13th September Friday Update on This is Love


13th September Friday Update on This is Love

The Episode starts with Simmi asking someone to help her. She cries. She finds a stall cart there and takes Ananya over it. Raman and Ishita are on the way. Simmi takes Ananya and falls down. Ishita says that’s Simmi’s car. They check the car and don’t see Simmi. Ishita says the girl will die if the poison isn’t removed from her stomach. Raman asks her to sit in the car. Ruhi calls Ishita and asks where are you. Ishita says we are finding Simmi, call me if she comes home or calls anyone, we shall talk later. Ruhi says I can help you, you remember when you were worried and collided with me, I decided to help you. FB shows Ruhi asking Ishita the matter.

Ishita says Simmi and Parmeet want to kill someone, I want to keep an eye on them. Ruhi worries. She collides with Simmi. Simmi’s phone falls. Simmi scolds Manjiri. Ruhi inserts a tracker in Simmi’s phone. FB ends. Ruhi says yes, I can track her. Ishita says I will send my live location, tell me where is Simmi. Ruhi says you are close to her. Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened. Ruhi ends call. Ishita says we have no way, just drive straight. Mr. Bhalla says I will call police, Parmeet and simmi can’t change. Ruhi says no, you just have faith in mum and dad, they went to save the girl.
Simmi cries and asks Ananya to open eyes, nothing will happen. Raman and Ishita see her and stop the car. Simmi sees them and asks them to get away. Ishita says I didn’t add poison in food, we want to help this girl. Raman says Parmeet has brainwashed you. Simmi says this girl is my Ananya, I won’t let you kill her. Ishita says I swear on Pihu, I won’t harm her. They take Ananya to hospital.

Its morning, Simmi asks Ananya not to worry, they have reached. Doctor checks Ananya and says we need to pump out poison from her stomach. Ishita says she will get fine. Simmi says this has happened because of you, I didn’t forgive you, I know why you are doing this. Raman says we are your family, we want to help you. Parmeet comes with police. Parmeet says what will you help, you need help, stop your drama, you have done this. Raman says stop nonsense, you confessed everything, say the truth. Nurse asks them to go out and sort out them matter. Ishita says Parmeet added poison in the girl’s food. They hear sound and check Raman’s car trunk. They see Raghav’s wife tied. Ishita says how come she is in our car. Inspector asks Raman how did she come here, she is fainting, take her in. Raman says I don’t know how she came into my car. Parmeet jokes.

Raman says its his plan, he stopped us at gun point. Parmeet says this gun is unloaded, it was no bullets, I have license, I stopped them to save Simmi. Raman says you think I will kill them, do I have a motive. Ishita says we don’t know, we brought Simmi here to get the girl treated. Raman says Parmeet fired a blank shot, just ask the people there. Parmeet thinks of talking of Simmi and telling her not to allow Raman and Ishita to meet the girl. He calls someone and asks him to kidnap Raghav’s wife and put her in Raman’s car. Raman says I don’t know how that woman came in my car dicky. Parmeet thinks this time you both are trapped. Ruhi says they are at city hospital. Mr. Bhalla says we should go and see. Aaliya says Mihika and I will stay with baby. They all leave.

Ishita asks how is the patient now. Nurse says she has faced much trauma, she will get conscious in sometime. Raman says Parmeet is so mean, he has filled hatred in Simmi’s heart for us. She says lie never wins, don’t worry. Ruhi and everyone come and ask the matter. Ishita tells them. Parmeet comes to Raghav’s wife and shuts her mouth. She says I didn’t take your name, take me to my daughter, please. He says your daughter is fine, nothing will happen if you listen to me. She says I will speak against Raman, don’t do anything to Ananya. He says good.

Simmi looks for Parmeet. Mrs. Bhalla scolds her. Shagun says don’t waste energy in explaining her, she won’t understand. Simmi asks her to stop interfering in her family matters. Mrs. Bhalla says Shagun us part of family, but not you. Mr. Bhalla says yes, I would have ousted you and Parmeet if you didn’t had court order. Parmeet goes when police comes to question Raghav’s wife. Doctor says Ananya is fine, she wants to meet her mum. Everyone smiles. Simmi says she got fine, I want to meet her. Parmeet acts good.

everyone getting happy that Ananya is fine. Raghav’s wife Chanda asks how is my daughter. Doctor says she is fine now. Parmeet goes. Ishita looks on. Chanda meets Ananya and cries. Chanda thanks the doctor. He says you should thank them, they got your daughter here on time. Simmi says you are innocent to believe her, Ishita tried to kill Ananya, inspector arrest her, she is dangerous, she can do anything. Mani says inspector, you know Raman and Ishita, they can’t do this. Shagun says yes, Ishita can never hurt children. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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