15th July Monday Update on This Is Love

The couple calling Raman selfish and scolding him. Raman says your son will be proud of your decision to help someone after his leaving, if you can give a life while dying, what’s wrong with organ donation, I beg you. The lady says why should we do something good to people when we lost our son. The man says talking big things is easy, doing it is difficult, tell me if you can implement this, will your family agree. Raman says yes, you are right. He asks nurse for an organ donation pledging form. He signs and says I promise to donate my eyes and vital organs after my death. Romi signs and says I m also ready to donate my organs if it can save someone’s life. Adi also signs and says why not if it can save someone’s life. Raman thanks them. He asks the man to understand

his request. The man pushes him and asks him to leave. Romi pacifies Raman and takes him out. Raman says I will talk to them. Adi stops him. Doctor comes. Raman says they aren’t agreeing, please talk to them, its imp. Doctor says I can understand your pain, calm down, we have to ensure Ishita that she can get a donor, else she will fall in depression, when she gets confident, I will discharge her. Raman cries. Romi and Adi hold him.
Raman gets Ishita home. He says this is our house Ishita, don’t be scared, I m right here. He asks why did they move the sofa, it wasn’t needed. He asks Ishita to walk towards him, no one is as strong as her. He directs her. She stumbles. He holds her. He says there is a good news, doctor said we will find an eye donor soon. Ishita says its fine, I won’t get a better chance to make husband work, did Raman spend time with me ever. He promises to spend time with her even when her eyesight comes back. He hugs her. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….

Raman says I have a special surprise, I made breakfast for you. She asks did you get eggs for me, I… He says I forgot you don’t eat eggs, sorry I will make something else, I had written it in planner. He checks the planner. She says I know you are forgetting some things, but you will recover soon. Simmi comes and says sorry, I didn’t come before, I went to get a gift for you. She gifts her a support stick for the blind. She says how long your kids and husband roam around you. Ishita says all life, you must be sad right, I told police Raina, maybe she knows who shot me, Raman didn’t reach asylum, you will fail even this time, my entire family is with me, you never wanted this. She falls down. Simmi says have this stick, learn to walk first and then challenge me, you will need this a lot to spend life in darkness, what did Raman tell you, he will get a donor for you, he is going mad, he will forget you, your operation and even himself.

Ishita says I have to stand on my own, I don’t need this, I don’t need eyes to see you, I can sense you, you switched the guns, you are with Raina, you are poisoning Raman, I don’t have proof, I will find proof. She smiles. Simmi says I admire your over confidence, you will never find proof against me, your dream to expose me won’t be fulfilled. She pushes Ishita down and goes. Water bottle falls over the planner. Mihika comes and asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says please check Raman’s files, water fell down there. Mihika says planner got spoilt. She says what’s this, the edges of the planner are sticky, bubbles are coming out. Ishita touches and smells the pages. Ishita asks why is this on multiple pages, give my phone fast.

Mihika gives her phone and asks what happened. Ishita calls doctor and says my sister Mihika is getting a planner there for tests, just do the tests and give me the reports soon. Mihika asks what’s the need of tests. Ishita says if its what I m thinking, the complete mystery will get solved. Mihika says this can be anything. Ishita says this planner is always with Raman, smell this chemical, its pungent, there is something wrong, just replace this file, forge it, look for someone, we won’t let Raman get this planner, take it to lab and get it tested soon, none should know about it. Mihika says don’t worry, I m going, take care. Ishita says if my doubt is right, Simmi’s game will be over, Lord help me save my husband from his sister.

Simmi asks how long will we meet this way, I need you at home. He says I m your neighbour now, I m living in Iyer house well, you know Ishita is clever, just focus on Raman, is he taking the medicines. She says planner is always with him, he forgot and took an egg for Ishita. He laughs and says he won’t remember anything, Ishita is blind now, we have no harm now and just have to keep that dose.

Simmi saying the day Raman refused to take pills, I was worried and thought how to give him the medicines, Ishita, Neelu and kids were also alert, I knew I couldn’t give him medicines through food, I saw him using his planner, I noticed that he was wetting fingers with saliva to turn the pages, I took double dose of his medicines and made a paste of it, I applied the paste on every page of the planner, Ishita can’t think of it. Parmeet says no one can know how we are giving medicines to Raman. She says Ishita is blind, she can’t harm us, things are in our control. Raman says I spoke to doctor, we will get a donor soon. He gets a call and says I can’t come for meeting, I can’t leave Ishita alone. Ishita asks why are you cancelling the meeting, I understand everything, CONTINUE READING NEXT PAGE 2 BELOW



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