15 March Friday Update on This is Love

Ruhi getting Nikhil to doctor. She says he doesn’t listen to me at all. Doctor asks him to get MRI done. Nikhil refuses and says I m claustrophobic. Ruhi asks what, you were in lift yesterday, and helped the kids. He says I know what problem I have, that MRI machine is very narrow. Doctor says we have a solution, get Anesthesia and you won’t even know. Nikhil is given anesthesia. Nikhil holds Ruhi’s hand and says everyone whom I loved, has left me, don’t leave me Ruhi. Ruhi smiles and asks nurse is he saying this to her. Nurse says maybe, as people talk in anesthesia effect, what they can’t say in normal state, you stay back here. She takes Nikhil. Ruhi says so Nikhil was behaving weird, he didn’t wish me to know his feelings. Nurse says maybe he has to stay
here tonight, get all the things he needs. Ruhi says fine, just take care of him.

Ruhi packs some stuff for Nikhil. Raman asks where are you taking my shaving kit. Ruhi says sorry, I got your night suit too for Nikhil, he is in hospital, he went for MRI and is given anesthesia. Raman asks her to go and come soon, Mr Garewal is coming with Riya. She asks what are you doing. He says I m helping Ishita, I m cutting salad. She jokes on him. She recalls Nikhil’s words and asks is love true when its expressed. Raman says its important to express it, feelings are enough when love are true, but sometimes its imp and feels good also, Ishita knows I have messed the kitchen but just because I love her, go now, you are wasting time. She goes.

Ishita likes the halwa made by Amma and says Garewal will be happy. Shravan comes home. Ishita pulls his cheeks and says I m getting much love on you. He asks what happened. She says your teacher called and said about your good progress. He says finally, I can return books to Adi. Raman comes and shows the salad to Ishita. She says that’s nice, from where did you order. Raman says I made it myself. She says I don’t believe it, its really good. Shravan gets the books. Raman sees the book and thinks of keeping it. He thinks I got this book for Bala and hidden it in Shravan’s book. Shravan asks Amma to make sandwich for him. Raman says I will give the books to Adi. Book falls. Ishita says I will give it and sees that book. She sees the romance book and asks does Shravan read such books. Raman asks the same. Amma asks what. Raman thinks she always dials wrong number. Ishita shows book to Amma. Amma asks does Shravan read such book, Ayyo Ishu, Shravan has changed, he stays inside his room and doesn’t talk to anyone, so he is reading this book. Raman says I need to talk something imp. Amma says we will ask him but he won’t say. Raman takes Ishita out.

She asks what happened. He says I can’t talk in front of Amma. She asks did you see Shravan reading this book, he is a kid and started reading such books, Bala will feel awkward, you talk to Shravan, there is no right info in the book, he should get right info in growing age, I will get him. He says you didn’t get complete info. She calls Shravan.

Shravan asks did you call me to talk. Raman says come, sit here, will you sit in lap, yes how is it going. Shravan says yes. Ishita hears them. Shravan says I will go then. Raman says wait, I have some work, you have grown up now, you need to know something, like your voting rights, think well and give vote. Shravan says I know that. Raman says you know about drinking, its legal age is 21 and driving age is 18. She makes a face and comes there to ask Shravan. She asks what’s this book doing with you. Raman says its my book. Shravan asks which book. She asks Shravan to go. She sees Raman and asks what. He says I got this for Bala, you came here and left book there, it got mixed in football books. She says you won’t change. He says so you love me. She says you have three children, your young days aren’t doing. He jokes.

Ruhi recalls Nikhil and thinks I didn’t know why he cared for me so much in lift, why his opinion matters to me, its love. She smiles seeing him. He wakes up and asks you here, where is the nurse. She says relax, you were given anesthesia. He says this MRI was not needed, I don’t want you to be around me. She asks really, enough now, we both know the truth, I know you love me. He asks what nonsense, just go. She asks him to hear the recording. He says give it to me, I will delete it. She says its not there, I don’t know much about you, but I know you are scared to fall in love by something that happened in your past, its common thing between us, even music got away from us, I don’t know what will happen between us and how, but I know we will never hurt each other, I will not force you to tell me what you feel for me, but I won’t refuse that I love you.

Garewal talks to everyone. Raman says so we met this way. Garewal says you are a lucky man, you have a nice family, so Riya likes coming here. Ishita says Riya is also lovely, she misses her parents a lot, her mumma stays busy and her dad…. He asks her not to say about that cheap man. Ruhi says you know when I see Papa and Ishimaa, I realize true love, there is strength in their love, they can give their life for each other, Papa always says that love is such a thing where one gets hurt and others feels the pain, we are also such, love means someone shares my sorrow and I share my sorrow with him, can’t we give a chance to each other. Nikhil stops her and says I can promise that I will never hurt your heart. She says yes, that’s what I want. She hugs him. Garewal says I know Riya misses her family a lot, especially her dad. He sees Nikhil’s pic in his wallet.

Garewal telling everyone that he hates Riya’s dad, his daughter was in love and married him, even when he stopped her. FB shows Garewal asking Pooja to forget the man and make her career. She says I can’t live without him. FB ends. He says she left me and went, I broke relations with her, things were going on fine, then she got pregnant and saw his true color, he didn’t want a child as the child was a girl, he wanted to abort her first pregnancy, he left my daughter and his girl, then my daughter left everything and came back to me, then I decided I will not let this man meet Riya, he has no right to have any relation with her, so we didn’t tell Riya anything, we don’t take his name, my daughter does business and Riya is also happy in her life. Raman says you
did right, such man has no right to meet Riya. Ishita asks him to forget this and come for dinner.

Its morning, Ruhi greets Simmi. She says I had to drop Ananya and Pihu. Simmi says Parmeet dropped them, its fine, tell me why don’t you remember things, what is it. She tickles Ruhi. Ishita asks Ruhi to say if there is anything. Ruhi says nothing and goes. Raman calls Ishita. Ishita goes to him. Raman asks Ishita about his biceps, Sir said I look Adi’s elder brother, not dad. She asks him to ask family the truth, he got old. He says I got young. She says you will look Ruhi’s younger brother after some days. He hugs her and says you look Adi’s younger sister, Adi is taking his wife for dinner, we can also go, not with them. She asks are you reading romance books. He says others need it, I can write a book on romance. She asks him to come for breakfast. Ruhi comes and says Nikhil didn’t use night suit, keep it. Raman murmurs even he is not in use. Ishita asks how is Nikhil. Ruhi says he is fine. Raman says Garewal is coming to meet you, stay at home, Nikhil will be fine. Ishita says I will also stay at home. Ruhi takes her. Raman looks for dumbbell. Ruhi hugs Ishita and says promise me you won’t get angry. Ishita promises her and asks her to say. Ruhi says I m in love with someone. Ishita asks are you in love, who is he. Ruhi says Nikhil. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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