13th September Friday Update on True Love


13th September Friday Update on True Love

Episode starts with Rathore telling Icha, Mukta is behind everything that’s happening with Meethi.
Rathore says, she sent all those messages and photos.
Icha remembers Mukta stopping her from talking to Meethi.
Rathore says, Mukta’s the one creating a rift and this hatred between you and your daughter.
Icha remembers, Meethi getting upset about the sindoor on her forehead and whether she was legitimate.
Rathore says, the one you thought of as your own daughter, tried to separate you from your real daughter. Icha remembers looking after baby Mukta.
Rathore says, I’m sorry, I’m ashamed.
Icha says, why are you saying sorry Mr. Rathore. It’s not your fault. This time is against me. Rathore says, we have to change this time and the fate! I shouldn’t have to tell you who is behind all this?
Icha says – Nani! Who else could it be?
He says what she did with Tapasya, she’s repeating it with my daughter. When I found out…
But my daughter doesn’t accept me as her father… but she still accepts her nani as nani!
We can’t say anything to her just yet… we can’t tell anything to Thakur sahab either.
I wasn’t here for 18 years, and Thakur sahab’s family was Mukta’s family. I cannot take her family away from her, cannot create a rift or hatred in her heart for his family… I cannot take away these things from Mukta after so many years.
I came here after 18 years, she’s angry with me for 18 years, I cannot become her father so suddenly and claim all my rights! She won’t accept me as her father in 18 seconds or 18 minutes!
But what a father cannot do, a mother can!! I don’t believe in stones (looking at the temple). I believe in truth, in goodness and in a mother’s love and in you!
What I can’t do, maybe you can! Please take care of my Mukta… will you help me protect her? A father is asking for your help. He asks her promise in trying to help protect Mukta.
He says, maybe it’s very difficult for you. On one side, is your real daughter and the other side is Mukta.
Icha says, no Mr. Rathore, there’s no difference between Meethi and Mukta for me! But whenever I hear the word ‘promise’, I get scared. She remembers promising Damini as a child that she would not hurt Tapasya (the promise she had to pay a very high price for).
Rathore says, if it’s too difficult for you, I won’t ask you to promise. I should leave now. He turns and she says, Meethi and Mukta are both the same for me… today in this temple, with bhagwan as my witness, a mother promises you that she will protect Mukta always. I will look after her and be with her at each step.
She makes a promise and Rathore takes her hand!
She says and this is a mother’s promise to you.
Rathore smiles at Icha.

Yuvi playing a video game in his room and thinking of Mukta’s slap at the dance. He says, shame on you Yuvi… you got defeated by a girl. So many days and nights, you couldn’t take your revenge.
He loses the game and gets upset that he lost the video game too.
Tej comes to his room and asks him to put the tie on him.
Yuvi says, Dadu-Chacha please, I’m not in a good mood.
Tej says, what troubles you?
So much anger in such a young age can be for only two reasons.
First reason, empty pockets and he gives Yuvi some money… but Yuvi refuses.
Tej says, then the second reason, a girl.
Yuvi gets up and starts leaving… but Tej stops him and says, did something hurt you from a girl? Can’t you control that girl?
He says, when a girl flutters her wings… then put a rope in her neck. If she doesn’t listen politely, then attack her with strength.
Crush her under your feet so badly, that she can’t say anything in front of you for the rest of her life. Did you understand?
He gives Yuvi some money and asks him to show me the strength of Bundela blood.

Rathore thinking of his past in his house. Playing with Mukta as a baby, then grown-up Mukta’s bitter words about Icha.
He gets up and goes to a drawer. Opens it and takes a photo-frame out. He hesitates in picking it up… but picks it and turns it face up. It’s Tapasya’s photo. He remembers his time with Tapasya. Puts the frame on the table and talks to it.
He says, how are you? I am fine. We found your daughter… can you stop running now? Can you please stop running from the past now! We’re both running from each other’s past… you went away for this very reason right? Now she what happened! Past has returned.
Your nani brought it back in your daughter’s form.
What she did with you, she’s doing the same with your daughter. She needs her mother, come back… she doesn’t listen to me. She’s exactly like you. Please make her understand!

Mukta again thinking of Rathore’s words about Icha saving her. Then again Nani’s words against Rathore. She gets frustrated and puts hands on her ears. She says, I am remembering papa’s words again and again. Why would he lie to me? Have I started going on a wrong path unknowingly?
Yuvi calls her and she picks up. Yuvi says you don’t pick up my calls anymore? Mukta says, no Yuvi, I was very upset. I don’t know who should I go to… who should I ask questions, get answers.
Yuvi says, I understand all that… come to the Casino Club, we’ll do a party… have fun… you’ll cheeer up. I’m doing it only to change your mood, I’m not forcing you. You can come today, tomorrow, whenever… Mukta says, no Yuvi I want to meet you today. I want to talk to you. Mukta says, thanks.
She cuts the phone and says i want to go out of this house… it’s suffocating me.
Yuvi says, your advice worked Dadu-Chacha, I will crush that girl under my feet so badly she won’t say a word in front of me for the rest of her life.

Rathore gets a phone call from someone. They don’t show who’s calling.. he just asks questions like… where? when? He puts the phone down. Sends Icha an SMS saying I have to talk to you urgently. Please call back. It’s urgent.
He asks his driver to get the car out.

Yuvi in a hotel room setting things up. Puts rose petals on the bed. Gets himself ready.

Icha sees Rathore’s message and missed calls. She’s worried if it’s about Mukta and calls him. She gets the unavailable message.
She’s thinking where would he be? In his hotel? I will go and meet him at his hotel.
Rathore comes to his hotel and gives the receptionist a letter saying it’s for Ichaji and it’s urgent, it should reach her before night time. He asks them to arrange for something (I think he’s leaving).
Mukta comes to the same hotel but they don’t see each other.
Yuvi calls her and she says I’m in the reception area. Yuvi’s upstairs looking at her and tells her he’ll be with her shortly. Mukta waits at the reception. Icha comes there too… but Mukta’s reading a magazine and can’t see Mukta.
Icha asks for Rathore and is told he’s gone and will come back in a few days… Yuvi comes and gets Mukta.
The receptionist asks if she’s Ichaji? and gives her a letter from Rathore. Mukta/Yuvi going towards the lift.
Icha reads the letter.
Yuvi/Mukta go to the lift and Mukta asks where they’re going? Yuvi says, it’s a small and simple, personal party on the 3rd floor.
Rathore’s letter says, Ichaji I have to go for an important job.. I shouldn’t be going in these circumstances, but you’re there so I am relieved. I don’t want to go away from my daughter, but I will keep in touch…
Icha starts leaving and sees Mukta/Yuvi going in a lift.
She says what’s Mukta doing with Yuvraj here?
She asks the receptionist and they refuse to hand out that info.
Icha remembers her promise to Rathore about protecting Mukta. She calls out but lift door closes. She goes upstairs using the stairs.

Tej in a bar. Girls dancing on ‘ante amlapuram’ and he’s enjoying.

Yuvi/Mukta get off on the 3rd floor. Mukta asks where the party is, Yuvi asks her to follow him. Icha comes but they’ve left.

Tej enjoying with a girl and he gets a call from Yuvi. He asks if he got the girl in control and Yuvi says, I’m working on your advice. Tej tells him the bird shouldn’t fly out of the net.
Yuvi tells Mukta, it was my chachu-dada… he’s a great person. You should meet him. Yuvi opens the room with his keycard and takes Mukta inside. Icha comes right after them. She’s worried where they would be? She says, there are so many rooms, where would they be? What’s Mukta doing in this hotel with Yuvi?

Yuvraj closes Mukta’s eyes with his hands and shows her the room. She sees the bed with rose petals, the candles, wine etc.
Mukta says, there’s no one here… you said it’s a private party… what kind of a joke is this?
Yuvraj says, you and me… it’s a party for both of us. You said you were upset… He shows her the bottle of wine and says this is to remove your troubles. Icha’s still finding them.
Yuvi gives her a glass of champagne and Mukta says I don’t drink.
Yuvi insists but she puts the glass away and says I don’t like all this, let’s go out of here… I don’t want a party like this. She starts leaving.
Yuvi says, this is wrong. First you come close, build up my hopes, and then pretend to go far away? He keeps drinking.
Mukta says, what do you mean by drama? I think of you as my friend. I was upset and I thought if I shared my problems with you, I woudl feel better, that’s why I came to meet you. But what do I see here? You’re misunderstanding me Yuvi.
Yuvi comes close to her and says you’re the one who’s misunderstanding me. She turns but he holds her hand and turns her around. She says leave my hand and let me go.
Yuvi says, you came here willingly, but you’ll go when I want you to.

Tej dancing and praying for Daddaji’s soul to rest in peace with a bottle of alcohol! (DISGUSTING character!). Dances again with bar girls.

Icha knocks on a few doors in the hotel but doesn’t get any answer.
Mukta tries to leave but Yuvi doesn’t let her. He says don’t even try to go. He holds her hand and Mukta says please let me go home. Why are you doing all this?
Yuvi says, I wouldn’t have looked twice at a girl like you… a behenji-type from top-to-toe… but I’m forced to do all this with you because I still hear the echoes of that slap…
If all that ended there, it would have been fine… but then using me and my friendship, coming to late night movies with me, taking my help in the game you were playing with Aman – Mukta asks him to stop it. He corners her and says what do you think that I’m a child? I don’t understand all that?
I don’t understand what you want from me. Or I understand it really well. Now don’t act all innocent… let’s have some fun.
She wants to slap him, but Yuvi stops her and says this hand would never slap me… it would only caress me lovingly.

Again, time-wasting scenes of Tej dancing with bar-girls!!!!!

Mukta bites Yuvi’s hand and he yells. He says you won’t escape from me now. He pushes her on the bed… Mukta asks him to stop. He says your big brother won’t be able to stop me today.
Today you will only go when my revenge is complete. Mukta says, I thought you had changed. Yuvi says, I changed just to take revenge.
She’s screaming… and Yuvi puts his hands on her mouth.
Icha asks someone outside if she saw a girl and they say now.
Mukta yells “Help”. He says if you yell, you’ll get more pain. Yuvi takes her dupatta and stuffs it in her mouth.
Icha looking for them outside while Yuvi tries to molest Mukta.
Mukta’s phone rings inside the room and Icha stops in front of the door it’s coming from. She says it’s Mukta’s ringtone. She yells Mukta and Mukta yells HELP from inside.
Icha yells for help outside… a lady with a cleaning cart comes and asks her not to do things like this.
Icha asks her to open the door if she has a master key.
Mukta yells help and the staff-lady hears it but says I can’t help you.
Icha yells at her if you don’t help me I will complain to Mr. Rathore and she says okay I will open the door.
They open the door and see Yuvi trying to rape Mukta and Mukta yells HELP!!!!!
Icha yells, Yuvraj!
Yuvraj shocked and turns around. Mukta is shocked to see Icha too.

Icha saving Mukta from Yuvi. When he is not ready to stop, she picks up a knife from the fruit basket and hits him with it. He falls down and Mukta/Icha both shocked.
Icha drops the knife. Yuvraj’s hand is cut and he’s so angry at her.
Icha wants to help him stop the blood but he asks her to leave and doesn’t let her help.
Police comes in the hotel room and asks the constable to arrest both of them. They arrest Yuvi and Icha, Mukta’s looking all shocked and scared.
Icha cries at seeing Yuvi being arrested.
The officer asks Icha nicely that she has to come to the police station to lodge an FIR. Icha cries… Yuvi gives her the angriest of looks before going with the police. Icha looks at her hands and cries.
She remembers Yuvi as a baby, then feeding him at Tapasya’s house and cries even more.

Bundela family having food on the table when Tej comes in singing “Aa ante amalapuram” loudly. He’s badly drunk.
He comes and says where should I sit? He sits in Daddaji’s chair and says sorry I’m sitting in your chair Daddaji. He puts his feet on the table. He says sorry to Gunwanti. I drank a lot in my grief for Daddaji.
Veer starts getting up… Gunwanti stops him but Tej says why do you get so angry Lalla? He takes his shoes off and still keeps his feet on the table. Umed says, this is a home not a hotel… have some respect. He keeps saying sorry.
He says it’s important to remember manners in the home. Now look, my thali is empty… and bahu rani is not coming to give me food. Gunwanti gives him some food. He says, I won’t eat this grass… where will I get strength from?
He whistles and asks special food to be brought for him and Chanda brings chicken for him in a plate. Amla and everyone else gets shocked. She gives the chicken to Tej.
Kasha scolds her that this doesn’t happen in our house.
Chanda says, Kasha don’t talk to me like I’m a servant of this house. Learn to follow your limits.
Gunwanti tells Chanda that don’t you know, all this food is not allowed here.
Chanda says, mausi sometimes it feels like breaking the rules/regulations. Chanda tells Tej to start eating.. says you’re half owner of this house and whatever you want will be cooked in this house. Tej says, give one chicken drumstick to my grandson Yuvraj… after me there’s just one other man in this house. Chanda smiles.
Veer leaves the table and so does Gunwanti.

Divya getting worried about Mukta. Nani says, I’m also trying to call her and she’s not picking up. Divya says, don’t know what’s happening in these girls’ lives. Since Meethi came, Mukta has changed quite a lot. And since Raghuvendra came, she looks all scared all the time. Doesn’t talk to anyone… I don’t know what to tell her and how to tell her? (Nani thinks of Rathore’s warning words). Nani says, ram hi rakhe, did Mukta take Rathore’s words to heart?

Icha/Mukta in police station. Police officer asks Mukta – it’s a rape case so we have to ask you questions. What were you doing in a hotel? Mukta’s crying. He asks whether she went there of her own will? Mukta nods her head.
He says, room door was locked from inside, there was alcohol and candles etc. did you guys drink alcohol? Mukta says no but he says don’t hide anything from me because we’ll find everything out in a medical checkup. He asks her what relationship of yours is it with that boy? Icha asks Mukta to answer.
Police says you went there without invitation?
Mukta says, we’re just friends.
Another police officer asks her whether she’s been with him to another hotel before? Mukta says I’m not that kind of a girl.
Then the main police officer starts getting rude… tells her if you didn’t go with him to a hotel before, he called you to a hotel room and you went there easily?? What did he do to you in the room? Must have held your hand, put you on the bed… you were probably both drunk and had fun… he must have kissed you too.
Icha has had enough and bangs her hand on the table and says ENOUGH… everyone goes quiet and shocked at Icha’s reaction.
She says, this is not the way to ask questions. Poor girl is already so scared… and you’re embarrassing her more with these questions.
She says, tell me one thing… if it was your daughter instead of this girl, would you have asked the same questions?
She says, don’t embarrass her more. Mukta clings on to Icha.
Police gets embarrassed and says sorry. He says, sorry, actually it’s hard to understand the situation with today’s kids…
Where does their friendship start and where it ends, we don’t know. Today they lodge FIR and tomorrow they refuse… then we have to deal with the consequences.
You’re an eyewitness in this case, but if you refuse to come tomorrow then?
Police says, it all depends on your witnessing the scene now. Yuvraj is a spoilt brat and he can easily get away with it if you don’t come to court and testify against him.
Police asks Icha to sign some papers and they’ll do the proceedings.
Icha cries, remembering baby Yuvi but signs the papers and gives it back to the police.
She writes a statement, I, Icha Bharti, I saw this incident with my eyes. I saw Yuvraj molesting Mukta. I will help in the proceedings of this case and will come to court to testify.
She also remembers her promise to Rathore.