14th November Thursday Update on True Love


14th November Thursday Update on True Love

Tapasya putting fresh flowers in Veer’s room and asks him how he’s feeling? She asks him if he likes the flowers?
She asks if he remembers anything after seeing them.
Veer says, no. I only have one thought, one name…
Tapasya says – “Icha”.
Veer says, yes, “Icha”, but the worst part is, I only remember her name, not her face.
Tapasya sees the milk in his room and asks him not to take too much

stress. She brings the milk over to him and asks him to stay calm, to

listen to what his heart is trying to tell him for years?
Veer says, I don’t know why my heart is so weak?
Tapasya asks him to drink the milk.
She thinks, if I want I can show you Icha’s photo, make you remember everything about her… but what use it would be? The truth should come out of your own memories, so no one can question it. Very soon, my purpose in this house will be fulfilled… and now this milk will have no effect on your memory because I’ve changed that medicine.
She asks Veer to try once again to remember, and asks him to rest… and leaves his room.
Veer touches the flowers she put in the vase.

Jogi and family talking to a pandit about muhoorat. Everyone’s happy. Pandit says, next Buddh Poornima is the best muhoorat.
Damini says, it’s in 15 days’ time… how can we do all that in 15 days?
Surabhi says, if the date was for 6 months later, you would have said the same thing… time always seems less when marrying off daughters.
Damini says, yes but how??
Jogi says, what’s the problem… get everything ready.
Surabhi says, I will go immediately and make shopping list.
Rohini gets excited and wants to shop with Surabhi.
Icha sits on the sofa as if she’s shocked.
Jogi/Damini asks her what’s wrong?
Icha says, if Veer could come for Meethi’s kanyadaan it would be great… isn’t it Ammo?
Father/daughter are unaware of each other… away from each other.
This is such a good occasion for both of them to meet each other.
Years of distance would have been removed in one second and my daughter would have gotten her father’s love.
Damini says, you know it’s not possible.. what would you tell her and how would you tell her?
Icha says, that’s what I don’t know how to do? For how long can I hide this truth from my daughter.
Meethi says from behind, until it’s the right time…

Everyone’s shocked to see her.
Meethi smiles and comes to Icha.
She says, don’t tell me who my father is. I trust you fully, I trust you that you’re not telling me who he is because there must be a reason for it. I was upset with you because of this, but I promise I am not upset with you anymore… because I understand my lovely mother now.
I know, Maa, whatever you do for me is best for me. OK tell me one thing… have I asked you in so many days who my father is?? No, right? Because I know that what my mother does for me is best for me. Now no more tears, because you will make me cry too and my liner would get messed up.
She says to everyone not to cry from today… everyone should be ‘smile please’.
Everyone smiles and she says you all look so good when you smile.
Then she says, I also have to say one more thing… Vishnu called, he wants to come for dinner tonight.
Damini says, he’s coming for dinner? I will go prepare it now.
Icha goes to help Damini.
Divya asks Jogi they have to go to a mall to get some stuff for their engagement. Jogi says we’ll take Mukta too. He calls her and Mukta says I will be right down.

Mukta goes to Nani’s room saying I will tell Nani I’m going shopping…
Nani is talking to Tapasya on the phone and Mukta hears her side of the conversation.
Nani says, Tappu beta, I don’t know why you’re doing so much for that chuhiya? You know what that chuhiya’s daughter makkhi say to our Mukta today?
Nani is about to say it when Mukta snatches the phone away from Nani and says, she told me to shop for her marriage.
Tapasya says, Meethi is getting married?
Mukta says yes.
Tapasya says, she has grown up so much? Is Icha happy?
Mukta says, of course she’s happy… which mother won’t be happy about her daughter? Take Bari Maa, she always worries for you and loves you so much.
Nani says, of course she loves you a lot, did you hear that Tappu?
Nani leaves the room angrily.
Mukta says, Maa, you miss Bari Maa so much, you must want to meet her…
Tapasya stays quiet.
Mukta says, you can’t meet her, but you can meet me…
Tappu says, just tell me where to come and I will meet you.
Mukta asks her to come to the same mall they are going to.
Tapasya says okay I will be there and she bumps into Veer while talking on the phone.
She says sorry to him and says I wasn’t paying attention… Veer says it’s okay, what’s going on?
Tapasya says, my daughter… I mean, my best friend’s daughter is

getting married… I am very happy so I’m going to see them.
Veer says, you look happy.
Tapasya says, I am even happy for you… then she goes quiet
She thinks, how can I tell you that the best friend’s daughter I’m talking about, is your daughter too.
Veer asks her what she’s thinking?
Tapasya says, I remembered something from the past.
Veer says, congratulate your friend and her daughter from my side too.
Tapasya says, of course.
Veer leaves.
Tapasya thinks, that day is not far away when you and Icha toghether will marry your daughter off.

Jogi/Divya/Mukta in the shoping mall. Jogi says I will plan Meethi/Vishnu’s honeymoon. Mukta teases him that he can go for a second honeymoon himself… he says, I will definitely go, but after your marriage.
They start discussing places in India for the honeymoon… Mukta suggests why not overseas? Honeymoon should be memorable… why not Australia or Switzerland.
She thinks, for an international holiday, Vishnu has to show his passport… if he has the same name on his passport then there’s no problem… but what if the name on his passport is “Akash” Jogi leaves them and goes somewhere else.

Mukta/Divya enter a showroom. Mukta gets a call from Tapasya, she excuses herself from Divya and goes out.
Mukta asks Tapasya where are you? Tapasya just reaches the mall and tells Mukta I will be there soon.
Divya sits down to see clothes… Mukta excuses herself again and goes away from there… she tells Tapasya I’m in the saree store, why don’t you come inside? (I think Mukta was planning to make Tapasya and Divya meet each other, because she’s not inside the store)
Tapasya goes inside the store and Divya feels something.
She turns around but can’t see Tapasya. She starts looking for her… and eventually sees Tapasya talking to one of the salespeople.
She walks up to her and touches her shoulder.
Tapasya turns around and is shocked to see Divya.
Very emotional reunion for Divya/Tapasya follows.
They cry and hug each other.
Mukta watches all this from outside the store and is crying too.
Tapasya sees Jogi coming towards the store and gets shocked.

Tapasya/Divya hugging in the store. Tapasya sees Jogi coming towards the store and is shocked… Divya turns around and sees him too.
Tapasya wants to go away but Divya stops her… Tapasya takes her hand away and leaves. Divya keeps crying.
Jogi comes and asks Divya if your shopping is done?
Tapasya says “I Love You Papa” to Jogi’s back and goes out of the store.
Jogi asks Divya what’s wrong, why’s she crying?
Mukta comes and tells him she got emotional while shopping for the marriage… and she made me cry too.
Jogi smiles and says I got scared.
Mukta says, let’s go and have some coffee then we’ll do shopping.
All of them leave the store.
Tapasya waves bye to Divya from upstairs. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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