13th November Wednesday Update on True Love


13th November Wednesday Update on True Love

Meethi entering Vishnu’s room and shocked to see Mukta there. Even Mukta is shocked to see Meethi.
Meethi ask what she is doing in Vishnu’s room.
Mukta replies, she came to temple so she thought she can meet jiju so I came here.
Meethi ask whether she saw that the door was locked and what is the manners that you enter the closed house.
Mukta tries to explain that the door was half closed so I thought I can wait for jiju but as jiju hasn’t return I was searching the cupboard for pen and papper to write note for jiju about my arrival.
Meethi ask you have phone you would have smsed him why you have to write a note. Say Mukta what were you doing.
Mukta says that she is saying the truth and ask her to trust her by holding her hands. But Meethi snap off her hand.
Nani from background says I asked Mukta to come here (Thanks to Nani). She enter the room and say myself and Mukta came together and I asked Mukta to go to Vishnu’s room and see whether he was there. She then ask Mukta to move from there.

And even though we do good these type of people think bad about us. We better go Mukta as this girl is getting ready for her marriage she is in her dreams and scared that her dreams may be shattered so better we don’t disturb her dreams and ask Mukta to leave with her. (Meethi deserve it )
Mukta tries to say sorry but Nani stop her from saying sorry by saying the people we say sorry should deserve such words as she is not worth don’t say these to her. Meethi is all fuming but stays quite.
Both Mukta and Nani leaves.
Meethi decides to talk about these to Vishnu.

Bundela House:

Tappu helps Amla in preparing food and arranging the table. Amla praise Tappu for her help. Amla ask Tappu whether Mai will like all her work. But Tappu say you do all service for mai but she never consider you as a person. So she advice her to make mai to eat all her food and do foot massage for her too so that she will be happy with her service.
Amla ask really?
Mai from her room ask amla whether the food is ready?
Amla replies yes, so tappu says all the best and leave from there. Amla says thanku.
Mai comes and sees the arrangement and ask her you have done this much and you have so much love on me. Amla says yes so she didi all the food that is her favourite. Meanwhile Tappu go to Mai room and finds the medicine. It matches with Amla’s description. She wonders that Mai was giving Veer this medicine all these years to keep him away from his memory.
In dinning hall, amla keep serving mai different food. She takes the medicine and was to leave when mai gets up from table. Amla stop her and ask her to come to the sofa she ask her to sit and start doing foot massage, Mai gets suspicious and ask why she do all this. Tappu says her divertion is my victory. Meanwhile tappu leaves from Mai room.

Thakur House
Divya brings samosa for jogi and they both discuss about Meethi’s marriage. They discuss about the list of things to be done. Suddenly divya start talking about Tappu, they both get emotional jogi says from day one eventhough we showed her all love she never understood it. Door bell rings, jogi goes to see who it is.
As there is no one there at the door, Jogi turn back when Raj Malhotra guys comes in with flowers and some packets. Raj gives the flowers to Jogi and packets to Divya.
Jogi enquire about him and Raj introduce himself.
Jogi and Divya get flashback of Nani mentioning about him and his love for her. They control their laughter.
Raj ask about Simran and start moving in.
Jogi stop him and ask her whom
Raj start explaining her feature.
Jogi and Divya look at each other and understand whom he is talking about.
Jogi says she is unavailable. Divya too say Maasiji is not here.
Raj says Maasiji. She is your Maasiji. Then you can call him Moosaji (Hope I spelled it right)
Jogi says she went to temple.
Raj says that after seeing her my heart is not with me something like that and with his hands he shows lub tub to them.
Jogi & Divya exchange a look.
Raj tell them not to forget to inform about his arrival to her and gets the packet back from Divya as he have bought sweets and samosa for her and leaves from there.
Divya wonders what he was talking.
Jogi says he is in lub tub with her. Both smile and Divya hug him.

Mai Room,
Mai search for the drawer key in her keychain as she is unable to find it she calls amla and ask about it. But amla says she have given all the keys to her. Mai start shouting at her and ask her to search it.
Tappu comes and ask if there is any prob. Mai shoo her off.
Tappu ask in action what happened to amla and amla says she is searching for the key. Tappu again in action says that the key is there and amla take and give it to mai. And mai shout at her to leave. Amla comes out and cry about her fate to tappu.
Mai close the door and take the medicine. Tappu open the door and see what she is doing. She sees mai mixing the medicine in the milk. She thinks that mai doesn’t know that the medicine is changed. (Hope Veer doesnt get any Diabetics problem due to excess sugar in his milk)
They show that Tappu is putting the medicine in a bowl and putting the sugar powder in the bottle and leaving.
Tappu prays to god that veer have to get his memory back soon.

Vishnu ask what mechanic madam you are all quite. Are you in mood off.
Meethi says nothing she says there is someone behind you.
Vishnu ask who? Panditji?
Meethi says, Mukta. I think she is in love with you.
Vishnu starts laughing and says you think that she loves me.
Meethi starts saying all the thinks like Mukta asking about you to Panditji, then she coming to your house, even yesterday she came to your room and she said she was searching paper and pen in the cupboard to write note to you then the greeting card. Then coming to his tai chi practice place.
Vishnu goes into thinking mood.
Meethi keeps continuing her blabbers and then she says Mukta asked about your friends and she ask who is this Akash Chatterjee and she is asking about your friends. What you think I should do?
Vishnu is all shocked now. He remember his encounter with Mukta regarding Cheque, then she coming to his room and then the tai chi practice place. He gets alert and thinks that Mukta starting having doubts on him.
Meethi ask him to explain and why he is silent. I need to know the truth plz say the truth.
Vishnu says there is nothing like that. Even though Mukta comes to me with that intention I am only in love with you. Don’t worry. Mukta cant separate me from you.
Meethi says she believe you more and wont leave you. and hug him
Vishnu says he will do the thinks she deserve

Jogi, Divya and Damini are making list of things to be done. Mukta and Nani comes from upstairs. Mukta ask Nani not to mention anything about their encounter with Meethi. Meethi enters the house. She is all moody. Damini ask what happened we are planning for marriage and you are…
Meethi says that see whether the marriage is happening.
All get shocked and damini ask her to stop joking.
Meethi gets angry and say that what I am saying is true and she says Mukta is planning to marry Vishnu. All are shocked and speechless. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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