Raman says its my company, I will talk to Mihika. Ishita comes and says I spoke to her, she won’t sell shares now. Raman asks really. She says yes. He thanks her. She asks are papers ready. Shweta asks for his signs. Ishita thinks of Mihika’s words. She stops Raman holding his hand. He smiles. Mihika and Simmi come. Ishita says you are signing papers without reading. He says I asked Shweta to add the clauses. She says you may make a mistake, its better you read it and sign. He says I know what’s written. She reads the papers and asks him about the clause. She makes him correct it. Raman asks Shweta to be careful. Ishita says you have to check the error and sign the papers. He says thanks, I will remember this. She says I will leave, I have to go with Ashok. He says sorry, you can’t go. She says meeting is over for me, you can discuss product related issues. She goes.

Mihika says she has alerted Raman, how will we make him sign. Simmi says don’t worry, we will get his signs. Ruhi thinks of Nikhil. Ishita comes. Ruhi ask what’s the matter. Ishita asks her to share if there is anything. Ruhi thinks I can’t tell her, she is already tensed about Raman. She says its just work load, I m fine. Ishita says I m always there for you, remember this. Ruhi nods. Ishita goes. Shagun asks how did Mihika come in Simmi’s words. Ishita says I m hoping Raman takes my warning seriously and not sign papers without reading, I just pray he reads the papers, he will know we are married. Shagun says yes, it will sort the problem, we will stop at any hotel, change quickly. Ishita says no, we will go Bhalla house, stay there. She thinks Simmi you have no idea what I will do, the game just started.

Mihika asking how will we get Raman’s signs. Simmi says I will get his signs. She adds divorce papers between the official papers and says relax, we have done this before, Raman will sign the papers. They smile. Ishita asks Nikhil not to trouble Ruhi, else she will throw him out. He jokes on her life and asks her to fight her own battle. She says my daughter is big part of my life, I won’t tolerate this, I will expose you. He says I heard you have sworn that you won’t show face to Raman, it will be fun if I call Raman here. She asks him to shut up and mend his ways. She goes. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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