14th November Thursday Update on This is Love


14th November Thursday Update on This is Love

Bala coming to meet Payal. He says Payal is my student at tutorial, Ishita is my sister in law, Raman is her husband, what’s all this, how can you blame them, Sudha is a fraud woman. Payal cries and says sorry. She hugs her mum. She says I had to get my brother’s treatment done, there is nobody to earn in this house, when Sudha contacted me and told that she will get him treated, I agreed, forgive me. Ishita says relax, trust me, we will get your brother treated. Payal’s mum says sorry. Raman says come with us to police station.

Ishita says no, we will defeat Sudha in her own game, Payal just listen to Sudha, but do the opposite, Sudha takes advantage of other’s helplessness for her own profits, its time we teach her a lesson. Sudha says there is no

drama happening here, I told Payal to create a drama and then I will get Raman arrested. Lawyer says maybe Raman kidnapped Payal and her family. Sudha says my phone got dead, where is Payal, she spoiled my plan. Amma sings and cooks food. Kiran comes and asks what’s with Appa. Amma says your Appa won a lottery, that’s why I m making sweets. Kiran likes the taste. She says Appa is watching bengali channel, he is so lost.

Amma says he is in tension as he has to give me all the money. Kiran says you are so cute, Appa loves you a lot, I m sure that he will take you for shopping tomorrow, I bet, you will shop for me too. Amma agrees. Sudha comes home. Kaushalya says I was trying to call you, listen to me. Sudha moves her and gets in. She sees Raman, Bala, Ruhi, Mani, Ishita with Payal’s family.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Karan and Rohan to have medicines and hide the packet. They take the medicines and thank her. She says if you want to thank me, you have to do my work, don’t get scared, come with me, Pammi has kept Jagrata event, come with me. They call her nice and agree. She calls Pammi and says I have arranged two waiters, Rohan and Karan. They get shocked. They ask do you think we are waiters. Mihika comes and says you are here to work, lower your gaze, if Romi sees you, he will break your faces. She asks them to get lost and laughs.

Rohan says its matter of one night, mom will come tomorrow and manage everything. Sudha asks how dare you come in. The investors come and say you have called us for urgent meeting. Ishita says you are having amnesia, get a check up done. Sudha says Shweta has done this. Raman says she is your secretary and will do what you want, you must have forgotten. He introduces Payal and asks her to say how her dad has passed away. Payal says dad got unwell in factory. Sudha says she has written everything in mail. Raman says let her complete. Payal says he left from the factory. Raman says you wrote in mail that he died in the factory, is there any confusion. Payal says yes, he asked manager if he could go home and left. Sudha says she is lying. Raman says have patience. Ishita says we will call someone to remind her everything.

Nisha calls Appa and says I told you about my husband, he is suspicious, so I m calling you from my friend’s number. He says your money is safe. She says I trust you, I had to talk something, can we meet. He says come home, I will introduce you to my family. She says I can’t come, my husband is clever, he can follow me and harm your family, lets meet outside. He asks her to meet in the park, he goes for morning walk. She agrees. He turns and sees Amma. She asks why are you so worried. He says nothing. She says don’t worry, I will not spend lottery money in shopping, I kept it safe. She goes. He thinks I m not doing the right thing by lying to her. Dilip comes and says I m the factory manager, Payal is not lying, her dad left early that day.

Sudha says Raman has bribed this man. Raman says why will I bribe this man, when this incident happened, you were company’s owner, even if Payal’s dad died in factory, the blame goes on you, not me, Dilip is a honest man unlike your lawyer, if anyone should get punished, its you, you should thank Dilip for saving him. Sudha says no, this is not possible. Raman recalls talking to Dilip for making changes in log book. The investors scold Sudha. Sudha says Raman is trying to frame me. Payal says but why, your hospital is responsible for my dad’s death. Sudha gets angry. Mani stops her. Payal says dad went to Survodaya hospital, no doctor gave him treatment as he didn’t had money. Sudha asks why are you dragging my hospital name in this, do you have any proof. Payal says yes, I have proof. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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