15 March Friday Update on Young Love

Gehna returns home. Nandu tells the baby, once you grow up little, we both will play a lot. You won’t trouble your brother, right? I have lots of books of stories, I will tell you new new stories everyday. Nandu keeps calling her with different names. Bhairo says, she will be confused whether you’re talking with her or someone else if you keep calling her with different names. Nandu says, she doesn’t have any name.. what to do. Everyone suggests name of their choice. Gehna says, she looks very quiet from her face.. how about Shanti. Basant suggests Devi. Dadisa says, I told Anandi to think of a good name as well. Nandu goes out to play with his friends. Sumitra now proposes for Jagya and Sanchi’s engagement. Bhairo looks at her. She says, I can at least think that much for my son, right? Bhairo says, I know very well why are you saying this. Jagya took responsibility and he will finish it. Bhairo tells Dadisa, Jagya has gone to court with Ganga and that is why she is worrying. Sumitra denies and says, they won’t get married until Sanchi finishes her studies, but at least we can get them engaged. Dadisa says, Sumitra is right.. when both families have decided, then why don’t we do their engagement? She tells Sumitra to call Sanchi’s house.

After talking about Gehna and the baby, Sumitra says, we were thinking about Sanchi and Jagya’s engagement. Ira says, we were thinking about that only. You can decide a date and let us know about it. Anandi, Sanchi, Daddu, Meenu all are happy. Ira then talks with Dadisa. Dadisa says, baby came in this house so we can get them engaged only after 8 days. She tells Ira to talk with a priest and find a good date. After the call, Daddu jokes and asks Ira why she didn’t give him the phone.. he missed talking to Dadisa. He then says, now we will have to keep going there so will talk there.

In night, everyone is having dinner at Jagya’s house. Sumitra tells Jagya about his engagement and asks if that’s fine. Jagya says, whatever you all think is right. Bhairo then takes out Ganga’s topic. Jagya says, she finally got free from that Ratan Singh. Dadisa, Bhairo all are happy for Ganga. Sumitra is not happy hearing her name. Jagya then says, he is going to Manglore with Ganga to drop her and settle her down there. Sumitra says, but you said someone is going to stay with her.. why do you need to go? Jagya says, that place is new for that person too.. Ganga will be busy with her studies.. so if I go, then she will get some help. Dadisa says, but that day there is naming ceremony and some other function. Jagya says, I really want to stay, but can’t help it. If functions were on other day, then I would definitely have attended. Sumitra cannot believe this.

Sumitra recalls Dadisa telling her that she didn’t want Ganga to stay in the house and everyone respected her decision, but it’s Jagya who will decide whether Ganga will work in hospital or no. She then recalls Bhairo, Jagya, Anandi all getting angry at her. She then calls Sanchi. Sanchi gets annoyed and says, I was listening good music now I will have to stop this music and start acting. She picks up and starts talking sweetly. Sumitra says, she is very tensed and tells Sanchi everything that she saw Mannu and Ganga in hospital. Ganga delivered Gehna’s baby and how Jagya argued with her and he’s now going to miss the functions. She says, I am very angry and sad so thought to talk with you.. no one else in this house understands me. Sanchi says, it’s good you talked with me.. and I am very shocked.. how shameless that woman is. So much happened with you all, and she is still in Jaitsar. She shouldn’t be staying in Jaitsar and Jagya shouldn’t be helping her. Sumitra says, but only you and me think that. Sanchi says, I will talk to Jagya. Sumitra says, sure? Sanchi says, yes.. I am going to be his wife so I can talk to him. After the call, Sanchi says, he won’t stop for naming ceremony and other function.. but he will have to stop for his own engagement.

Sanchi comes to temple to talk to a priest. The priest says, I was about to leave to go to your house. Sanchi says, I wanted to talk about something. She asks him which date he chose for the engagement. The priest says, 1 day later after Jagdish is going to Manglore with Ganga. She asks can’t it be a day before? The priest says, I checked.. the best time is on 1 day after. What different will 1 day make? Sanchi says in her mind, I want to stop Jagdish from going to Manglore.. but how can I tell you. She gives him money and makes him recheck good time. Now the priest says engagement can take place on the day she wants. Sanchi says, when you come home.. tell everyone that this is the best time. CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW


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